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Who Is Andrew Shingange? Everything About Trevor Noah Brother

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Andrew Shingange came to the limelight as the half-brother of popular stand-up comedian and talk show host, Trevor Noah. His half-sibling is a South African actor, comedian, & political commentator mostly famous as the host of The Daily Show, an American satirical news program on Comedy Central.

Born to an abusive father, Andrew didn’t have a very good childhood, since both he and his mom was physically and mentally abused. Well, how is his life at present? What about his relationship with his father? Are Andrew Shingange’s parents together now?

Further, we will also talk about Andrew’s love affairs, girlfriend, net worth, & much more.

Andrew Shingange Early Life: His childhood days and Ethnicity

Andrew Shingange was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in the late ’90s, though his exact birthday hasn’t been revealed yet. As a matter of fact, his nation, South Africa was under Apartheid rule during his early childhood days. His father Ngisaveni Abel Shingange was a mechanic by profession whereas his mother Patricia Noah was a housewife.

Born in a middle-class family, Andrew had a very ordinary upbringing and rather a troublesome life for a certain time because of his abusive dad. Talking of his nationality, he is an African and has a mixed ethnic background.

Besides, he is an educated individual who did his high school at Sandringham High School & later joined Damelin Eden High School, in Randburg.

Andrew Shingange Has Two brothers

Andrew has a biological sibling named Isaac Shingange. Likewise, he also has a half-brother, Trevor Noah from his mother’s marital relationship with her ex-hubby Robert Noah. Besides, Andrew’s half-brother Trevor is a well-known media personality.

He is not only a comedian but an actor and political commentator as well. He has appeared in numerous films & TV series like Mad Buddies, Coming 2 America, Nashville, & others.

Andrew’s Mother Patricia Met Trevor Noah’s Father In Hillbrow

While Andrew’s mother was living a peaceful life in Hillbrow, she crossed paths with a Swiss-German simple man Robert Lloyd. At that time they were just a casual friend. After spending days, one night Patricia asked Robert to have a sexual relationship with her, although they were not legally husband and wife.

She even told Robert that,

“You don’t have to worry about the child or be in the child’s life if you don’t wish to be the part of  our life”

Though Robert wasn’t ready for that moment, later on, he agreed despite the fact that having an Interracial baby was a crime for black and whites with a jail time of 5 years. This resulted in the birth of Trevor on 20th February 1984.

After having a baby, the pair never spent time or tied the knot legally. She moved to Joubert Park, shortly after she welcomed Trevor.

Andrew Shingange As A Child With His Mother Patricia Noah
Patricia Noah with her son Trevor Noah

As the matter of fact, Robert went to see his son every once in a while. Sadly, he moved to Cape Town and lost touch with Trevor for many years.

Andrew Shingange’s Mom Patricia Was Married To Her Husband Abel

As we have mentioned above, Patricia moved to Joubert Park after she gave birth to Trevor. She first came across her ex-spouse Abel Shingange when she used to go for the repairs of her Volkswagen car multiple times. As time passed by, the former couple fell in love and they decided to exchange vows in the year 1992.

At the time of their wedding, her first child Trevor was 8 years old. Unlike what was expected, Patricia’s marriage with Abel wasn’t as successful as Patricia had to go through several physical and mental abuse from her husband Abel. Not only that but both Andrew and his brother were also abused mentally and physically.

As a result, the family couldn’t cope with Ngisaveni abusive ways and Particia decided to start a life of peace with her children. So, Abel and his ex-wife Patricia legally parted ways in 1996.

His Mom Was Shot In The Head By Her Ex-Partner

After her divorce from Abel, Andrew Shingange’s mother Patricia married Sfiso Khoza. She was living a peaceful life with her second husband, Sfiso Khoza until 2009.

Unfortunately, Patricia came across her first hubby Abel at their home in Johannesburg, where Patricia herself said, she was shot in the face and back shattering her jaw and piercing her skull, nose, and ear.

In addition to this, Abel even raised his gun and shot a few times at her second-spouse Khoza. After that, Abel was sent to jail for three years in an attempt to murder by the Jeppe Magistrates Court.

Not only that, he threatened to hunt down then-25-year-old Trevor and kill him. Thankfully, Abel couldn’t do that as Trevor had already fled to Los Angeles.

Patricia even gave an interview with Daily Mail, where she said,

“I am lucky to be alive. When God writes he has to write for humans and he gives you a message that God is bigger than death.”

Apart from this, she interacted with the media and revealed that she had to change her name as she was afraid her ex-husband will come again to harm her at the hospital.

Andrew Shingange’s Half-Brother Trevor Noah Is An American Stand-Up Comedian

Trevor, the first child of Patricia and her ex-partner Robert, was born on 20th February 1984, in Johannesburg, South Africa. As we mentioned above, during Trevor’s birth, Africa was under Apartheid rule, and being born by a mixed race, Trevor’s birth is not registered legally.


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Trevor Noah started his career as a stand-up comedian. Along with being a comedian, Trevor is also the host of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Trevor’s Daily Show gets millions of views all over the world.

A successful stand-up comedian, Trevor makes a strong appearance on social media handles. He has a fan following of more than 7 million on his Insta as of 2022.

Andrew’s Step-Father Robert Noah Is A Businessman

Robert Noah, is a businessman, chef, and media personality. He is better known in the media as the father of famous comedian, Trevor Noah. Noah presently resides in the USA along with his son Trevor. He is in his early 80’s by now.

Despite being his step-dad, he shared a decent relationship with him.

Andrew Shingange Is Married To A Perfect Wife

As per the report, Andrew is married and living a peaceful life, with his wife in Gauteng, South Africa. Unfortunately, Shingange’s wife hasn’t been in contact with the media. However, Andrew has posted a few photos of her on social where in the caption, he wrote,

“My Hyperstar”

Andrew Shingange with his wife
Andrew Shingange With his beloved wife

The couple is apparently married for a while and they share a great relationship even at present.

What Is Andrew Shingange’s Net Worth?

As per the source, Andrew’s net worth is around $500,000 as of now. Apart from this, his half-brother, Trevor has a net worth of around $150 million.