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Where Is Mirtha Jung Now? Inside The Life Of George Jung’s Ex-Wife

Mirtha Jung is the ex-wife of the late drug smuggler George Jung. She rose to fame after the release of the 2001 movie Blow, which is based on the life of her former late husband.

The biographical film represents the life of her ex-spouse who starts out by selling pots and as the events unfold, he turned into a drug lord. While he was a drug dealer his ex-wife Mirtha Jung was a drug user.

So, today we are going to discuss the journey of her life which was a roller coaster ride. From her risky adventures of smuggling cocaine with her then partner to facing imprisonment and quitting drugs. We will explore more about Mirtha Jung’s marriage to George Jung, her life post-divorce, her children, net worth, & whereabouts.

Mirtha Jung Age and Bio

Boston George’s ex-wife, Mirtha Jung is in her 70s. She was born Mirtha Calderon Del Val in 1952, in Cuba. However, she spent most part of her life in the United States as her parents migrated there.

Mirtha Jung Is Famous As George Jung's Ex-Wife
George Jung’s Ex-Wife Mirtha Jung

Unfortunately, Mirtha has not revealed much about her family background.

Mirtha Jung Was Married To Her Husband George Jung

Well, Mirtha Jung married George Jung, one of the prominent figures of the narcotics world who benefitted millions from the illegal trade. Mirtha met her then-partner George, also known by the names El Americano and Boston George through his cocaine contacts in Colombia. The duo started dating in the mid-70s prior to their wedding.

Finally, the pair exchanged vows in 1977. At the time of their marriage, Mirtha was 24 while George was 10 yrs older than her and was 34. Her husband joined the alliance with Pablo Escobar, the King of Cocaine and the sole proprietor of Medellin Cartel. During their marriage, the couple worked with Medellin Cartel and made millions by smuggling huge amounts of drugs from Colombia to the USA.

Mirtha and George Jung’s Actions Had a Ripple Effect

Everything was going perfectly fine and their marriage was sailing smoothly until their deeds started ruining their life. With the business they were in it was all about making millions but at the cost of damaging other’s life. All of their activities in collaboration with Pablo Escobar’s notorious escapades were like a real-life depiction of the movie The Godfather. 

Consequently, they faced setbacks and it turned out to be like a self-destructive mechanism. As a smuggling agent, Mirtha was a drug addict herself. Even at the time of her pregnancy, she was into substance abuse and couldn’t get rid of the thing. Before she could realize it, she soon landed behind the bars for possession of an illegal substance. Nevertheless, she struggled and made every effort to become sober for her precious 3yr old daughter and she finally did. Then in 1981 she was released from jail and has quit all those things of the past ever since.

However, a few years down the lane, the drug weakened their soul and its impact was evident in their relationship. Their marriage was falling into bits and pieces.

Mitha Left George Jung for Her Daughter’s Betterment

When things moved backward in reverse gear and hit a rough patch, Mirtha and George’s relationship went downhill with it. Despite her undying love for George, she couldn’t carry on the journey with him as it would mean putting her daughter’s life at stake and a gunpoint. Thus, she decided to break their nuptials and the duo went separate ways in 1984.

Mirtha has a daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung from her former spouse George Jung who was born in 1978. As to her name, Kristina really was a ray of sunshine, and not only did Mirtha, George too treasured his little princess.

Mirtha Jung Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung With Her Father George Jung
Mirtha Jung Daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung With Her Father George Jung

However, with all the chaotic work, El Americano was in a risky venture and Mirtha couldn’t afford to live in fear. One minute she was thinking about their beautiful journey together. And the other minute, she felt like she flipped and was falling into the bottomless pit of darkness. It was like having her whole life flashing before her eyes which she dreaded and didn’t want for her daughter.

There was a whirlpool of emotions and thoughts screaming in her head aloud. She didn’t want to raise her daughter in the puddle. So, she finally decided to leave the love of her life for good and divorce her long-time husband George.

Mirtha Jung’s Life Post Divorce and Her Sorrow

Following her separation from George Jung, Mirtha raised her daughter as a single mother. Also, talking about her relationship, it isn’t confirmed whether she has remarried or found a new partner post her divorce. On the other hand, George fell in love for the 2nd time and married Ronda Clay Spinello.

In addition, as per some sources, George and Mirtha are also grandparents. Their daughter is married to Romain Karan and had 2 children. But Mirtha and Kristina had to suffer from 2 griefs in 2021. In January of 2021, Mirtha lost her 19yr old grandaughter Athena in a car accident. Later that year her former spouse George Jung also succumbed to death.

Mirtha’s former Husband was Behind The Bars

Although Mirtha Jung went to jail for a certain period of time and has successfully left her demons behind, the same wasn’t the case with her husband. Boston George had his demons chasing after him until he went to prison multiple times.

George underwent several charges of conspiracy and got locked up for 70 yrs. Sounds exhausting. Isn’t it? However, it was later revised and reduced to 20 yrs. He came out in 2014, only to end up behind the bars again. Fast forward to 2yrs, he was sacked to jail for a federal supervision violation in 2016 and set free in 2017. Thankfully it was for a short period this time.

Mirtha Jung is Famous Due to the Biopic “Blow

George Jung’s ex-wife, Mirtha Jung grabbed the media attention after the release of the biographical film Blow. It is an adaptation of  Bruce Porter’s book of the same title and both of them are based on George Jung’s life.

Veteran actor Johnny Depp portrayed his character well while Penelope Cruz played the role of Mirtha, his sweetheart. The movie is all about how a small-town boy is captivated by greed. In his quest of hoarding money the easy way, he gets indulged in illegal operations.

Mirtha's Hubby With Johnny Depp For The Movie Blow
Johnny Depp Portrayed Mirtha’s Spouse George’s Character In Blow

The movie has also shown his vulnerable side. The part where he is restricted by his mother to meet his dying father. Above all, the scene where he has hallucinations of his daughter coming to visit him in jail was an emotional ending.

Meanwhile, in reality, he reconciled with his daughter in the mid-2000s.

Where is Mirtha Jung Now?

While she was a helping hand and partner in the crime of her then-husband, El Americano in smuggling and drug trafficking, she’s now come clean. However, she has maintained a low profile and her current whereabouts are still wrapped under layers.

Nevertheless, her daughter Kristina Sunshine Jung is an entrepreneur and is the owner of BG Apparel and Merchandise. As of 2022, she has been working on a book about her mother Mirtha Jung which will be published soon.

When did Mirtha’s Ex-Husband George Jung Die?

On Cinco de Mayo (May 5th), 2021 her ex-spouse, George Jung took his last breath at his Weymouth, Massachusetts home. At the age of 78, George bid farewell to his loved ones and departed from this mortal world.

During his final moments, his health was deteriorating and he had been suffering from liver and kidney failure. So, tragically, Mirtha’s ex, El Americano had to endure the pain due to multiple organ failures and was under hospice care at the time of his demise.

Mirtha Jung’s Net Worth

Mirtha’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million. Though she and George amassed a staggering amount of $100 million from drug trafficking and cartel at that time, George lost a massive amount of his fortune.

As of 2022, Mirtha is said to be involved in her daughter Kristina’s business. Likewise, another half of her income is from the royalties of the books and movies based on her infamous life as Boston George’s partner in life as well as crime.