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Who Is Chris Johnson Wife? Is He Even Married? Love Life In Detail

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Former football running back Chris Johnson aka Christopher Duan Johnson is 37 years old. Since the end of his career as a footballer in November 2018, he has remained relatively under the media radar. But, still, he is one of the popular ex-NFL stars and many of his fans have been spending hours on the internet reading about him.

Well, there is a hell of a lot of things to learn about Chis Johnson, but the information surrounding his love life seems a little scarce. Who is Chris Johnson’ wife? Is he married in the first place? These are a few representative questions to be answered about Chris’s private life.

So today, we have brought a detailed article covering everything about the former NFL running back Johnson’s love life. Let’s begin.

Who is Chris Johnson Wife?

The former NFL running back Chris is 37 years old as of 2022, so many of you might think he is a married man, but unfortunately, he is not married as of yet. Meanwhile, many out there think Johnson is married to his wife Mioshi Johnson, but the truth is a little different.

Mioshi is Chris Johnson’s wife indeed but this Chris is not the NFL running back but a cornerback who played for the Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens in the latter part of his career.

Now, talking about the former NFL running back’s relationship status, he is reportedly in a happy relationship with his girlfriend Brittany Anne Usher. There is no information about Brittany’s profession, however, some online sources suggest she is a stylist.

Chris Johnson's girlfriend, Brittany Anne Usher
Chris Johnson’s girlfriend, Brittany Anne Usher

We said reportedly because Chris himself has not come forward and revealed whether he is dating Brittany for real or not. Chris seems to be social media enthusiast, however, he rarely talks about his love life on the platforms. He rarely shares any photo with his girlfriend Brittany be it on Facebook or Instagram.

That being said, his girlfriend has seemingly confirmed that they are indeed dating. She shared a handful of photos with him on Facebook a couple of times where she also tagged her beau. In 2022, she added a picture congratulating her partner after he was nominated for the 2023 NFL Hall of Fame.Chris Johnson spouse

Due to Johnson’s tendency to keep his love life secret, we kinda have pretty little information on how and when they met and how indeed love blossomed between the two. But we are pretty sure that they have been together since before 2017 as the couple welcomed their lovely baby girl in April 2018.

Many tabloids also claim that Chris is married to former actress Sicily Sewell, but clearly, that is not the case.

Chris and Brittany’s Daughter

The lovebirds, who mostly keep their relationship behind closed doors, are however pretty much showy when it comes to their daughter. They gave birth to their only child together on April 1, 2018. The pair named their daughter Honey Love Johnson. After her arrival, the proud papa has frequently shared his time with his baby girl on socials.

Many of the posts show the father-daughter duo spending quality time together at their home and occasionally outside. Moreover, Chris seems to celebrate every small and big occasion with his daughter. He has shared photos of his daughter, Honey marking her 6 month anniversary and all three birthdays. Have a look at the most recent photo he shared on the occasion of her 3rd birthday.

Chris Johnson's daughter Honey Love Johnson
Chris Johnson’s daughter Honey Love Johnson

Furthermore, Chris also shares photos of his daughter celebrating festivals like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter among others.

Chris Has Two More Kids-The Three Get Along Really Well

Besides his lovely daughter, Chris Johnson also has two twin sons. But unfortunately, he hasn’t revealed the name of his twins. The boys were born on June 18, 2012, in Orlando, Florida. Some online sources suggest Chris had his twins with his ex-girlfriend Carla.

He shares a great bond with both his sons and the father-son trio and has traveled to different places together. Chris shares many of his sons’ activities on his Instagram and Facebook.

In the meantime, Johnson calls his sons “twin juices” and the kids also have an Instagram account with the same handle. Going through Chris’s Instagram, we can see his sons are already into football. The boys have started their training for becoming footballers just like their father.

Interestingly, they have already accomplished something that further motivates them to follow their dream. As per their father’s Instagram post, they became the mid-Florida champions back in November 2020.

Chris Johnson's sons won championship as footballer
Chris Johnson’s sons won a championship as a footballer

The boys just turned 9 and they pretty much get along well with their half-sister Honey. We can see the siblings enjoying their togetherness in many of Johnson’s posts. The photos show them celebrating their get-together as well as festivals together.

Well on the other side, Chris’ current girlfriend Brittany also has a son from her previous relationship. Brittany’s son’s name is Lee and he is 16 years old as of 2022. As per her Facebook post, Lee turned 15 on April 22. In fact, Lee also aspires to be a footballer like Chris’ sons.

Chris Won’t Let His Kids Play Running Back

Like any other successful parent, Chris also wants his twin sons to follow in his footsteps and become more successful footballers. However, he has openly said that he doesn’t want them to be running back like him.

Talking to¬†TMZ Sports, the former athlete said he won’t let his sons play the same positions as he did. Rather he said he will encourage them to play cornerback, wide receiver, or quarterback. “I’m going to make sure I keep them away from running back,” said Johnson.

Chris Johnson and his twin sons
Chris Johnson and his twin sons

He said it is because of the huge pay gap in NFL between the running back and other positions. Moreover, Chris believes running back has shorter career longevity compared to other positions.

Chris also told the outlet that he doesn’t regret playing the position, however, he would pick a different position if he could start his career over. He earned a whopping $45.6 million from his NFL career, but he believes he would have made way more had he played a different position.