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What Is Beth Ann Santos Doing Now? Truth About Paul Teutul Sr.’s Ex-Wife

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Beth Ann Santos is a former celebrity spouse famous as the ex-wife of Paul Teutul, the founder of Orange County Choppers. The couple was married for 8 years before they ended in a divorce. As for her profession, she is a former flight attendant.

Well, Lovers of American Choppers and Orange County Choppers are always curious about its prime cast Paul Teutul Sr.’s personal life; no wonder, it brings his ex-wife Beth Ann Santos into attention as well. Not to mention, she only gained fame after her wedding to the popular Paul.

Beth, who formerly went as Beth Dillion, welcomed 2 kids with her first husband. And during her relationship with Paul Sr. (second husband), the celebrity spouse had 4 step-children. What are updates on Santos’ relationship and net worth? Get further insight into unknown facts about her.

Beth Ann Santos Is American- What Is Her Age?

Born in mid- 1957, Beth Ann Santos is from California, the United States- holds American citizenship. She is 64 years old now & will celebrate her 65th birthday in mid- 2022. Her birth sign is Virgo- the person of this zodiac sign is self-sufficient, ambitious & perfectionist.

She comes from a white ethnic background. Though more on her family details including parents or siblings remains a mystery.

As for Beth’s famous ex-husband, Paul Teutul Sr.’s father also has the same name. The Yonkers, New York-born, and Pearl River-raised is from a mixed ethnic background; he is 73 years old (b. May 1, 1949).

Beth Ann Santos Is The Second Wife Of Paul Teutul Sr- How Did They Meet?

Beth Ann Santos along with her husband Paul Teutul Sr. was a cast in the latter’s TV show American Chopper and Orange County Choppers. Though, she made just a 1-episode appearance each in 2007 & 2013 respectively, despite the fact that these shows ran for years.

As per IMDB, Beth and Paul married on July 29, 2007, in Montgomery, New York, with more than 130 guests in attendance. Their wedding was even chronicled in the reality TV series American Chopper. The bride wore a strapless wedding dress, while Teutul donned a sleeveless tuxedo.

She is the second wife of Paul Teutul Sr., not to mention that Teutul Sr. is also the second husband of the former.

A wedding throwback of Beth Ann Santos with her second ex-husband Paul Teutul Sr.
A wedding throwback of Beth Ann Santos with her second ex-husband Paul Teutul Sr.

Reportedly, the couple had met back in December 2005, while the American Chopper star was on a return flight home after an award show in California. At that time, Mrs. Beth was the flight attendant. Both of them were a divorcee then- Paul Sr. approached her to know that she was not seeing anyone.

And that was it! The two subsequently started dating after exchanging numbers. Following a year and a half of their relationship, she moved to Montgomery (it would be their wedding venue).

At the time of the wedding, the flight attended-turned-celebrity spouse was 49, and went by the name Beth Dillion- the surname was a courtesy from her first husband.

She Divorced Her Spouse Paul After 8 Years of Marriage

Beth’s marital bliss with her partner Paul went without any harm for 5 years until the two separated in 2012. And following  3 years of separation, Santos divorced her the Orange County Choppers founder husband (who is 8 years her senior) in 2015. However, neither of them talked about the actual cause of the split.

Despite being together for nearly a decade, the former duo never shared children.

Beth Ann Santos Has Two Kids With Her First Husband

Before her romance with the American Choppers star bloomed, Beth Santos had already gone through a divorce. Her first husband was Burton Dillon- they exchanged vows on August 30, 1975.

Even more, they welcomed two children from their marriage, Burton Dillon III and Brent Dillon, who as of now are grown-ups. But are relatively private regarding their current states.

Sources cite that Beth and Burton were together for 15 years, unlike Beth’s second marriage which ended after 8 years.

She Is The Step-Mother Of 4 Children From Paul Teutul Sr.’s First Marriage

While it’s true that Santos and Teutul Sr. never had children together, they were not off from parental duties though.

Beth is the step-mother of 4 children (Paul Jr., Mikey, Cristin, and Dan) from Paul’s previous marriage to Paula Teutul. They were supposedly together in the 70s before the relationship charm wore out in the later decades.

More On Beth Ann Santos’ Step-Children!

  1. The eldest of all, Paul Michael Teutul (Paul Teutul Jr., b. November 26, 1978) is a TV personality, who frequently appeared in American Chopper. Many might not forget the father-son tension in the show, that resulted in Paul Jr.’s termination in 2009. Later, he would return to resolve the differences in his father’s other show Orange County Choppers.
    Since 2009, Teutul Jr. runs Paul Jr. Designs, a custom bike manufacturer and branded clothing seller, aiming for a toe-to-toe rivalry with his dad. It became a feature for the reality series American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior.

    Paul Teutul Jr. with his wife Rachael Biester
    Paul Teutul Jr. with his wife Rachael Biester

    Currently, Paul Michael leads a blissful married life with his wife Rachael Biester (married on August 20, 2010). They even welcomed a son named Hudson Seven Teutul on February 3, 2015.

