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Who Is Alexis Roderick? Untold Truth About Billy Joel’s Wife

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Alexis Roderick is a former Morgan Stanley executive and American equestrian who came to the limelight as the fourth wife of Billy Joel(aka William Martin Joel or Piano Man), an American singer, pianist, composer, and songwriter.

Married as the fourth wife of Billy, she also has two daughters from their marital relationship. Well, the couple is now together for over 7 years, how is their relationship at present? Well, apart from her happily married life, what does Roderick do for a living?

In this article, we have added all information regarding Alexis’ birthdate, age, career, net worth, and much more.

How Old Is Alexis Roderick? Her Childhood Details

Alexis Roderick was born on 7th May 1982 and is currently 41 years of age. Unfortunately, Alexis’ parent’s details are yet to be revealed. But in an interview, she talked about her ancestors revealing they were Irish.

She stated,

“I have Irish in me, it is my grandmother’s father who is Irish. My mom’s maiden name is Bridges.”

Billy’s wife, Alexis is quite an educated woman. She has a degree certificate in Politics, Economics, and Latin American Studies from Stony Brook University.

Alexis Roderick’s Professional Life

As mentioned earlier Billy’s wife was a Senior Rist Officer for Morgan Stanley in Garden City. In fact, she also went on to become a registered member of the Broker-Dealer Registered Representative.

Besides, Alexis also has experience working as a finance professional and has worked in the field for 8 years. Apart from these, Roderick who is very much in love with horses is also an equestrian and even took part in several tournaments. Not only this, but she is also a member of the United States Equestrian Federation.

Just for a fact, her husband Billy also shares a similar love for horses and was seen together watching the Winter Equestrian Festival at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center.

Where did Alexis Roderick Met Her Husband Billy Joel? Their Marriage Details

According to NY Daily News, the duo first met at a restaurant in Huntington in 2009, where Alexis said Billy was up for a dinner. She said,

 “He was going to dinner. I wasn’t, and we were friends for a while before we started dating.”

After dating for six years, the couple decided to take it to the next stage. They exchanged their vows on 4th July 2015 and it was a surprise ceremony held at Billy’s private estate on Long Island.

Alexis Roderick's wife Billy Joel Together
Alexis Roderick with her husband Billy Joel in their wedding

The wedding was presided by Billy’s longtime friend and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. On their special day, Alexis wore a strapless ivory beaded wedding dress.

The marriage ceremony was even more special because of their unborn daughter who was already 8 months.

All About Alexis’ Husband’s Past Relationship.

Billy Joel had married three times before Alexis, for the first time he married Elizabeth Ann Weber, the woman who was the wife of his bandmate Jon small in 1973, and parted ways in 1982.

After three years of staying single, he found his love for the second time. In 1985, Billy tied the knot with Christie Brinkley. Billy and Christie shared a daughter, Alexa Joel. Unfortunately, they didn’t stay together for a long time and legally divorced in 1994.

In 2004, Billy got married for the third time to chef Katie Lee and got divorced in 2009.

Well, with all these unsuccessful marriages, Billy stated he learned a lot of things. Talking about his failed love life, he once stated,

“You can have all the money in the world, you can have mansions, you can have properties, you can have yachts, you can have limousines, you can have motorcycles, But without love, it doesn’t mean a goddamn thing.”

Alexis Roderick Is a Mother Of Two Daughters

On 12th August 2015, a month after their wedding, the couple welcomed their first daughter, Della Rose Joel. At the moment of Della’s birth, her father, Billy expressed his feelings,

I am gonna spend a lot of time with this kid. I was thinking about that. Probably going to be able to spend more time with this kid than most people are able to spend with their children, because I don’t have a regular job. I could be a stay-at-home dad for as long as I can stay alive.

Alexis Roderick's With her spouse Billy Joel & children
Alexis Roderick with her husband, Billy Joel, and their two kids

As the family is leading a blissful life together and their first daughter even made her appearance at Hampton Classic Horse Show, where she was a leadline in 2019.

Here is a beautiful moment that happened during the show:

As days went by, for the second time, Alexis became the mother of a daughter, Remy Anne Joel on 22nd October 2017. The family of four has been leading a beautiful and luxurious life together.

Who is Alexis Roderick’s Husband, Billy Joel

Billy Joel( Piano Man) is a well-known songwriter, composer, American singer, and pianist. Joel started his career in the music industry in the 1960s, when he joined a band named Echoes. The band later changed its name to Emeralds, and then to the Lost Souls.

Well, as a singer, he has released numerous songs and albums like Turnstiles, The Stranger, The Bridge, River of Dreams, & many others. Alexis’ husband has published dozens of albums including The Stranger, Streetlife Serenade, 52nd Street, River of Dreams, Uptown Girl, and more. Piano Man was the album that made billy’s identity to the limelight.

Billy Joel husband of Alexis Roderick who claimed Grammy Legend Award for the album Glass House.
Alexis Roderick’s hubby Billy Joel

For all his endeavors, he won the Grammy Legend Award for the album Glass House in 1990.

Alexis Roderick’s Net Worth

Talking about Alexis Roderick’s net worth, she is estimated to have a fortune of around $5 million, whereas her hubby’s fortune is $225 million. He mainly makes his money from selling his music album.

Is Alexis Active In Social Media?

Billy’s wife seems to be enjoying her private life far from the social media handle. Apart from Alexis’, her partner Billy is active on Instagram, where he has a huge fan following of over 480k. On his Instagram, he often flaunts her daily life.