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Where Is Ron White’s Ex-Wife, Barbara Dobbs Now? Her Full-Bio

Barbara Dobbs is mostly known for being the ex-wife of popular comedian and actor Ron White. Ron is famous as a member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour. Besides, her ex-hubby is also an author and has published a book named I Had the Right to Remain Silent But I Didn’t Have the Ability in 2016.

Unlike her former spouse, Barbara isn’t a regular face in the media. Little is known about her profession is that Ron White’s ex-Dobbs is a former interior designer at a company named Interior Visions Design Group LLC.

Well, in the following article, we will also explore several other hidden facts about her including her failed marriage with her ex-hubby Ron.

Barbara Dobbs Was Born In The 50s; Her Family and College

Barbara was born in 1950 and is currently 72 years old. As for her parents, there isn’t much information about them although her former parents-in-law were Charles Don White and Barbara Joan Craig.

Concerning her education, Dobbs went to Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. After her college degree, the former celebrity spouse joined Ohio State University.

As for her ethnicity, Barbara is speculated to be Caucasian. In like manner, speaking of her nationality, White’s ex-spouse is American. Similarly, her husband, Ron, too, is American by nationality.

What Does Barbara Dobbs Do For a Living?

Ron White’s ex-wife Barbara Dobbs previously worked at a company named Interior Visions Design Group LLC. There Barbara worked as an interior designer. While working for the company, White’s ex also worked as an interior designer for the popular comedian Jeff Foxworthy. It is speculated Dobbs got to work with Jeff because of her former partner’s connections.

Barbara Dobbs's former partner.
Popular comedian and actor Ron White.

As to what Dobbs is currently doing is quite a mystery although people have speculated that she is enjoying her retirement. Many people agree with the theory as she is now in her.

Barbara’s Marriage and Divorce With Her Former Husband Ron White

Barbara is the second wife of Ron White. Ron started dating her after being separated from his first wife Lori Brice in 1993. Unfortunately, the former duo hasn’t shared much about how they first met each other and their marriage.

Barbara Dobbs's one time lover entertaining the crowds
Ron is also a best-selling author.

As per some sources, the former couple was in a relationship for years before the two exchanged their vows in the year 2004. Their wedding was private with limited guests. After their marriage, the former duo lived in a beautiful home in Atlanta.

For the first few years, Dobbs and her then-husband White were in a very happy relationship but, they couldn’t sustain their happy marital life for too long. After being together for just 4 years, the ex-couple decided to part ways in 2008.

Did Barbara Dobbs and Ron Share a Child?

Throughout their marriage, the former flames never had a child. Reportedly, Barbara wanted to have a child but Ron wasn’t ready to be a father as his career was skyrocketing at the time.

Similarly, many people have also speculated that the reason behind their decision was that the one-time couple wanted to take their relationship slow. No matter what their reason was we hope they are happy right now.

Barbara Dobbs's ex-husband's child
Ron’s son: Marshall White

Although Barbara and her former spouse Ron never had a child together, White does have a son named Marshall from one of his past relationships. Marshall is currently 31 years old and has a big interest in the musical world.

Barbara Dobbs‘ Ex-Husband’s Other Marriages

Ron was first married to a woman named Lori Brice. He was still struggling in his career when the actor first met Lori. After dating for a while, the ex-couple decided to walk down the aisle in 1982. During their marriage, the former flames gave birth to a child, Marshall.

Unfortunately, after being married for more than 11 years, Ron and Lori decided to go their own ways. The former duo got divorced in 1993. And it was after Lori that Ron married Barbara though this relationship wouldn’t last either.

After Ron divorced his second wife Barbara, White got married for the third time to a woman named Margo Rey. They first met each other in 2009. Soon after their first meeting, Ron and Margo started to date each other and they got married in 2013.

Barbara Dobbs's former husband attending an event
White with his third wife

Like his two failed marriages, White’s third marriage also didn’t go long. He and his third wife Rey were married for 4 years before calling it quits in 2017. Their divorce was very ugly and Ron had to fight for spousal support.

Is Barbara Dobbs Currently Married?

As mentioned earlier, Dobbs is a very private person and doesn’t talk much about herself to the media, and because of this reason, we don’t know whether the ex-celebrity spouse is married or not.

Dobbs is quite a stranger and almost an unheard name from social media to whatever outlets the internet has. Similarly, Ron has also kept things secret after his third divorce.

Barbara Dobbs‘ Net Worth

Talking about her net worth, Barbara has an estimated wealth of $300,000. She has earned most of her money from her career as an interior designer.

On the other hand, White has an estimated net worth of $40 million in 2022. He earned his wealth from his successful career in the entertainment industry.