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Who Is Bryan Cranston’s Longtime Wife, Robin Dearden? Her Career And Others

Robin Dearden is an actress who is better known as the wife of popular actor, Bryan Cranston. Dearden’s husband, Bryan is the very man who is known for playing the character of Walter White in the TV series, Breaking Bad, one of the highest-rated shows of all time.

As for Dearden, she is not just popular for being the wife of Bryan, she is also an actress with several credits of her own. But how did she come to be Cranston’s wife?

In this article, we will discuss that in addition to more about her life including her parents, her career as an actress, her relationship with Cranston, and more.

Robin Dearden Early Life: Who Are Her Parents?

She was born on 4th December 1953 and is currently 68 years old. Robin’s full name is Robin Gale Dearden. Dearden is a very private person. When it comes to her personal and past life, she hasn’t disclosed much to the media or the public.

Bryan Cranston's wife, Robin Dearden in the 80s
Cranston’s spouse, Robin in her younger days.

As for her parents, Bryan’s wife has not disclosed their names, although some obituaries suggest she is the daughter of the late Helen Dearden and her husband, Richard Dearden. On the other hand, Robin is the daughter-in-law of Peggy Sell and Joe Cranston.

Her education is also unknown to the public although her husband’s studies are pretty well known. Bryan went to Canoga Park High School and for his higher education, he enrolled at Los Angeles Valley College.

Her Ethnicity and Nationality

Talking about her nationality, she is reportedly Caucasian and holds American Nationality.

Likewise, her husband is also Caucasian, and, for his nationality, he is also an American citizen. Talking about his religion he is Agnostic.

Robin Dearden Professional Life

Like Bryan, Robin is also an actress who has played in many great movies. For her performance, she has been nominated for a few of her roles. Robin is also loved by many of her fans.

Dearden started off her acting career in a TV series The Krofft Supershow in 1977. She portrayed the role of Kristy in the show. Alongside her, popular actors like Michael Lembeck, Debra Clinger, and Mickey McMeel also starred in the series. It had 32 episodes in total.

Robin Dearden in the Incredible Hulk
Robin in the show, The Incredible Hulk.

After playing roles in a series for some time, she finally got a chance to play in a movie called To Race the Wind in 1980. In the movie, Robin played the role of Mary. Many people loved her because of her magnificent performance.

Some of Dearden’s other roles are in films and shows including The Incredible Hulk, Magnum, P.I., Murder 1, Dancer 0, The A-Team, Earthlings, Highway to Heaven, Knight Rider, Stitches, and The Big Turnaround.

How Did Robin Dearden and Bryan Cranston Meet Each Other?

Robin and Bryan first met each other on the set of Airwolf in 1986. In the series, Cranston played the role of a jilted lover who hijacks the cruise whereas Dearden played the role of the sorority sister.

In an interview, explaining her encounter with Cranston, Robin said,

“He actually had a gun to my head. It was 30 years ago that we met on that terrible TV show. It changed both of our lives.”

Unlike other people, the couple didn’t actually fall in love with one another at their first meeting although they were sexually attracted to each other. Robin had a boyfriend at the time and likewise, Bryan was also seeing someone else. Of that, Dearden once said,

“He had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend at the time. But I thought that he was the funniest man that I had ever met. I said, ‘He’s kind of cute, he’s got a gun. A little danger, a little laughter!”

A year after their first meeting the couple finally started dating each other.

Bryan Proposed To Robin In a Very Weird Way

Robin and Bryan dated each other for around 2 and a half years after which Cranston finally decided to level up their relationship by asking her to marry him.

Robin Dearden with her husband and daughter at an event
Robin with her family, Bryan, and Taylor. Getty

Robin’s husband was very scared to ask her to marry him and thought that he would cry if he faced her while proposing. To counter the problem, he thought about proposing to her in a bathtub where they would face the same direction. In an interview, he revealed the situation and said,

“I had to figure out a way where she was not looking at me when I was asking her to marry me. I thought, taking a bath together we could straddle each other, but I was busy changing the music and candles. My problem was, I didn’t know where to put the ring.”

Bryan finally found a place to hold his ring and it was his baby toe. Robin accepted the proposal and had to take the ring from his toe.

Soon after that, the partners walked down the aisle on 8th July 1989. The duo has been happily married for more than 27 years and shares a beautiful daughter named Taylor Dearden.

Before Robin, Cranston was married to Mickey Middleton for five years.

Robin Dearden And Bryan Cranston Found Having Sex on a Train

For their honeymoon, the lovers decided to take a five days trip to Europe. On their vacation, Robin and Bryan went on a train to see sceneries. On the train, they happened to know about a special place for honeymooners where they can mingle, although its privacy would only last for 15 minutes.

Robin Dearden with her spouse, Bryan Cranston
Robin with her husband, Bryan. Getty

After 15 minutes the tunnel span would be over and people could board the train. Robin and Bryan couldn’t control their emotion and decided to have sex in that short window.

Unfortunately, their intimate encounter lasted for more than 15 minutes and when the time was up, people got on the train and found them having sex.

Robin Dearden’s Net Worth

Talking about her net worth, Robin has an estimated wealth of $6 million. She earned most of her money through her career in the acting industry. However, it is unclear what she is doing in the present or how she is making her own money.

On the other hand, her husband, Bryan is worth $40 million.