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What Is Last Man Standing’s Flynn Morrison Doing Now? Inside His Life

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Flynn Morrison is a child actor most notable for playing Boyd Baxter in the series The Last Man Standing. Apart from that, he is also famous for portraying the role of Malcolm Cutler in the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars.

Being in the cast for over 4 seasons, Flynn left the show and was now played by a different younger actor. This has left the viewers puzzled as the show didn’t show any interest in providing an explanation.

In this article, we will find what led to Flynn’s replacement alongside his life post The Last Man Standing departure.

Flynn Morrison Is a Child Actor

Flynn Morrison born on March 17 2005 started his acting career at a young age. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Flynn started out his career at the age of nine.

Flynn Morrison Started Acting At A Young Age
Flynn Morrison as Boyd Baxter Source: Pinterest

As soon as six months into deciding to be an actor, Flynn was doing various commercials. Presently 17-years-old actor was featured in numerous ads. He has worked with Walgreens, Meijers Department Stores, Subway, Shriner’s Hospital, and Google.

As a child actor, his most recognized work is The Last Man Standing as Boyd Baxter. Apart from that, his other notable character is Malcolm Cutler in ABC Family Drama Pretty Little Liars. 

Flynn Morrison as Boyd Baxter in The Last Man Standing

Flynn was a part of The Last Man Standing crew for four seasons. He portrayed the role of Boyd from season 3 to season 6. Saying so, his active years on the season was from 2012 to 2017.

Flynn played the role of the grandson of Mike and Vanessa Baxter. In the sitcom, the character Mike was portrayed by Tom Allen and Vanessa by actress Nancy Travis.

Cast of Last Man Standing
Flynn Morrison with the cast of Last Man Standing
Source: Country Living

The role of Flynn Morrison’s mother was depicted by Amanda Fuller as Kristin Baxter.

Why was Flynn Morrison “Boyd” Replaced in the Last Man Standing? 

Joining the show in 2012 and being the main cast for over 4 seasons, the replacement of Boyd came as shock to the fanbase. Most of them were confused about why Flynn was replaced in the first place.

However, things came to light that it was not the production team but the actor himself who decided to opt out of the show. Alongside, Flynn actress Molly Ephraim also left the show for a role in another movie The Front Runner which was about former U.S. Presidential candidate Gary Hart.

Yet there were no specific reasons disclosed from Flynn’s side regarding why he chose not to return. On the other hand, the writers also took it in a good way as they cast Jet Jurgensmeyer. Since in the 7th season Boyd’s character was in his teenage years, the team thought Jet would be a good call to age up the character and storyline.

Flynn’s Former Character Boyd Isn’t Often Seen In The Last Man Standing

As viewers saw in the previous season when Flynn was portraying Boyd, he was all over the show. However, after Flynn has opted out of the show, the screen time for Boyd has been much lesser than what it previously was.

Flynn Morrison Wikipedia
Flynn Morrison onscreen with fellow actor Tim Allen

Jet Jurgensmeyer who replaced Flynn Morrison was last seen playing Boyd at his parents’ gender reveal party in Season 8. On the viewer’s concern about less screentime of Boyd, the director said that there were only limited storylines with Boyd.

Furthermore, as the seasons progressed, the story revolved around more on Mike and his relationship with his children. So, it explains why there were limited scenes including Boyd.

Flynn Morrison’s Character For Boyd Was Changed Three Times

Not many know the fact that the character of Boyd was portrayed by someone else before Flynn Morrison. However, this doesn’t include fans who have been following the show from the first season of The Last Man Standing.

Prior to casting Flynn Morrison as Boyd Baxter, the character was portrayed by the twins Evan and Luke Kruntchev. However, the twins in the series for only the first season.

Soon after Flynn took over as Boyd from starting of season two and lasted till season six. In the meantime, Flynn left the show. It was the same time when the show’s forecasting channel was transferred from ABC to Fox. When the seventh season premiered, the role of Boyd was taken over by Jet.

Where Are The Actors Who Played Boyd now?

The character of Boyd was played by different actors over the various seasons i.e twin Kruntchev in first, Flynn Morrison from second to sixth, and Jet Jurgensmeyer for the remaining.

As for Flynn Morrison who was seen in most of the seasons, he later appeared in the show Pretty Little Liars. In the sitcom, he was Malcolm Cutler who was supposed to be the son of  Maggie Cutler with Ezra Fitz. However, it turned out to be a lie as the show progressed. In the series, Flynn’s on-screen mom Maggie was played by Larisa Oleynik. While Flynn’s supposed-to-be father figure was portrayed by Ian Harding.

Similarly, the twins from the first season Evan and Luke Kruntchev have appeared in a few shows except Last Man Standing. They were in the shows Dexter (2006) and Days of Our Lives (1965).

Flynn Morrison Jet Jurgensmeyer
Flynn Morrison was replaced by Jet Jurgensmeyer after the sixth season of Last Man Standing

In addition to that, the most recent actor for Boyd was Jet. As for him, he had previously worked on various series such as Black-ish and Netflix Original Ozark. Moreover, he has also voiced characters on T.O.T.S. and Shimmer and Shine.

Flynn Morrison’s Recent Whereabouts

Fans of TLMS are curious to know where exactly is Flynn Morrison now and what does he looks like. However, the question is yet to be answered.

Ever since Flynn left the show, he has not come in front of the media light. Furthermore, there is no news of him joining any new show or any interviews either. Saying so, his recent whereabouts are completely unknown. Also, there is not even a single photo that shows how beloved Boyd looks as of now.

Social Media Presence

As mentioned earlier, Flynn has completely gone out of cameras. We could assume he has chosen to live a quiet life for some time after being on the TV for almost 5 years.

Additionally, this may be the reason why Flynn is not on any social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. However, he does have an Instagram profile from his formative years. There he has shared more of his dog’s pictures than himself.

Lesser known facts about Flynn Morrison

  • Flynn adores beach time with his family.
  • He loves swimming, boogie boarding, and surfing.
  • Morrison is a sucker for soccer.
  • His hometown is Los Angeles, California.
  •  Flynn supports the autism charity, Act Today.