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Annie Potts

Who Is Annie Potts Spouse? Into Her Love Affairs And Relationships

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Annie Potts is one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry. A package of her own accord. She can act on anything, being anyone. Potts is an American film and television actress and also acts fabulously on the theatrical stage. She has been on the game for a very long time. We widely know her for her roles in blockbuster movies like Ghostbusters (1984), pretty in pink (1986), Toy Story (1995), toy story 2 (1999), and Toy story 4 (2019). Her effortless charm is clearly visible in the television series Young Sheldon where she portrays the role of cheeky grandmother “Meemaw”.

If you have ever laid your eyes on Annie Potts, you know how beautiful and naturally charming she is. You can’t get your eyes off of her and she still garners much attention from the media. Annie Potts’s spouse topic is evergreen in popular media. During the long course of her life, she has been in many relationships and married more than once. She had multiple spouses.

Potts’s relationship with her spouse and her married life has been as thrilling as her life. There were happy moments and some tragic ones too. So, let’s get started.

Is Annie Potts married? Who is Annie Potts Spouse?

Yes, Annie Potts is a married woman. Her spouse’s name is James Hayman. She has been in a conjugal relationship with James Hayman for 31 years now. They began dating around 1989. They married each other on September 02, 1990.

Annie Potts and her husband
Annie Potts and her husband

Josh is a director and producer. He also works as a cinematographer. They seem to be in a happy relationship. They live together and have two kids, Doc (born in 1992) and Harry (born in 1996).

Annie loves her husband very much

Annie surely loves her husband. She does not shy from flaunting her love and appreciation for her husband in her Instagram account.

Recently she posted a pic of her husband on the beach in the Caribbean. She captioned the photo as “My Hubby playing in the sandbox”.

Her Instagram account is full of similar posts. This only proves how strong their bond is.

Annie married four times

It may seem like a huge number to get married in one life to us. But it’s quite common in Hollywood. And our Annie is no exception. She fell in love, married, and got out of it many times in her life.

Potts’s first marriage was at 20

Love came early for Annie. Annie married her college sweetheart Steven Hartley in 1973. They were both fresh out of college and madly in love with each other.

Potts’s near-fatal car accident with her first husband and arthritis

Shortly after their marriage, they got into a car accident. Their car collided with another two cars, which were drag racing. Steven lost his leg in the accident. Annie had many broken bones below her waist.

She still suffers from arthritis induced by the accident.

They divorced each other in 1978.

Annie’s other two marriages

In the same year 1978, Annie married Greg Antonacci. It feels like it was a sort of rebound marriage. It did not last very long. The couple divorced two years later in 1980.

Greg Antonacci
Greg Antonacci

Following year, in 1981, she once again married Scott Senechal. She had a kid with Scott whom they named Clay. they divorced each other in the year 1989.

Scott Senechal
Scott Senechal

The reasons for any of her divorces remain non-disclosed. So we can not pinpoint exactly why the divorce occurred.

Is Annie Potts gay/ lesbian?

There has been a lot of mysteries surrounding Annie’s sexuality. But the fact is Annie Potts is not gay or a lesbian. I think all her marriages and children listed above prove that she is in fact a straight woman.

Annie Potts is in favor of plastic surgery

Many celebrities outright deny plastic surgery. Or they just stay neutral when asked for their opinion. But not Annie Potts. She has always voiced in the favor of plastic surgery.

When asked if she would ever consider plastic surgery in Entertainment Tonight in 1973, she commented, “Hey, I am a girl in her late 30s; you bet when it starts to slip, I would certainly jack it back up.”

As a result, her comment made her a staunch supporter and face of plastic surgery. The newspapers heavily covered her after the show aired.

She also made a witty and humorous comment saying, “when her face falls, by God she’s going to be at the Beverly Hills surgeon within 24 hours.”

Annie is still active in the acting scene

And she is beautiful as ever. Even in old age, she looks enchantingly beautiful. She has aged like a fine wine. With the love of her spouse and children, she seems to flourish even more.

Surely that plastic surgery she mentioned can still wait.