  2. Paul Sr.’s other son Daniel Teutul is the owner/general manager of Orange County Ironworks LLC; he restructured Orange County Iron into Orange County Ironworks in 2004. Moreover, he also runs Gabriel Steel Erectors, Inc., a steel erection company. As for Dan’s personal life, he is married too & has 2 kids (Danny Teutul and Gabriela Teutul) with his wife Tara Teutul.
  3. The youngest son Michael Joseph Teutul (b. November 26, 1978)  is a TV personality too. Having worked in Orange County Iron Works at the age of 14, Mike then served as an assistant manager of the company Orange County Choppers. Later, he stars in the reality series American Chopper & its spin-off Orange County Choppers. Currently, Michale works for his elder brother Paul Jr. at Paul Jr. Designs.
  4. The TV personality’s daughter Cristin Teutul (b. 1983) opted away from TV frame and bike manufacturing. Rather, she works as a nurse in pediatrics in Rochester, New York. Cristin lives with her husband Antonio Rodriguez and shares a child Desiderio Michael Rodriguez.

From his children, Paul Teutul Sr. is the grandfather of 4 grandchildren.

Where Is Beth Ann Santos Now? Has She Married Again?

Ever since the former flight attendant and Paul Sr. divorced, she went quiet about her life. Moreover, Santos is not active on social media platforms like (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook).

On the other hand, her ex-husband Paul Sr. who is an avid Instagram user is currently in a relationship with his longtime girlfriend Joan Bulger-Kay. They began dating in 2011 and currently live in Montgomery, New York- where Joan moved in 1996. She is often a feature on Paul’s social media posts.

Also, Bulger-Kay is the mother of two daughters: Jessie and Sammy from her previous relationship.

Beth Ann's Ex-Husband Paul Teutul Sr. is dating girlfriend Joan M Bulger-Kay after divorce
Paul Teutul Sr. and his current girlfriend Joan M Bulger-Kay

Her birthday falls on February 23; Teutul Sr. made an Instagram post wishing her birthday on February 23, 2019.

As per Joan Bulger-Kay’s Facebook, she is a graduate with a Business degree from Hunter College. Since 2003,  she serves as the Group Chief Executive Officer of Rev Flo Inc.

Her Former Husband Paul Teutul Sr. Is An Entrepreneur And Tattoo Lover

Beth’s ex-husband & the former United States Merchant Marine started out a career as an entrepreneur with Orange County Ironworks, a fabrication shop before switching to custom bike manufacture. As a result, by 1999, he founded the Orange County Choppers, which made custom motorcycles; it would later become the basis for the reality TV series American Chopper.

The Discovery Channel reality show premiered on September 29, 2002, and ran through 6 seasons, concluding on February 11, 2010.

In 2013, his other reality show Orange County Choppers premiered on CMT, which covered up a season (8 episodes) before its conclusion on January 11, 2014.

Aside from his love for motorbikes, Teutul Sr. has an adoration for tattoos too; the inkings link directly with his emotions. For instance, to pinpoint the confusion of others about the location of his Orange County Choppers, the TV figure tattooed OCC New York on his left arm (clearing out Orange County of California).

Another tattoo of the TV personality is a dedication to his bullmastiff pet Marty and Gussy. His arms and torso are well-decorated with inkings including a dagger and a gator. Moreover, in October 2019, he made a tattoo named “Oscar Mike” for promoting tattoo applicator TattSeal, of which proceeds would go to the Oscar Mike Foundation.

Net Worth Of Beth Ann Santos

Possibly during her career days as a flight attendant, Beth pocketed a reasonable sum of money. But after her marriage to Paul, the clarity of her profession besides a few TV appearances in American Chopper and Orange County Choppers, remained vague.

Moreover, at the career peak of her then-husband Paul Teutul Sr.’s TV shows, he had an estimated net worth of around $15 million. So, allegedly, Beth Ann Sanos did enjoy the millionaire perks. And post-divorce, sources cite her net worth at $1 million in 2022- maybe the divorce alimony or settlement amount.

Ex-Husband Filed For Bankruptcy

As for the former millionaire Orange County Choppers founder, the fortune flipped its side. Back in March 2018, Teutul Sr. filed for bankruptcy claiming a debt of $1,070,893, while owning only $1,801,729 in assets. At that time, he reported $50 in cash and $900 in a checking account.

Furthermore, the statement revealed his monthly income at $15,070.93 per month but expenses of $12,612, including over $2,000 in medications. The list of the debt included a $32,000 judgment against him, $21,300 in credit card bills, $22,364.60 in taxes of his restaurant Orange County Choppers Cafe, and $151,230.98 in state taxes.

So to clear it off, Paul Sr. sold his 3 -bedroom & 3-bathroom New York mansion (3,448 sq. ft), spread over 30 acres for $1.9 million in mid-2019. It failed to see a buyer for its original listing of $2.89 million in 2017. Also, 17 vehicles from his personal collection were snagged off to support him.

Teutul vs Teutul Lawsuit: Ex-Husband Vs Step-Son

The feud between Paul Sr. and his son Paul Jr. boiled out after the latter was fired from the company, which aired in April 2009. Back in January 2007, Teutul Sr. had given Teutul Jr. a 20% outstanding shares of stock of the company Orange County Choppers and entered an employment agreement with a non-competition clause.

However, after Paul Jr. was off from the company, the modified contract gave the option to his father to buy the 20% stake for a fair market value. But the MPI report by Paul Sr.’s side concluded the stake value at zero and demanded his son relinquish the stake at a $0 buyout.

Then, a court ruling in April 2010 gave both parties an option of mutual agreement, or the court would conduct a valuation hearing. A month later in May 2010, Paul Teutul Jr. filed an appeal to counter the forced sales of his stock, which came into Jr.’s favor and declared the option invalid in December 2010.

The $100 million worth of lawsuit was later solved out of the court after Paul Sr. bought the 20% share of OCC, it aired an episode on August 29, 2011, in American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. Though the agreement amount never came forth.