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What Happened To Kendall Taylor? Facts About Fantasia Barrino Husband

Kendall Taylor is a businessman who rose to fame after he married the former American Idol Fantasia Monique Barrino. Apart from being a celebrity husband, he was also honored by The Lowe’s Pride Awards for his success as a businessman.

While Kendall is a successful businessman, his wife is also a big name in the industry. Fantasia is an American R&B singer who is also the winner of the third season of American Idol. Her debut song “I Believe” after her victory ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Furthermore, she is also the winner of a Grammy Award, three Billboard Awards, three NAACP Image Awards, and two ASCAP Awards.

Many of you may not be aware of this but Taylor and his wife have an adorable love story. Despite being popular faces in the industry, this couple has been able to manage their personal life as well. The duo’s marital life has now spanned seven years and they still share an immense love for each other.

Let’s have a closer look at this pair’s personal life focusing more on Kendall Taylor. We will also find out about his age, wife, kids, job, Instagram, and more!

Kendall Taylor’s Age & Education

As of 2022, Taylor is 42 years old celebrating his birthday on 10 August 1980. He was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, and holds American-German citizenship. While Taylor belongs to mixed ethnicity, he is Christian by religion.

Reportedly, he has only studied till primary school and calls himself a self-made man.

Fantasia’s Husband Kendall Taylor Had  a Troubled Childhood

While the details regarding Kendall’s early age are quite scarce, multiple tabloids have suggested that he started experimenting with drugs, alcohol, and sex when he was too young. He was doing all kinds of stuff since his childhood.

Following this, we can say his early days weren’t as joyful as they should be as a child. This may be because of his bad home environment or any other reason as the businessman hasn’t spoken anything regarding this. In fact, Taylor hasn’t provided any information about his parents, siblings, or upbringing.

That said, there are reports that she was raised by a single mom as a kid.

Kendall Taylor Became a Father at the Age of 15

Yes, Kendall became a father when he needed one himself. However, looking at his past, it is no surprise how he came to be a dad to a boy, Trey. As the 15 years old didn’t have any source of income, Kendall was reportedly arrested for the failure to pay child support in 2012.

Not only he was arrested but was convicted of assault as well. Having multiple problems with the law in his birth country Germany, later he relocated to America.

Kendall With His Oldest Son Treyson
Kendall With His Oldest Son Treyson

Currently, he resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, US, and is still in contact with his first son Treyshaun.

Kendall Taylor Met His Wife Fantasia in a Nightclub

The decision of Kendall to shift to America turned out to be lucky for him as he met his lucky charm here. Taylor and Fantasia came across in one of the nightclubs in North Carolina. By then, Kendall had changed a lot.

Kendall Taylor Is Still Married To His Wife Fantasia Barrino
Kendall Taylor With His Wife Fantasia Barrino

As soon as the couple met, the singer was captivated by his humble and angelic personality. Kendall stole her heart and it was a kind of love at first sight to Fantasia. The duo soon started dating.

She told Billboard,

” I just knew. I was getting ready to go on the road, and he got on his knees and said,’ Can I pray for you? I just want to cover for you down the road.”

The singer knew he was the man of her dreams and the couple exchanged the vows just three weeks after their meeting. The pair had a dream wedding on 19th July 2015, aboard a yacht. His wife was wearing a beautiful gown carrying a bouquet of red roses with diamonds in them to go with it.

Is Fantasia Still Married to Kendall Taylor?

Even though there were recently some baseless rumors regarding their break-up after the singer lost her grandmother, Fantasia and Kendall are still together. The singer calls her husband a king and herself his queen.

In one of the recent interviews with Breakfast Club, she said:

“Most women are trying to be a leader. That’s why you can’t find a man. You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way.”

Besides, the photo Kendall shared on Instagram on their last anniversary, shows the couple is deeply in love and are ready to walk the journey of life together.


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The Grammy Award winner and her husband still share their lovable photos along with relationship tips through their Instagram show, “Taylor Talks.”

The Couple Faced Fertility Issue

While the couple didn’t delay in marriage, they became parents a quite later. The reason she revealed for the delay was her fertility issues.

Initially, Barrino also had problems while having her first two children, and with her “Ken doll,” it was more struggle. She linked herself with Rachel in the Bible as she was having a hard time conceiving.

