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Where Is Elizabeth Ann Weber After Divorce From Billy Joel? Untold Facts

Elizabeth Ann Weber is the infamous ex-wife of singer Billy Joel. Her husband Billy is a musician and composer who is also one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Being the first wife to a six-time Grammy winner, Elizabeth has been a figure of inspiration to many of Billy’s top songs. She was the lady behind the songs such as “She’s Got a Way”, “Piano Man” and many more.

Despite all the love they had for each other, their marriage didn’t last. People haven’t heard anything regarding Elizabeth since their divorce. This actually made it difficult to even know whether Weber is alive or not.

Here, in today’s article, we bring you everything about Billy Joel’s first marriage with his wife Elizabeth. Moreover, we will discover how they parted ways and where is Elizabeth now. To find out, let’s get straight into the article.

The Beginning of Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Shady Relationship with Billy Joel

Saying the relationship started in a shady way serves the meaning of having an extramarital affair. As for Elizabeth and Billy, the two indeed have an obvious scandalous beginning.

The two met first time through Elizabeth’s ex-husband and Billy’s bandmate Jon Small of the same band The Hassles. Although Billy knew that she was married to his friend, he couldn’t resist Elizabeth’s charm.

Elizabeth Ann Weber Wikipedia
Elizabeth Ann Weber was the first wife of six times Grammy Winner Billy Joel

He reminisces his first meeting with Elizabeth and how he was infatuated by her:

“She wasn’t like a lot of the other girls I knew at that time who had taken home ec and cooking classes.” “She was . . . intelligent and not afraid to speak her mind, but could also be seductive. Almost like a European-type — not a typical American girl.”

Soon enough it wasn’t just Billy who had feelings for her friend’s wife, Elizabeth felt the same too. When Billy told Jon that the two were engaged in an affair, he broke Billy’s nose with one punch. Nevertheless, once the affair was leaked amongst the media and people, Elizabeth decided to opt out of both relationships at once.

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Former Husband Billy Joel tried to commit suicide out of guilt

Once the rumor rose up quickly and caught the heat, Elizabeth severed ties with her then-lover Billy Joel and ex-husband Jon Small.

Along with his lover’s disappearance for weeks and failure of both his album, Billy had enough. Furthermore, the guilt of cheating on his friend with his wife had brought him down. All of this led Elizabeth’s ex-lover to commit suicide twice at the age of just 21.

He firstly overdosed on Nembutal, then called Jon to apologize. When Jon found it suspicious, he rushed to find Billy who was at his mom’s house.

Elizabeth Ann Weber Son Today
Elizabeth Ann Weber’s ex-husbands Billy and Jon Small with her son Sean Small

On surviving the first attempt, Billy said:

 “The next thing I remember, I woke up in the hospital and learned that they had pumped my stomach,” Joel told Schruers. “I thought to myself, ‘Oh, great, I couldn’t even do this right.’ It was another failure.”

Once again, the guilt felt too strong to handle for Billy. He again tried by drinking furniture polish. Luckily he was found by a family member and rushed to Meadowbrook Hospital. Once the treatment was over, he admitted himself into a mental institution for 3 weeks.

Their married life after hurdles

Well, we can say two of them were indeed in love. Billy surviving two times suicide attempts brought the two of them back together.

Elizabeth Ann Weber finally became Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Weber Joel after tying the knot with Billy Joel in September 1973. Sometime after the marriage, Elizabeth even became manager for Billy Joel. She even oversaw his financial affairs.

Elizabeth was “Muse” to some of Billy’s top hits

Billy was so much captivated by Elizabeth that she became the muse for some of his hit songs.

The Waitress portrayed in Joel’s single “Piano Man” was Elizabeth. The song was composed when the former couple had moved to LA in 1972. Joel was playing piano at a bar called Executive Room where Elizabeth worked as a waitress.

Furthermore, she was also the muse behind top hits such as  Just The Way You AreShe’s Got a Way, She’s Always a Woman, You Can Make Me Free, Everybody Loves You Now, You Look So Good to Me, and The Stranger.

As we see the songs inspired by Elizabeth, we can see a cycle where the couple goes from“I’m in love with her” to “I can’t have her” to, finally, the reality of “I’m at the end of the road, where do I go from here?”

