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Who Is Bella Banks? How Is Her Life As Lil Durk’s Daughter?

There are many celebrity kids, who are famous only because of their parents and Bella Banks is one of them. She is the oldest daughter of American rapper Lil Durk and his ex-girlfriend Nicole Covone.

For a long time, Bella has been a subject of media scrutiny and millions of Lil’s fans want to know about her. So, how is the life of Banks as the daughter of a famous rapper? What about her relationship with her mother?

In this article, we are going to cover some interesting facts surround Bella Banks’ parents, siblings, & much more.

Bella Banks Bio, Early Life, Siblings

Bella Banks was born on July 24, 2013, in the United States. She is the daughter of father Lil Durk and mother Nicole Banks. Born as their second child, she shares a great relationship with both her parents.

As of 2021, Banks is 8 years of age and is currently in school. She identifies herself as a good student. Talking about her life as a famous kid, she seems to be pretty much enjoying all the fame and luxury.

She Is Close To her Siblings

Not many know but Bella has five siblings, a biological brother Angelo and four half-siblings Willow, Skyler, Zayden, & Du’mier. Her half-siblings are born from her father’s multiple relationships.

Bella Banks Is Close To Her Mother Nicole Covone & Older Brother Angelo
Bella Banks Is Close To Her Mother Nicole Covone & Older Brother Angelo

While Willow is Lil’s child with his current girlfriend India Royale, Skyler was born from his affair with Tameka Kute. But unfortunately, there is no information about the mother of Zayden & Du’mier.

Well, like any other siblings, Bella also shares a great relationship with all her brothers and sisters. We hope their bonding keeps growing in the days to come.

Bella Banks Love To Spend Time With Both Her Father & Mother

Despite the fact that her parents are no more together, Bella manages to spend her time with both her father and mother. She often visits her mother Nicole at her place.

Likewise, her mom too loves to shares the photo of Bella on her Facebook. In fact, she has posted a number of photos of her daughter on her socials. In one of her posts made in November 2019, she gladly expressed her love for Bella and her firstborn Angelo. She also came up with the most beautiful caption where she wrote how her kids make her complete. Here is the post.

Bella's Mother Express Her Love For Her Daughter
Bella’s Mother Express Her Love For Her Daughter

Unfortunately, though Bella loves being with her dad and mom, they are not together anymore. They reportedly began dating in 2008 and split just a few months after the birth of Bella in 2013.

Bella’s Dad Dating A New Girl After Split With Her Mom Nicole

Just in case you didn’t know, Bella’s dad has been in numerous relationships so far. After he split with Nicole, he got into a relationship with Tameka Kute. But unfortunately, they broke up just a few months later. From their relationship, they also reportedly had a kid.

As of now, Lil has found a new girl. He is currently dating his girlfriend named India Royale. they reportedly began dating in 2017 and are together ever since. Well, Bella seems to share good relationship with her as well.

Bella Banks Is Interested In Dancing

Well, Lil’s daughter Bella already seems to be in the entertainment business. She is just around eight years of age and has already hinted at her interest in performing arts.

Well, the celebrity kid apparently loves dancing. In fact, she has shown her dancing skills in a Youtube video posted on May 9, 2021. Check out the video here.

Isn’t she adorable?

Who Is Bella’s Dad Lil Durk?

Lil Durk, born Durk Derrick Banks, is a rapper by profession. Starting off with singles Sneak Dissin’ and I’ma Hitta in 2011, he has come along a long way in his career.

He has also released a few successful mix tapes that include Just Cause Y’all Waited, Signed to the Streets 3, and Love Songs 4 the Streets 2. Further, he has also collaborated with a few artists including Lil Baby for the album The Voice of the Heroes.

Some of his successful albums include Lil Durk 2X, Signed to the Streets 3, Remember My Name, Just Cause Y’all Waited 2, among others.

Social Media

Unlike most celebrity kids, Bella is not on social media yet. It looks like she is not very much interested in those platforms and rather prefers the real world. On the other hand, her father has a huge following of 10.7 million on his official Instagram account. Likewise, her mother is also on Facebook.

Net Worth

Banks is very young to have a net worth of her own. But she enjoys all the luxuries one can enjoy because of her wealthy father. He reportedly has a net worth of around $3 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.