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Who Is Adelfa Marr? Untold Truth About Manny Montana’s Wife

Adelfa Marr is a mental health coach and life tutor. She became famous as Manny Montana’s wife. Her hubby became a known face after his role in Graceland and Good Girls.

Now talking about Adelfa, well she tutors clients all around the world. She helps mental health patients find guidance and become closer to their goals.

Today, we will find out some interesting facts about Adelfa Marr including her wedding, wiki, profession, and more!

Adelfa Marr is a New York native

She was born on August 3rd, 1992, in Queens, New York. Both Adelfa’s mom and dad were immigrants who worked hard to give Adelfa and her sibling a better chance at life. On the same token, she has one brother named, Michael Martinez.

Besides, Adelfa belongs to the mixed ethnicity of African and European. She has American nationality. Her mom Martha Aldretta works at EF1 Motorsports, an automobile repair shop.

Her name Adelfa literally means beloved sister. It is somehow related to the Greek name Adelpha.

Her brother is an actor

Unlike Adelfa, her brother Michael is an actor. He is famous for his role in Good Girls (2018), My War (2019), and Hollywood (2020).

In addition to that, he also served in the US Coast Guard for five years and also works as a commercial video maker.

Adelfa Marr’s Education

During her time in middle and high school, Adelfa became interested in learning psychology. She then studied a psychology course during her time in high school.

Later on, after her graduation, she started reading a lot of books related to the subject and learned more about several forms of healing, valuing, and analyzing herself. As for the college, she attended the Guttman Community College.

What does Adelfa Marr do for a living?

Going through her Instagram account, she has mentioned herself as a personal coach who focuses on mental health. Moreover, Adelfa is a bilingual mental health advocate.

As a coach, she helps people find solutions to anxiety and depression. Throughout her career, she has helped people who have had issues like rap/abuse, family trauma, relationship, work, domestic abuse, etc.


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Adelfa has a personal website from where you can book a session with her. She often hosts a lot of sessions related to meditation, self-healing, and different types of medicinal practice. In these sessions, she is sometimes joined by other psychologists.

She primarily focuses on self-love, personal care, exercising, and healthy eating & living style. Marr has mentioned time and time again that her own personal battles motivated her to become a mental health advocate.

Marr is also a writer who has written blogs for different sites like, The Thirty, and What’s more, she also raises funds for numerous justifiable causes.

What motivated Adelfa to help out people?

It is a given fact that anyone who is in the self-help profession has one incident that completely changes their life for good. They then began their journey toward self-healing and eventually they want to help out others like themself.

Adelfa here also has her own share of ups and downs which drive her passion for helping others. Moreover, from early childhood, Adelfa always had a passion for working with others.


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In an interview, Adelfa mentioned, “So I always had a passion for working with people in any sense. I started young when I was in retail. It was one way of working with people.”

That being said, Marr has mentioned it was through Instagram that her career as a life coach started. Before starting a profession as a life coach, Adelfa used to share a lot of Instagram stories related to mental health through a series titled, ‘Both Sides.’ The stories started getting a lot of attention and soon people started DMing her regarding their issues.

Her Acting Career

Though she is not an actress, she has tried her hands in the field once. Surprisingly, she featured in an episode of the same TV series as her husband, ‘Good Girls.’

Adelfa played the role of Dylan in the episode titled ‘Take Off Your Pants,’ (TV Episode 2019/season 2, episode 6). Her role was of a woman who kissed Rio (Manny Montana) in order to make Beth (Christina Hendricks) jealous.

Adelfa Marr is famous for marrying Manny Montana

Regardless of her profession, Adelfa gained a lot of fame after she married American actor Manny Montana. The lovebirds first met back in 2015 and a year later they exchanged vows in 2016.

Adelfa Marr Husband Manny Montana (1)
Adelfa and her husband Manny are married since 2016.

From the beginning of their relationship, Adelfa and Manny have been incredibly private. They didn’t even reveal when they exchanged vows. It wasn’t until 2018 that we first found out about their wedding.

From the beginning, both Marr and Montana have made it absolutely clear they aren’t like other celebs who like to share each and every aspect of their relationship with the public.

How many children does Adelfa Marr share with Manny?

From their secretive relationship, it is reported that Adelfa and her spouse are proud parents of one child. Nevertheless, we are yet to know if the child is a boy or a girl.

In an Instagram Q&A session, Marr revealed that becoming a mother was one of the greatest gifts she got in her life. It was her lifelong dream to welcome a child of her own into this world.

Adelfa Marr Manny Montana Wife (1)
Adelfa is a mother of one children.

She said being a mother is one of the most joyous, life-changing, and on top of that challenging things, she has ever experienced. Right after Adelfa welcomed her child with Manny, she quit coffee and started drinking matcha tea. Currently, she alongside her husband & kid resides in Long Beach, California.

Adelfa was once involved in an abusive relationship

Prior to her relationship with Manny Montana, Adela was in an abusive relationship. Back in June of 2021, during a sitdown with SoulDeep, she maintained,

“For anyone who doesn’t know me!! I don’t think I have talked about this in a while, but I was in a just shitty relationship with somebody and it got pretty abusive.”

She wanted to leave the relationship but as they had dated for a long time, it was really difficult for her to just break up with him.

How much is Adelfa Marr’s net worth?

From her work as a mental health coach, Adelfa earns a significant amount of money from her work. If online reports are to be believed then her net worth is around $300,000.

On the other hand, Adelfa’s husband Manny has a total fortune of around $1 million.