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Where Is Melanie Hinton Now? Facts About Joe Scarborough’s Ex-Wife

Melanie Hinton is the first wife of American television host, attorney, & political commentator Joe Scarborough. She was married to her then-husband Scarborough for years before they got a divorce.

The former husband and wife also had two children from their marital relationship. But how is Melanie’s life at present? Did she marry again? In this article, we will talk about her career, marriage, net worth, & other untold facts about her.

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Melanie Hinton Is The First Wife of Joe Scarborough

As we said earlier, Melanie was married to Joe Scarborough in the past. In fact, she is the first wife of the political commentator. They were married in the year 1986, a few years after reportedly meeting in college.

Well, following their marriage, they had a pretty good relationship. However, things eventually went downhill almost 13 years into marriage. They finally divorced in 1999 and they cited irreconcilable differences as the official reason for their separation.

How Did Melanie Meet Joe?

As per the reports by, they are college sweethearts who met back at the University of Alabama. Further, their romance continued as they joined the University of Florida Law School.

Melanie Hinton Had Two Kids With Her Husband

In her 13 years long marriage with Joe, Melanie became a mother twice. She gave birth to their first child Joey Scarborough three years after their marriage in 1989. As of now, he is 33 years of age and is into journalism professionally.

Melanie Hinton's Had Two Sons Joey And Andrew
Melanie Hinton’s Welcomed Two Sons Joey And Andrew With Her First Husband Joe

Similarly, Melanie welcomed her second child Andrew in 1991. Well, the couple later stated that their second son suffered from Asperger Syndrome, which is a form of autism. Further, in an interview with Robert F. Kennedy in 2005, Joe revealed that his son’s autism could be the result of vaccines.

My son, born in 1991, has a slight form of autism called Asperger’s. When I was practicing law and also when I was in Congress, parents would constantly come to me and they would bring me videotapes of their children, and they were all around the age of my son or younger. So, something happened in 1989.

Just for a fact, Andrew is also already married to his wife named Brianna Keller, a senior political correspondent at CNN. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and are together ever since.  Further, their older son Joey is also happily married to Catherine Byrnes Grenfell since June 25, 2016.

Hinton Married For The Second Time – Who is Her Second Husband?

Following her divorce from Joe, Melanie married for the second time to her husband Peter Haupt. They reportedly tied the knot in July 2014, as per her Facebook profile.

Melanie Hinton & Her Second Husband Peter Haupt
Melanie Hinton Married Peter Haupt After her Divorce From her First Husband Joe

Well, she has posted a number of photos of her spouse on her Facebook account. It has been around 8 years since they walked down the aisle and they seem very happy in their marriage. We hope their relationship continues forever.

Melanie Hinton’s Ex-Husband Married Twice After The Divorce

Well, her ex-spouse Joe has married three times in total. After divorcing Hinton, he married Susan Waren in October 2001. They also welcomed two children from their relationship, Katherine Clark Scarborough, & Jack Scarborough. Unfortunately, things between the couple didn’t work out for a long time as they divorced in January 2013.

Melanie Hinton's Ex-Husband Joe With His Third Wife Mika
Melanie’s Ex-Husband Joe Married Third Wife Mika

Afterward, Scarborough married his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski on November 24, 2018, as his third wife. Their wedding ceremony was held in Washington, D.C.

She Has Had a Successful Professional Career

Melanie has had a successful career in journalism and many other professional fields. As per the reports, she worked as a Managing Director under Airlines for America of Public Relationships & Communication in the Airline Industry.

Eventually, she also was the head public affairs manager in several campaigns at the British Embassy of Washington D.C. As far as her present is concerned, she works as Communication and Media relations director at a company named ABA.

Where Is Melanie Hinton Now?

As of 2022, Melanie is doing a stable job as a Communication and Media relations director. Further, she is married for the second time and is living a beautiful marriage.

However, she avoids media interaction as much as possible and is living a private life away from the public glare.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

No doubt, as a successful professional, Melanie Hinton makes a good amount of money as her salary. However, she has not revealed the exact sum of her net worth so far.

On the other hand, her ex-spouse Joe is super-rich with a total net worth of $25 million. Further, he earns $8 million as his annual salary.