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Who Is Bryant Gumbel’s Ex Wife, June Baranco?

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June Baranco is the ex-wife of Bryant Charles Gumbel, an American journalist, and sportscaster. Gumbel spent 15 years as a co-host of NBC Today. Baranco’s ex-husband, Bryant was the first to announce the September 11 attacks to CBS viewers. Baranco’s ex is also famous for appearing on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld as himself.

While Bryant hardly manages to remain from the attention of the tabloids, his ex-wife, June has become a talk of yore. People believe after her infamous split-up with a Bates College graduate, she might have hardly anything to say for herself.

But nothing can be farther from the truth. Down here, we’ve covered some unfolded corners from the life of June Baranco which includes her hidden past, sorrow, and even her present endeavors.

How old is June Baranco? Her Parents Detail

June was born on 22nd June 1948 to parents Jeannie Baranco and the late Joseph Baranco. As of 2021, she is 73 years old. She grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and has two brothers, Darryl, and Joseph.

She had another brother named, Joe who was a U.S. Army veteran, having received two Purple Hearts, the National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal. He passed away on Feb. 4, 2006.

June Baranco grew up in Baton Rouge, Luisiana
June Baranco grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Source: Instagram

Her aunt Eura was a seamstress and taught her to sew by hand when she was only 8 or 9 years old.  June comes from Louisiana’s Creole/Cajun race. Throughout her youth life and even in her 50s people compared her looks with young Tina Turner.

Baranco studied at Louisiana State University. She completed her college education in 1971 with a bachelor’s degree in fine art.

June Baranco relationship with Bryant Gumbel

June was in a marital relationship with Bryant for 28 years. The future long-time kingpin of NBC’s Today and Baranco wed on December 1, 1973, at a Catholic church in Baton Rouge, La.

June met her husband Bryant in their teenage years back in the late 60s. It was one of her friends, who was dating Gumble’s brother Gregg, that had introduced them to one another.

June Baranco marrried Bryant Gumbel
June Baranco married Bryant Gumbel in 1973. Source: Getty

They first encountered each other in Chicago, where they both had relatives. It was during June’s summer between high school and college. Baranco recalled that although both of them were from the same state, she’d never met anyone like him.

Eventually, they started their relationship when they “had nothing in the bank but ambition.”

At the beginning of their relationship, Gumbel used to live in a tiny apartment in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, pursuing a career as a magazine sports writer. On the other hand, June would occasionally visit him from Louisiana. On one of those days, Gumbel’s dad ended up sharing words with June on a tour of Chicago and ultimately went on to like her.

They bought their first house in Woodland Hills, Calif., then another in Calabasas. They also went on to own one in Manhattan worth upward of $3million.

June Baranco Has Two Children With Her Ex-Husband

Whilst cruising through their life as husband and wife, Bryant and June became parents to two children, Bradley (born, new year’s Day 1979) and Jillian in 1983.

The LSU alum’s kids are all grown up now and quite making a name for themselves. June’s daughter, Jillian Beth is a fitness trainer who teaches yoga, transcendental meditation, and mobility yoga for athletes. Jillian studied Bachelor of Science at Sarah Lawrence College.

June's daughter, Gillian is mom to two children
June’s daughter, Gillian is a mom of two children. Source: Instagram

The daughter of June and Bryant also enrolled at the University of Colorado Boulder for two years before dropping out. She married William Russell Robins in 2011, and together, they are the parents of two boys.

Baranco’s son, Bradley studied at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida but later left for Manhattanville College.

Bradley Gumbel with his father Bryant Gumbel
Bradley Gumbel with his father Bryant Gumbel. Source: Getty

He then dropped out of Manhattanville and worked as an event planner for a media company. Unlike his celebrity father, the six-foot-five Bradley Gumbel has maintained a moderate life. Gumbel Jr is also a former Columbia Prep basketball star.

People last noted him attending UNICEF Book Party at The Lamb’s Club on September 15, 2014, in New York City. Though his mother has shared his recent most picture while wishing him on National Son’s Day on September 29, 2020, through her Insta handle.

Her son was mistaken for a mugger; arrested twice

In 2002, officials arrested Bradley in NYC after a woman mistakenly ID’d him as her mugger. According to court documents, a woman, age upwards of 30 had been robbed of her purse and pushed to the ground.

The unidentified thug then ran from her sight. When she reported the characteristics of the perpetrator as a tall black guy, the police went on to confront Gumbel Jr who happened to be on the same vicinage that night.

In light of little to no evidence, the court cited the incident as “a clear case of mistaken identification.” Subsequently, he was let go of any wrongdoing in that case.

June Baranco wishing his son on National Sons Day
Police arrested June Baranco on two occasions. Source: Instagram

However, Bradley’s dad, Gumbel later argued that it was rather a matter of race than just a misnomer incident.

Six years later, in November 2008, June’s then 29-year-old son, Bradley was again confronted by the police; only this time, it had nothing to do with his identity. Brad was rather arrested for an alleged DUI.

NY State Troopers nabbed the eldest child of Gumbel-Baranco around 3 AM after they noticed his 2005 Toyota 4-Runner SUV swerving on the highway. When they approached the vehicle, cops said Gumbel was sleeping and reeked of booze. His blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit for DUI. Brad also breached the law for driving with a suspended license.

