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Where Is Candy Jane Tucker Now? Details On The Ex-Girlfriend of Jackass Star Steve-O

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Candy Jane Tucker is famous as the ex-girlfriend of MTV Jackass star Stephen Gilchrist Glover, better known as Steve-O. Steve-O is primarily famous for his life-threatening stunts on the MTV show Jackass which was widely popular in the early 200os.

Despite, the gnarly background of Steve, the intrepid stuntman and Tucker had quite a relationship. Fans are always digging up the past of celebrities, and with the recent engagement of Steve-O, Candy is trending right now. Fans want answers.

So, in this segment, we will discuss the life of the first serious girlfriend of Steve-O, Candy Jane Tucker. We will look into her early life, her relationship with Steve-O, what she is up to these days, and many more. So, without any further delay, let’s zoom right in.

Candy Jane Tucker Bio

Candy Jane Tucker was born in 1985 in New York City. She is 36 years old as of now.

Candy is a very secretive person. In fact, apart from her relationship with Steve-O most of her life is under radars. Likewise, the details about her family members and siblings remain a mystery.

Candy Jane Tucker acted in a Swedish television

Candy Jane Tucker is an actress. As per the records of IMDb, Candy Jane Tucker acted in a Swedish Television program named High Chaparall (2003-2008). The comedy and documentary show aired in 2003 through Kanal 5 Network.

Candy appeared in the role of herself and Steve-o’s girlfriend on the show. Moreover, the show featured various influential cast members like Monica Lewinsky (as herself), Pamela Anderson (as herself), Philip Michael Thomas (as himself), and many others.

Candy’s boyfriend Steve-o was one of the primary cast of the show. The show featured interviews as well. And, it was co- hosted by the duo of Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingson, and directed by André Linschooten and Martin Presson.

Candy Jane Tucker met Steve-O when she was just 18

The duo, Candy Tucker and Stephen Gilchrist Glover (also known as Steve-O) met each other in late August in 2002 in a bar in New York City. Candy was just 18 years old and she had just graduated from high school a few months earlier.

According to accounts of this encounter in Steve-O’s memoir, Professional Idiot; ” I got onstage at a bar and showed off my then freshly-inked back tattoo. Afterward, Candy came over and asked me if I wanted to smoke a joint with her. She knew the path to my heart”.

Candy Jane Tucker with her ex-boyfriend Steve-O
Candy Jane Tucker with her ex-boyfriend Steve-O

Steve-O was instantly captivated by this young girl Candy. Tucker was different than any girl he had encountered before, and he thought she was very sweet and beautiful. They exchanged numbers right away and started talking to each other incessantly.

After that, they started spending a lot of time together. Dunlap and Berk (their mutual friend) had an apartment in New York City, and Candy would stay with Stephen there all the time. She’d frequently travel with him too, and when she didn’t They would talk on the phone every day. They were genuinely in love and it was only getting stronger.

Candy started using drugs with Steve-O

Reminiscing the old time in his memoir, Steve-O thought, ‘Candy was innocent but open and eager for new experiences. By open he meant open for drugs because that was what they did together.

I was far from the most responsible guide. In December of that year, she was with me for most of the five straight days I spent holed up at the Ramada on Lexington Avenue in New York, smoking PCP.  Candy and I were having such a fucked-up trip that on the fifth day we actually threw the rest of the PCP out the hotel window. For all the bad experiences I’ve had on ketamine, I never once threw any away.

The couple fell into quite destructive patterns together because of their addictive tendencies.

Candy Jane Tucker went to Sweden to meet her jailed boyfriend, Steve-O

Jackass Star, Steve-O was arrested and jailed by Swedish police in charges of narcotics smuggling and possession of illegal drugs. His hotel room in Stockholm was raided by police after he told the Swedish press that he swallowed marijuana and hash in a condom to smuggle it from Oslo to Stockholm while on his ‘Don’t Try This At Home Tour’.

According to MTV,  he was taken into custody on Thursday (May 22) and X-rayed, and police claimed to have found a “foreign object” in his body.

Candy was still a girlfriend of Steve-O at the time of this jail fiasco. Tucker was part of his touring brigade and they met right after he was released from jail.

Candy’s ex-boyfriend Stephen Glover decided to stop doing Coke after Jailtime

Glover realized that his addiction of cocaine was getting out of hand. A few days of jail time had a profound effect on him and her missed Candy fervently. talking about that time in his memoir, Steve-O recalled:


As I sat in that cell, missing Candy and thinking about how much I loved her, I realized how shitty it was to let coke rule my life the way I did. I knew it would make Candy incredibly happy if I stopped doing it, so when she and I had a moment alone, I told her that I was quitting coke.

Candy Jane Tucker's ex-boyfriend Steve-O is 13 years sober now.
Candy Jane Tucker’s ex-boyfriend Steve-O is 13 years sober now.

The jail scandal worked fine for the Steve-O. The whole world had its eyes directed towards him. And, the relationship was going good, so the pair started living together as well.

Steve-O’s guilt and insecurity ruined the relationship with Candy Jane Tucker

The pair moved together to an apartment in California. Their life was full of tours and travels, as MTV picked up Wildboyz show.

However, things started to turn sour after Candy moved out to California. Steve-O thought she’d gotten the fame bug and wanted to be a star herself.  Talking about it in his memoir the Wildboyz star complained:

I believed she started to see me as an embarrassment, as someone holding her back. I got the sense she felt she could do better than me. There’s a distinct possibility I was just paranoid and that those ideas were as much a projection of my feeling like I wasn’t good enough for Candy as they were anything else, but even if it was just my perception, it quickly poisoned the waters between us.

Steve-O thought he was a bad influence on her. Due to this, they started having lots of fights.

Steve-O got drunk and thrashed her apartment

According to reports, Steve-O got belligerently drunk and destroyed several objects in the apartment he was sharing with Candy. Along with his friend Tommy Caudill and his buddy Ty, they even broke a few windows, bashed in walls and destroyed some appliances in the room.

Candy’s boyfriend declared break up covered in piss

After the night of destruction and pillaging, Steve came home kicked a hole in the apartment door, passed out on the sofa, and pissed all over himself. The next morning, he told Candy that was it. We are through.

Then he called a cab and went to the airport. He went to Florida to meet his mother who was in the hospital at the time.

Their apartment was evicted and Candy was homeless for a while after the breakup with Steve-O.

Where is Candy Jane Tucker now?

Candy Jane Tucker has disappeared from the face of the earth since her divorce from Steve-O. It is just one of those cases of not-so-popular exes of popular celebrities. Moreover, she has zero presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Jackass Steve-O-and his Fiancée Lux Wright
Jackass Steve-O-and his Fiancée Lux Wright

Meanwhile her ex-boyfriend Steve-O is now 13 years sober and happily engaged to stylist Lux Wright.