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Where Is Hugh Hefner’s Wife Millie Williams Now? Bio, Career, Husband

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Millie Williams is the first wife of an American magazine publisher and the founder of Playboy Hugh Hefner. Apart from her recognization as Hugh’s ex-wife, she is also a TV personality and has been a part of a few documentaries including 60 Minutes, which is based on the life of her husband.

Well, now, even years after her divorce from Hugh, she is constantly in the media. There are many who want to know her life at present? So, where is Millie Williams now? Did she marry again after the split? What about her children?

In this article, we have brought to you some untold facts about her career, relationships, children, & much more.

Who Is Millie Williams?

The first wife of late Hugh Hefner, Millie Williams was born on March 10, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to Christian parents. Her birth name is Mildred “Millie” Williams.

Millie, who is 95 years of age as of 2021, lived most of her childhood along with her parents in her hometown. However, she never revealed any details about her father or mother.

Talking of her academics, she is pretty educated. She did her schooling at a local school and eventually joined Northwestern University as a sociology student. But unfortunately, she dropped out after the first semester.

Is Hugh Hefner’s First Wife Millie Williams Still Alive? Where Is She Now?

Well, Millie is still alive and pretty much fit physically. As of 2021, she is 95 years old and despite her age, she is reportedly enjoying her life. But unfortunately, she has kept herself away from the limelight.

Moreover, she is also not on any social media platforms as well. Reportedly, she is living a beautiful life along

Millie Williams Is Part of a Few Documentaries

As the wife of Playboy’s founder, Millie also got to be part of a few documentaries based on his life. In the year 1993, she got featured in a documentary series named 60 Minutes. The series was primarily based on the life of her then-spouse Hugh Hefner and her life together with him.

Further, years later in 2006, she again became part of another documentary E! True Hollywood Story.

Millie Williams Was Married To Ex-Husband Hugh Hefner

The beautiful Millie was married to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. They married on June 25, 1949; at the time, they were both 23 years of age. The former couple was married for almost 10 years before divorcing on 18 March 1959.

Millie Hefner And Hugh Hefner On The Wedding Day
Millie & Her Ex-Husband Hugh Hefner On The Wedding Day

The former husband and wife met for the first time when they were students at Northwestern University. Soon after their encounter, they became close friends and it didn’t take them long to begin dating.

Soon enough after a few years of dating, they walked down the aisle.

Millie & Hugh Hefner Divorced Because of Infidelity

The major reason behind their divorce was infidelity. It all began when they were still unmarried and Hefner was in the army when Milli cheated on him with another guy.

Millie With Hugh When He Was In Army
Millie With Hugh When He Was In Army

Similarly out of guilt, Millie told Hefner about her affair and let him have affairs even after they got married. Talking to the Hollywood Reporter about the same years later, she said,

Hef’s first real heartbreak came prior to tying the knot, when Williams admitted to engaging in an affair during his time in the Army. In an attempt to lessen her guilt and save their relationship, Williams allowed the future mogul to become involved with other women during their marriage.

Besides, Hefner also opened up about how hard it was for him to live with the fact that his wife cheated on him. He even stated that he had saved himself just for her. He said,

I had literally saved myself for my wife, but after we had sex she told me that she’d had an affair. That was the most devastating moment in my life. My wife was more sexually experienced than I was. After that, I always felt in a sense that the other guy was in bed with us, too.

She Is The Mother Of Two Children

From her marital relationship with Hugh, Millie is a mother of two kids. She gave birth to her first child, which is a daughter named Christie Hefner on November 8, 1952.

Millie Williams Had Two Children
Millie’s Hubby And Daughter Christie Hefner

She welcomed her second child David Hefner three years later on August 30, 1955. Both her kids are pretty much successful in their professional fields. In fact, Christe runs the family’s publishing business and even served as the CEO and chairperson of Playboy Enterprises, Inc. from 1988 until 2008.

Millie Williams’ Second Marriage

In case you didn’t know, Millie has been married twice in her life. After her divorce from Hugh in 1959, Millie married for the second time to a guy named Edwin Gunn.

As her husband, he even adopted her kids who had already adopted Gunn as their last name. But fate had different plans for them. Just a couple years into marriage Millie and her second husband Edwin divorced. They unfortunately never revealed the exact reason behind their separation.

Williams’ Ex-Husband Died In 2017

Millie’s ex-husband and the founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner died on September 27, 2017, at his home in Holmby Hills, in Los Angeles, California. He reportedly died because of sepsis brought on by an E. coli infection, at the age of 91.

Hugh’s body was buried at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles, beside Marilyn Monroe. For the burial spot beside Marilyn, he reportedly paid $75000 back in 1992. Talking to Los Angeles Times about his decision to choose a burial spot in 2009, he said,

Spending eternity next to Marilyn is an opportunity too sweet to pass up

What Is Millie’s Net Worth?

After her divorce from Hugh, she received a decent sum of his fortune. Thus, it is pretty evident that she has enough net worth. However, she has so far not revealed the exact sum of her fortune.

Just for a fact, her late husband was worth around $45 million at the time of his death.