June Baranco Had Messy Divorce With Bryant 

After almost three decades of being together, the couple legally separated in 2001. The former flight attendant revealed June 28, 1997, was the last time Gumbel had spent a night under the same roof with her.

Although they parted ways only after the mark of the 21st century, their relationship had taken a bitter turn since the mid-’90s. In fact, as per some sources, June had threatened to leave the Emmy-winning reporter in 1995. As per June, she spent her 50th birthday alone as well as their 24th, 25th, and 26th anniversaries.

The reason behind June Baranco and Bryant Gumbel’s divorce

According to Washington Post 2000, Gumbel’s then estranged wife, June, said he cheated on her throughout their marriage. June had found the letters all explaining his womanizing activities.

Additionally, photographs of her husband stepping out on the town with various women had been magazine fodder for years. June had also caught him talking to his girlfriend. Reputedly, Gumbel was then having an affair with a former Goldman Sachs analyst turned model, Hilary Quinlan.

Amidst the partition, Baranco alleged him of cutting her monthly allowance to $250 and refusing to pay their son’s telephone bill. The economy deteriorated further for June. So much so, at one point her credit cards were declining one after the other.

However, Gumbel’s lawyer, Stanley Arkin, countered the statement saying she “lives like a modern-day female pasha.” The divorce apparently also had an impact on Early Show’s ratings.

A judge later ordered the anchor to start paying his ex $4,000 a month.

Divorce Settlement

In the August 2001 hearings, June got the pair’s Upper East Side apartment and plush Westchester estate. In addition, she also inherited Gumbel’s half fortune.

Surprisingly, the Journalist of The Year 1993, reacted to all these by commenting, “I’m just happy to have my life back.”

He, though, requested sharing the Westchester property to which Baranco denied. In her words, The Trumpet award winner had asked for joint custody because he wanted to take his girlfriend there and it was near his gold club. She argued it was something that would have been intolerable for her in that she formed many beautiful memories on that property.

While Bryant has never openly discussed the reason behind the separation, his ex-wife June claimed his infidelity was to blame. Apparently, she also said the NBC host had verbally abused her during their marriage. The 1988 Olympic host, nonetheless, denied being cheap with his wife or kids or foul-mouthing the former.

Her Ex-Spouse Bryant Gumbel Moved on With a model

Bryant moved on with Hilary Quinlan. As mentioned, she was his long-time friend and also the girl with whom the Peabody winner was developing a relationship amidst his marriage with June.

Bryant Gumbel with his wife, Hilary Quinlan
Bryant Gumbel with his wife, Hilary Quinlan. Source: Getty

They married in August 2002 at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach. The ceremony entertained only about 25 friends and some family members.

The most visible African-American anchor had proposed to her in December of 2001, four months after the finalization of his divorce from his first wife.

June’s ex-husband battled with cancer

In December 2009, while interviewing for Live With Regis and Kelly, Gumbel surprisingly revealed his cancer diagnosis. The anchor had been undergoing surgery to eliminate the malignant tumor from his lung, since late 2008. Before the treatment, he had also received an invitation to participate in Dancing With The Stars.

Though the primary cause for lung cancer is never distinguishable, many speculated the illness was because of his chain-smoking. Back in his twenties, the journalist used to smoke three packs a day. He quit the habit after he landed his job at CBS News. The Louisiana native officially became cancer-free in December 2010.

Bryant Gumbel’z ex-wife June Baranco Runs a Successful Hat Business

As of recent, June has been believed to be working as a milliner and running her business, Geaux Chapeaux in Westchester County, New York. The venture offers handmade hats, headpieces, and bridal millinery.  In Creole/Cajun roots, ‘geaux’ is pronounced ‘go.’

June Baranco is a millinery
June Baranco is a millinery. Source: Instagram

She has quite an affinity for collecting vintage hats, fabrics, hat blocks, lace, ribbons, and more. She explained she’s often spent her time studying how they were made. However, hats and making a success of Geaux Chapeaux is where the former partner of Gumbel is focusing all her time these days.

Her mission is to help style-conscious women express their individuality through hats that make a statement. Two of June’s hats have made it through the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018. Former ABC correspondent, Adrienne Bankert was one of the bearers.

The Cajun spends her time through oil paintings, pastels, printmaking, drawing, pottery, stained glass, and clothing designs. Bryant’s ex is a member of The Pastel Society, The Portrait Society, the Salmagundi Club, Artist Fellowship, and a board member for The Katonah Museum Artist Association in Katonah, NY. Her work has been shown in New York, California, Connecticut, Louisiana, and Great Britain.

Bradley’s mother used to be a Delta flight attendant in the early ’70s. Due to this, she spent a lot of her youth in California. She later quit her job to fulfill her mother’s duty. Post the wedding, she was reported to be working as an artist owning a studio in Westchester.

Did June Baranco Marry After Her Divorce?

Looking at her otherwise expressive Insta lifestyle, Baranco has discussed it all; from her fondness towards her children, grandchildren, brothers, friends to all of her artistic work.

Yet not in any one of those doings, has the mother of two June shared about her present marital status. She evidently is busy promoting her headgear business and spending time with her grandchildren.

Accordingly, it should be safe to say, the former wife of Gumbel June Baranco is single and happy on her own.

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