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Where Is Patricia Noah Now? Everything About Trevor Noah’s Mother

Patricia Noah, born Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah, is the mother of successful TV host, comedian, political commentator, and actor Trevor Noah. She gave birth to her to Trevor through an illegitimate relationship with a white man, when an interracial relationship was a crime.

Though Patricia was already famous as Trevor Noah’s mother, she gained further fame after her son published the book titled Born a Crime, back in 2016. The book explains the real story of Patricia’s contribution and struggles to raise a kid at the time of apartheid rule.

Though her first son was born out of marriage, did she ever get married to a real husband? Where is she now? Here in this article, we have further information regarding Patricia Noah’s miserable childhood, academics, and job.

Patricia Noah’s Had A Difficult Childhood

Patricia is a native South African who was born to parents Temperance and Nomalizo Frances Noah. However, there isn’t any information about when she was born. She belongs to Xhosa or Nguni ethnical background.

As per the tabloids, Patricia was the child sent to live with her father, but her dad sent her to live with her aunt at Transkei. She lived there with 14 other cousins.

Patricia Noah runs a property firm in Johannsberg, with her cousins
Patricia Noah alongside her cousins

Trevor’s mother, Patricia spent her childhood in Transkei alongside 14 other kids. During that time, the government didn’t let the black citizen have many facilities like electricity, water, and even proper food for that matter.

Well, just to make ends meet, Patricia did odd jobs and even sometimes had to steal scarps or animal food, or any sort of consumable things that could fill her belly.

Patricia Noah Studied In The Missionary School & Her Rise From Poverty

Patricia learned to read and write from the still-operational missionary school. As she learned basic information, she went on to do a job at a nearby factory that used to give her a meal per day as compensation.

Patricia Noah known as the mother of famous actor, social activist Trevor Noah
Patricia Noah in her early days

Well, she lived with her aunt and her cousins for 12 years before she moved to Johannesburg. Luckily there, she landed a typing job, which was then mostly reserved for white people.

Soon enough, when she turned 22, she found a job as a secretary for a large pharmaceutical company in Johannesburg itself.

Patricia’s Life During The Apartheid Era

As we mentioned earlier, doing the job in Johannesburg was a crime for black people and they were not allowed to reside in the area. Thus, she has to avoid coming into the public eyes as she spent the nights in the city.

As per the reports, she had to hide in public toilets to spend nights. Then, after some time she came across Xhosa prostitutes who suggested her to pretend to be a maid while living in Johannesburg.

Unfortunately, she was arrested often. Thankfully, she also used to earn enough money and paid the fine. Even after getting out of jail, she went on doing the same job.

How Did Patricia Met Robert Noah, The Father of Trevor Noah

As Patricia moved to Hillbrow, she met Trevor’s father a Swiss-German person, Robert Lloyd. As per the reports, both were just casual friends, but one night, Noah asked Robert to make a physical relationship with her without any commitments.

Though Robert wasn’t ready for that and didn’t initially accept the offer, Patricia convinced him by saying that he doesn’t have to take the responsibility for the baby, nor have to pay for child support.

Despite the fact that having an interracial baby was a crime at that period of time, she welcomed her first baby boy, Trevor Noah on February 20, 1984.

Patricia Noah With Her Son Trevor Noah As A Child
Patricia Noah with her first son Trevor Noah

The pairs parted their ways, as Noah went on to live in Joubert Park, and Robert moved to Cape Town. Before moving to Cape Town, Robert used to make visits to his son’s place, but later he didn’t come for several years.

Patricia Came Up With An Idea To Escape Jail About Having A Colored Baby

Patricia knew what could be coming after her son’s birth. As for her son’s birth certificate, she told the doctor to fill father’s nationality as a ‘different country.’

Further, she also used to wrap her son with a cloth to cover his face and identity. After that, as Trevor grew older, she asked a white lady who was her neighbor to pretend as Trevor’s biological parent, and Patricia herself would act as the maid for the white lady. The white lady, fortunately, agreed to her proposal.

Following the act, while going out with Trevor and her neighbor, if they spotted any police officer, Patricia would call her my majesty and pretend to be working for the lady.

Patricia’s Made A Wrong Decision To Marry Her Husband Abel Ngisaveni

Patricia met her first husband in the late ’90s while she went for the repair of her Volkswagen a couple of times. While he repaired her car, they used to have a nice conversation and started spending time together. In the same year, they went on to date each other and eventually tied the knot, when Trevor was 8 years of age.

A year after the wedding, Trevor’s mother gave birth to a son, Andrew Shingange in 1993. Everything was going well in her life until Andrew came into the family. Patricia’s ex-husband Abel started to be an alcoholic and was like a wild animal to his family, not letting her and her kids live peacefully.

Patricia even left her then-husband and went on to live with her mother. But, Abel didn’t let her go of her, he begged for another chance. When she came back, they welcomed another son Isaac. But, Abel couldn’t change his habit of drinking alcohol, so the former partners decided to part ways in 1996.

Abel Shot His Ex-Wife Patricia Noah In The Face

Years after their split, in 2009, Patricia’s abusive husband, Abel tracked her down and tried to kill her because of her second marriage.

The comedian’s mother Patricia was shot in her face, piercing her skull, nose, and ear, and in the shoulder shattering her jaw. At that very moment, even her second husband got shot a few times in their hometown Johannesburg.

As Abel was seeking to kill, he even said that he will hunt down then-25-years old Trevor and kill him as well. Thankfully, Trevor as a Daily show host was not that easy to be found. Trevor’s step-father Abel was arrested in the attempt of murder and was sentenced to jail for three years by the Jeppe Magistrates Court.

Not to be forgotten, Patricia was badly wounded and was rushed to hospital, where she was treated under different names so that her former husband wouldn’t come again to kill her.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Patricia said,

“I am lucky to be alive. When God writes he has to write for humans and he gives you a message that God is bigger than death.”

What Is Patricia Noah Doing In 2022?

Currently, Patricia is running her own property firm in her hometown Johannesburg. Patricia also said that she likes to be an independent woman and doesn’t want her son to look after her. She said,

“He is running his business and I’m taking care of my business, I have my own money and business,”

Apparently, she is doing well in her life and we hope the bliss continues.

What Is Patricia Noah’s Net Worth?

Considering the fact that she has been running a successful business for years, she undoubtedly has amassed a huge fortune. Though she has not revealed the exact amount, she is assumed to have a few million in net worth.

On the other hand, her son Trevor is super rich with a net worth of $100 million as of 2022. He earns an annual salary of $16 million as per the reports.