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Untold Facts About Adam Schiff’s Wife Eve Schiff? Also Know How She Met Her Hubby

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Eve Schiff is a Californian native well known as the wife of the congressman Adam Schiff. Her husband is a Democrat who has represented California’s 28th Congressional District since the year 2013.

Currently, he is the chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. In addition, Schiff is also a lawyer and an author. He has written a couple of books; Midnight in Washington and Impeachment.

Today, we are going to talk about Adam B. Schiff’s life partner Eve Schiff. Know her age, parents, children, net worth, and if she uses Twitter or any sort of social media. Moreover, discover how she met Adam, as it might give you a chuckle.

Eve Schiff’s Age and Her Parents

Born as Eve Sanderson on 12th December 1962, in Burbank, California, Eve is 59 yrs old. While her mother’s name is Marion Sanderson, details of her father is unrevealed. As per some sources, her mother was an artist who unfortunately died in 2000.

Eve Schiff Mother Marion Sanderson
Eve Schiff Mother Marion Sanderson

Speaking of her nationality, she is an American citizen and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Likewise, she is a catholic by birth while her husband is of Jewish background.

Schiff Went To The University of California

Eve is an educated individual. In 1980, she graduated from Torrey Pines High School. Later, she went on to pursue a degree in Literature and Sociology at the University of California in Santa Barbara. On the contrary, her spouse studied political science, and law at Stanford University and Harvard Law School respectively. And now, her children are following in their parents’ footsteps.

Apart from her academics, she is also an incredible tennis player who loves to play ping pong occasionally with her husband. As for her profession, she is a social worker. Nonetheless, it hasn’t been confirmed.

Eve Schiff Married Her Husband Adam Schiff

Eve Sanderson became Eve Schiff and walked down the aisle a few days after Valentine’s Day in 1995. She tied the knot with the love of her life, Adam Bennett Schiff on 19th Feb 1995. It’s been 27 yrs since their wedding and their marital relationship is flourishing day by day. But did you know how and when they first met?

Eve Schiff husband Adam Schiff
Eve and Adam have been married since 1995.

Well, as they have a perfect name resonating with the first-ever couple and parents of the human race, it’s obvious that they receive a lot of teasing and definitely have a cute story to their love story. Just the only difference in the setting was that the Garden of Eden was replaced by the tennis court in their story.

So, to begin with, Eve and Adam met each other in 1990 through a mutual friend during a tennis match in Marina del Ray. However, a huge part of their union was intrigued by all the jokes and teasing as ‘Adam and Eve’ by their friends.

Eventually, both fell in love instantly and the lovebirds dated throughout the early 90s prior to exchanging vows in 1995. Today the couple are parents of 2 children, a daughter, and a son.

Does Eve Have Children?

3 yrs down the lane, Eve Schiff gave birth to a baby girl whose name is Alexa Marion whom they call Lexi, named after her mother. Likewise, she also has a son Elijah Harris who was named after Adam’s grandfather. Coincidentally, both of her children were born in the month of July. While Lexi was born in 1998, Harris was born in 2002.

Eve Schiff Has Two Children With Her Spouse Adam
Adam and Eve with their kids and pet dogs.

Moreover, her firstborn has already graduated from North Western University and is the assistant of the co-founder of Special Projects Media. On the other hand, Eve and Adam dropped off their son Harris at a college last September.

To add a funny story, some of their friends suggested keeping their kids’ names, Cain and Abel. But that didn’t happen because it would have sounded hilarious comparing the end result in a Biblical way.

Her Hubby Paid Tribute to his Mom and Mother-in-Law

On mother’s day of 2016, Adam Schiff paid a tribute to his mother Sherrill Ann Schiff, and his mother-in-law aka Eve’s mom Marion Sanderson.

Similarly, he praised his dear wifey and wished a Happy Mother’s Day to all 3 ladies. Apparently, his post indicates how much he loves and admires all those women in his life.

Eve Schiff Quit Tennis For Their Children

Not many know, but Eve used to play tennis in the past. However, after her pregnancy, she decided to quit the game in order to take care of her children.

Talking about her sacrifice, Adam praised her for all she has been doing as a wife and a mother. He said,

She’s great. She’s a good role model for me because she’s out there working out every day.

Eve Schiff Social Media: She Is Active On Twitter

Eve is present on 2 of the social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. As per her account, she joined Facebook in July 2009 and Twitter in February 2017. Though she has an account, she is non-existent and hasn’t even retweeted or liked a post let alone posted a tweet.

Meanwhile, her husband Adam Schiff is pretty much active on multiple media including Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram to Youtube. He has 224k followers on his Insta account #repadamschiff and 22.1k subscribers on his Youtube channel Rep. Adam Schiff.


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Eve’s Net Worth

As of 2022, Eve Schiff’s estimated net worth is $150k. She has unfortunately not revealed the major source of her income. Besides, her better half, representative Adam Schiff has a total cash flow of $2 million. So, she is certainly living a luxurious life.

Both the couple lead a luxurious life and are enjoying everything life has to offer.