Elizabeth used her ex-husband Billy Joel for money

From managing Billy to overseeing his finances to being his wife, all was about Elizabeth when the former couple was married. During their time together, it was Elizabeth was responsible for her husband’s business deals and contracts. As she was dealing, she came out as controlling, manipulative and rude to many of them. Furthermore, people claimed that she was living a high life than her husband.

As Elizabeth knew she was the muse behind the hit songs, she would ask Joel to divide the financial gain of the albums. Moreover, when Billy wrote the song “Just the way you are” for her birthday, she went ahead and asked, “Do I get the publishing, too?” Another shocker came through when Billy found out she was serious about it.

Elizabeth Ann Weber Still Alive (Photo With Her Ex-Husband)
Elizabeth Ann Weber was accused of staying with Billy for money

At the time, Elizabeth was gaining money from being around Joel. She would claim half of Joel’s wealth, share from the music that she was the muse of, and her earning cuts for working as his manager.

Seeing this, we can assume that maybe Elizabeth Weber did stay with her ex-partner Billy Joel for money.

Billy Joel and Elizabeth are now divorced

Although the former couple went through a lot to get married, the marriage would again come as another hurdle for the couple to pass.

In 1982 the former pair filed for divorce. But deep down, Joel was hoping to reconcile with his then-love of life. He even bought her a $4 million (now over $20 million) townhouse on the Upper East Side, an Alfa Romeo. Unfortunately, Joel met a motorbike accident in which he smashed both his hands.

At the time, Elizabeth went to visit Joel in the hospital with a contract. The contract mentioned signing everything Joel had to hand over to her. Seeing this while he was going through a crisis made Joel think twice.

He recalls:

“I may have acted like an idiot a time or two, but I’m not a complete idiot,” Joel told Schruers. “That really killed it right there and then.”

The couple then divorced on July 20, 1982. Meanwhile, Elizabeth moved into the house with her son Sean Small until 1997 before selling it for $3.74 million.

Elizabeth’s brother Frank Weber was sued by Billy Joel

When the former pair were going through a divorce, Billy’s brother-in-law and Elizabeth’s brother Frank Weber sided with Billy. Little did Billy know it was all a plan to fraud money from Billy.

Frank worked as a manager and oversaw his finances once Billy divorced his sister. However, Billy would later find out that Frank too was stealing money from him. In 1989, he filed a case against Frank for a $90-million lawsuit. He sued Frank for fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and federal racketeering statute violations.

Later the two would settle for about $3 million dollars. The settlement was announced as Elizabeth’s brother Frank filed for bankruptcy.

Did Elizabeth and Joel remarry anyone since their divorce?

Ever since the parting, Billy has remarried three times. Although his two marriages post their divorce went down the drain, Billy is now happily married.

After divorcing Weber, Joel wed model Christine Brinkley in March 1985 and got divorced in 1994. From their marriage, the ex-pair has a daughter named Alexa Ray Joel who was born on December 29, 1985. She is now a successful pianist and singer. Moreover, he again went further to marry Katie Lee on October 2, 2004. However, the couple announced their separation only after 5years into marriage on June 17, 2009.

Elizabeth Ann Weber Was Married To Ex-Husband Billy Joel
Elizabeth Ann Weber has not appeared in media after separating from her ex-husband Billy Joel

Joel for the fourth time married Alexis Roderick on 4 July 2015. From their marriage, the couple has two daughters. Their firstborn is Della Rose Joel born on August 12 2015 and the second one is Remy Anne Joel born on 22 October 2017.

Where is Elizabeth Ann Weber Now? Her Life Post Divorce

Meanwhile, there are no significant details on Elizabeth and her recent marital status. Ever since the divorce, she has opted out of media like a ghost. Furthermore, there is no presence of her on any social media platform which has made it hard to find out she is alive or not in the present time.

So, because of her ultra-secretive nature also make it difficult to know where Elizabeth is now or what is she doing in 2022.

Elizabeth Ann Weber’s Net Worth

Ever since the separation, Elizabeth’s whereabouts are hard to locate. Saying so, it is difficult to tell what life she is living and how she is earning for her life.

However, going back to the time she was with Billy, she would have made a fortune through the songs and her works as a manager. Furthermore, she was liable for alimony during her separation. Through this, we could say she might be living a high life from all the money she has gathered.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s ex-partner Billy Joel has given hits throughout his career. This has made him a millionaire worth $200 million.