“This was a three-year journey we’ve been on,” she said in Dec 2020, while making an appearance on the Tamron Hall Show. The former American idol explained to Hall that doctors diagnosed her with closed fallopian tubes, which minimized her conceiving chances. Yet, the couple didn’t lose hope and stick together and kept trying.

Later, their patience paid off and they ended up conceiving by natural process.

Kendell Taylor and His Partner Announced Their First Child Together

After a lot of thick and thin, the duo announced their first pregnancy in late November 2020.

While announcing her pregnancy, she also spoke about her fertility issues in an Instagram live session with her prince charming. “Keep trying & you will conceive,” said her husband before standing up to reveal her baby bump.

Kendall Taylor Daughter Keziah Taylor
Kendall Taylor Is Father To Daughter named Keziah Taylor

The couple welcomed their first child together on 23rd May 2021. Her name is Keziah Taylor.

Taylor is the Father of Four and Grandfather of Two

Though Kendall Taylor and his wife share only one child, he has a son from his ex-wife and also two step-children from Barrino’s ex-partners.

His first son’s name is Trey Brice. He is the CEO at “chosen2trainperformance,” owner of “briceboatrentals,” and also an AHS Coach.

Like his father, Trey also tied the knot in his mid-teens. He is the father of two children. Taylor and Kendall were overwhelmed when they heard the news of becoming grandparents. The couple often shares pictures of their grandchildren on their Instagram accounts.

Moreover, Zion Quari Barrino is his step-daughter, and Dallas Xavier Barrino is his step-son.

Kendall’s Wife Barrino’s Scary Past

Despite the singer’s life seeming all good and happening at present, it was not the same before some time. The former American idol has been through heart-wrenching conditions in the past some of which she has also explained in her 2005 memoir, “Life is Not a Fairy Tale.” She was the victim of sexual assault and domestic violence as well.

At an early age, she was raped by a popular boy in her high school. “I just know that I shudder to think of how that single act changed me in a way that I didn’t need to be changed,” the star stated. Some of the homeboys would say to her they are going to do “exactly what he did,” which is why she “quit school.”

The star’s nightmare didn’t end there. After three years of dropping out of high school, she moved to her apartment. She “started hanging out with wrong people and got pregnant.” It was then that when she gave birth to her daughter Zion.

Her then-boyfriend, Brandel Shouse, who was also a father to her daughter would abuse her physically and verbally. He was later arrested and charged for the abuse.

According to the court documents, the abusive behavior included “choking her with both hands” and “punching her about the face and head.”

“I looked in the mirror and I said to myself, ‘Look at me! I can’t see out of one eye and have knots on my head. My lips are swollen,” Fantasia recalled.

Who is Kendall’s Ex-wife? His Former Mother-in-Law Advised Fantasia

While we know he became a father to a child at a young age, he was also reportedly married to the mother of the child. Kendell tied knots with his ex-wife, Kishia Lynn in 2004 and parted their ways after four years in 2008.

Just after his marriage to his current wife, his former mother-in-law advised the singer that “she needed have checked him out before she jumped up and married him.” She further said Fantasia should have done some background checking before marrying someone.

At last, she said her daughter has already moved on in her life and the businessman’s past has nothing to do with her or Kishia. “If Tasia’s happy, we’re happy.”

What Does Fantasia’s Husband Kendall Taylor do?

The celebrity husband currently works as the COO of Metro Transportation, LLC., a courier service. He is also the winner of The Lowe’s Pride Awards for his success as a businessman.

Besides, Kendall is also a member of Men Who Care Global, the Charlotte Urban League, the CSMDC (Metro) RAC Committee, and the CMEDI. 

On the other hand, he is also an actor famous for TV programs like Entertainment Tonight (1981), Fantasia: When I Met You (2017), and Tamron Hall (2019).

Kendall Taylor’s Social Media Accounts

He doesn’t seem to be a Facebook person as he hasn’t posted much on his wall. However, we can find his updates through his Instagram which t goes by the name “salute1st.”

Even if he isn’t active on Fb, he has an account with the name Kendall Taylor.

Net Worth

The net worth of Kendall Taylor is around a million, as of 2022. Since he has his own business and earns a good amount, the businessman doesn’t rely on his celebrity wife for his fortune.

Meanwhile, the famous singer Fantasia also earns similar to her husband with total assets of $1 million.