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Who is Alexi Schiff? All You Need To Know About Adam Schiff’s Daughter

Alexa Schiff (aka Lexi Schiff) is an associate talent booker at Special Projects Media, in New York City. The Northeastern University graduate also served as a senior editor at STITCH Magazine and was a president of UNITY Charity Fashion. Apart from her professional successes, Schiff is the daughter of the U.S. representative and veteran lawyer Adam Schiff and his wife Eve Schiff.

Her parents have been in a beautiful marital relationship for about 27 years. Alexa also has a younger brother from her parents’ marriage. Well, here are some other interesting facts about Adam Schiff’s daughter Alexa including her rumored relationship with a boyfriend, her promising career, and more.

Let’s explore everything about her!

Who is Alexa Schiff? All About Her Age and Early Life

As mentioned above Alexa is a star kid better known as the daughter of Adam Schiff. Born Alexa ‘Lexi’ Schiff on 12th July 1998, in the United States of America, Schiff is 23-year-old and will turn 24th in the coming July.

As far as her ethnicity is concerned, Adam’s daughter is Caucasian and has an Ameican nationality.

Alexa’s Parents Raised Her Along With Her Brother Jewish By Religion

As per the Jewish Journal, Alexa and her younger Elijah Schiff grew up in the Jewish faith. Adam’s daughter was once a part of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life at Northwestern and also traveled to Israel as a counselor of a Jewish summer camp. In fact, her mother Eve is a Catholic.


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Besides, her brother Elijah is now a student at Northeastern University and will complete his graduation from college in 2025.

Needless to mention, the relationship Schiff siblings have shared with each other is really great.

All You Know About Alexa Schiff Parents’ Bio

We mentioned earlier that her father is one of the prominent political figures in the United States. Unlike her dad’s fame, Alexa’s mother is relatively less popular. Sources say Eve is a former tennis player who quit it after her marriage to Adam to be a housewife.

As for her education, Eve went to Torrey Pines High School and later graduated from the University of California with a degree in Literature and Sociology.

Her Mom and Dad Are Married Since 1995

Lexi Schiff’s parents Adam and Eve exchanged their vows on 19th Feb 1995, in a private wedding ceremony. In fact, the two met in 1990 through a mutual friend. At the time, Eve had a tennis match in Marina del Ray.

Alexa Schiff's parents
Alexa’s mom and dad.

They gradually fell in love and started dating.

Alexi Schiff School and College

Talking about her educational achievement, Alexi is a well-educated lady who went to Winston Churchill High School in 2012 and graduated in 2016. While at the school, the star kid was a cheerleader. She also worked as a tour guide and school ambassador while working in charity for the homeless.

Following her high schooling, Alexa went on to enroll at Northwestern University and obtained her degree in English language and literature in March 2020.

What Does Adam Schiff’s Daughter Alexa Schiff Do? Her Professional Endeavors

As of 2022, Alexa is an associate talent booker at Special Projects Media, in New York City Metropolitan Area. She first started working with the media as an intern in April 2019 and did her internship until Sept 2019. Soon after that, Schiff landed her job as a freelancer and held the position until March 2020.

Furthermore, in Jan 2021, Alexa began working as an assistant to the co-founders and performed the job until Jan 2022.

Schiff daddy
Alexa with her dad.

In addition, the star kid was an intern to Chance the Rapper’s Stylist at Whitney Middleton, a Chicago-based wardrobe stylist and fashion consultant in Greater Chicago Area. She worked in the office for about a year from Jun 2018 to May 2019.

Her Other Works

Prior to the abovementioned job titles, Alexa did also work in a few other offices and companies. She served as the President of the UNITY Charity Fashion Show from May 2017 to September 2019. Additionally, Adam’s first-born child was previously also a Senior Editor at STITCH Magazine.

Moreover, her other roles included Editorial Assistant and Social Media Intern at Felix Magazine. She also worked for the companies like Pineapple, DW NorthStar, and more.

Is Alexa Schiff Dating a Boyfriend? Her Love Life

The 23-year-old Alexa is quite confidential and has kept most part of her love life behind closed doors. She is neither too updated on any social media handles. So, it is really hard to confirm if Alexa is dating someone or not.

But, back in Jan 2020, Alexa was rumored to be dating a whistleblower named Eric Ciaramella. However, as soon as the rumor surfaced, it came out as false. Back then, it was reported that online sources only promoted misinformation about their dating life.

As for a fact, Alexa’s then-rumored-boyfriend Eric was rather an undergraduate mathematics student.

Alexa Schiff’s Social Media Presence

Like many star kids, Alexa isn’t also a regular social media user but has a private Instagram under the name #lexischiff. In the meantime, her father has 225k followers on his Instagram. Her old man is also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Details on Alexa’s Net Worth

Unfortunately, the exact amount of her net worth is yet to reveal. But, her father Adam has an estimated fortune of $1.5 million as of 2022.