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What Is Mickey Middleton Doing Now? Facts About Bryan Cranston’ Ex-Wife

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Mickey Middleton is famous for her former marriage with actor Bryan Cranston, her recognization is not limited to being a celebrity spouse. She is rather a successful American writer and novelist.

Along with her career as a writer, she also has had her hands in varied professions in the past. As of now, she is leading a life with his second husband proportionally balanced with her career. Moreover, she is also the mother of two children. But who is her husband in 2022? What is she doing now?

Well, in this article, we are going to talk in further detail about her age, career, relationships, and earnings as well.

Who Is Mickey Middleton?

As we mentioned earlier, Mickey is a successful writer and novelist. While she currently lives in Florida Panhandle, she originally comes from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Talking about her parents, she was born to her father Dr. Wilbur A. Middleton, and her mother Mary. Her dad was reportedly a veteran of 3 wars, a helicopter pilot, purpleheart, paratrooper, 4 field promotions, & a battalion commander as well.

Mickey Middleton Cranston father, mother, & brother
Middleton’s parents with her son.

Moving on, Middleton is not the only child in the family, she also has a brother named George Simmons, and two cousins Crista Hill Darby, Beth Strickland Redden.

Talking about Mickey’s education, she is a pretty educated individual. She did her high school at Seabreeze Senior High, in the class of 1972. Later in 1982, he finished his graduation in Ethnomusicology at Florida State University.

How Old Is Mickey Middleton?

As of 2022, she is 77 years of age.

Mickey Middleton Is A Successful Writer & Novelist

While Mickey identifies herself as a successful writer and novelist at present, the beginning of her career was not always the same. With an interest in music from an early age, she started out as a Musician and Worship Director at Christian churches. She worked in the position from April 1982 to April 2013.

Meanwhile, she also joined as a music teacher at Calhoun County School and Bay District School from August 1989 to May 2008.  Similarly, from June 2011 to May 2012, she worked as a Director of First Impression at Kellar Williams Success Realty.

Further, she has also worked as a Technical Writer at Innovative Professional Solutions, Inc, and later as a Consultant and RFP Writer at Emergency Mass Communication Company for a year from February 2016 to February 2017.

Presently, Mickey is involved as a Featured author and Contributing Editor at Patent Print Books since Jan 2011. Not only this, but she is also active as an Editor, Proofreader, and Writer at oDesk since 2008.

Mickey Middleton’s Marriage With Husband Bryan Cranston

As we have mentioned earlier, Mickey was married to the Uncharted actor Bryan Cranston in the past. They married in 1977 and the wedding ceremony was held at Middleton’s parent’s home in Prescott, Arizona. At the time of their marriage, Cranston was just 23 years of age and was still struggling to make it in the Hollywood film industry.

Mickey and her then-boyfriend Bryan met for the first time at Daytona Playhouse, where both of them were crew members struggling to make it in their respective careers. While Seinfeld was trying out as an actor, Middleton wanted to pursue her career as a writer.

Mickey Middleton young photo
Mickey during her young days.

However, just a couple of years into their marriage, the couple realized the fact that they were not made for each other. Although Bryan had already married and committed to a relationship, he in his memoir explains that he wasn’t ready to provide his wife all she wanted.

While Middleton wanted a secure & sound life with children, a house, & a loving husband, Bryan on the other hand didn’t want a life like that. Well, the difference in their desire eventually led to a mutual agreement to divorce. Talking about the same he writes in his book as follows.

Though I’d officiated other people’s weddings, I don’t think I grasped the depth and the consequence of the commitment I was making. The vows I spoke weren’t empty. I cared about her. I loved her. But in the end, I wasn’t ready. She was a sweetheart. No arguing. No bitterness. We were just mismatched.

Their divorce was reportedly finalized in 1982.

Middleton Has Two Children With Her Second Husband

Well, just six months after her divorce from Bryan, she married for the second time to a guy named Steve Newman. As for a fact, her second Steve was a divorcee and had four daughters from his former marriage.

Mickey Middleton son on the Christmas day
Mickey and her son.

Well, soon after her marriage, she got pregnant with her first child. She finally welcomed her first child a son named Stephen Newman in the late 1980s. Later, she also gave birth to a daughter named Katie Newman Mann from her marriage with Steve.

Is Micky Still Married In 2022? Her Other Boyfriends

Though Middleton had two kids with her second husband Steve, there is no detail on his whereabouts at present. There are no updates on whether Mickey is still married to Steve.

However, we know for a fact that she had a brief relationship with a guy named Matt Kielthy in the 2010s. In fact, there are numerous photos of him with her on her Facebook.

That said, she has not revealed much about her love life in her later years. Hopefully, her romantic life is going great. Besides, just to let you know, Mickey’s ex-hubby Bryan is leading a beautiful marital relationship with actress Robin Dearden.

What Is Mickey Middleton’s Net Worth?

As we said, she has had a successful career from an early age, which acted as a good source of her income. Further after her divorce from her famous actor-husband, she received a good sum in a divorce settlement. Thus, it is pretty clear that she has a net worth of around $2 million in 2022.

Likewise, her ex Bryan is super rich with a net worth of $40 million at present.

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