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Who Is Charlene Fleming? Untold Details About Micky Ward’s Wife

Charlene Fleming is an American former athlete who rose to fame as the wife of ex-boxer Micky Ward, younger half-brother of Dicky Eklund. She is also recognized in the media as Charlene Ward or Charlene Fleming Ward.

Charlene’s husband Micky got famed for his match with Arturo Gatti. The couples are now married for more than a decade. But, are they leading a blissful marital relationship? Does Charlene have children with her husband? Worry less, we have answers to these queries.

Apart from all these, here in this article, we have some more information regarding Charlene Fleming’s age, net worth, & much more. Let’s go!

Charlene Fleming Wiki: Childhood, Age

Charlene Fleming was born in 1976 in Lowell, Massachusetts.  As of 2022, she is 46 years of age. She spent her early life in her hometown Lowell.

She had a decent childhood along with his parents, however, she has barely talked about them. Well, her father-in-law’s name is George Ward and her mother-in-law is Alice Ward.

Besides, Charlene is American by nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Unfortunately, information regarding her parents, siblings, and academics is yet to be revealed.

Charlene Fleming Was An Athlete

Moving toward her professional life, Charlene is a former athlete and was very much into sports when she was young. As per the sources, back in 1998, she was a candidate for Hometeam: Central Mass All-Class track records for high jump competition, where she made the record of 5-08.

In addition to her athlete career, Charlene is also rumored to have worked as a bartender before she crossed paths with Micky Ward.

Charlene Married Professional Boxer Micky Ward

The lovely Charlene Fleming and Micky Ward exchanged their vows in the year 1999, in front of their parents and limited relatives. Their wedding was an intimate affair and they have not revealed much about it.

Well, their decision to walk down the aisle was not an instantaneous decision but they rather dated for a while before they tied the knot. Talking of their meeting, they first came across in the mid-90s and instantly fell for each other.

As of 2022, the couple are in a marital relationship for over two decades and still seem very much in love and we hope their marriage continues the same way.

Are They Still Married?

As we already said, the couple, as of 2022, is leading to a happy married life. Nevertheless, there aren’t any rumors about their divorce, so they should be living in a blissful relationship with their daughter together.

Charlene Fleming Welcomed A Daughter With Her Spouse Micky

The couple shares only one child, a daughter Kaise Ward. Well, she is already a grown-up and reportedly doing well in her professional life as well. Professionally, she is a make-up artist and also worked in the makeup department for the movie American Hustle.

Charlene Fleming Young Daughter & Husband
Charlene’s daughter Kaise Ward alongside her Dad

Besides, she is a dog lover, and she often features with her father on his Instagram. She is also active on every social media platform, but she has kept her Instagram account private.

The Movie “The Fighter” Was Based on Charlene And Her Husband Micky’s Real Life

The Paramount production movie, The Fighter which was based on the real story of Charlene’s partner Micky was released on 17 December 2010. The movie is all about an inexperienced boxer who tries to escape the shadow of his boxing brother and get his own fame.

Charlene's Husband Micky Ward Is A Boxer
A movie based on Charlene’s spouse Micky Ward

Amy Adams was the one who played the role of Charlene, she even met Charlene so as to act better for the movie. Well, for her role Amy was nominated for an Oscar Award, for her acting. At the time, when the actress gave the interview, she was asked about what kind of person Charlene is in real life. The American actress Amy replied,

She is a sweetheart. What struck me about Charlene is that you had all these huge personalities, and she never once was like,”Let me tell you my side of the story.” She never did. She was content to sit in the background. And she was not about drawing attention to herself. Yet Charlene was really happy that Micky’s story was being told, and she was really supportive of that.

 Charlene Fleming’s Spouse Micky Is A Professional Boxer

Fleming’s beloved partner Micky Ward(aka George Michael Ward Jr.) was a hometown fighter before stepping into big fights as a well-known boxer. He started his career as a boxer back in 1985.

During his whole career, he had 51 fights in which he won 38 times whereas lost 13 times. Not only that but one of his fights was a wild one with Arturo Gatti, back on May 18, 2002. Micky won the fight after he knockout Gatti in the ninth round.

Charlene Fleming's Husband Micky's Fight With Arturo Gatti
Micky ward vs Gatti trilogy

The boxers fought three times and everyone knows them as Ward vs Gatti trilogy. Ward earned the title of a fight of the year by Ring magazine twice in 2002 and 2003.

Micky Ward then made an earning of $3 million from his triple fight with Gatti: The only profitable fight of his entire career. Unfortunately, he made the decision to retire in the year 2003.

Micky Ward Was Sexually Harass In His Early Days

From the age of 9 to 12, he was abused by his brother’s friend whose nickname was “Hammer.” He revealed this in an interview with Daily Mail. He said,

“He never asked me to do anything to him, but rather I was always on the receiving end of his advances,’ he wrote of the ‘homeless bum’ who was 10 years his senior.”

At that time he was too ashamed to share things with anyone. Thankfully, he came out about his molested story through one of the books.

Charlene’s Estimated Net Worth

The celebrity wife Charlene is a secretive person, there is not even a single piece of information regarding her source of income. Additionally, it is safe to say that she is living a lavish lifestyle, thanks to her husband’s earnings.

On the other hand, her hubby Micky has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand.