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Who Is Chuck Norris’ Daughter Danilee Norris? Into Her Personal & Professional Life

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Danilee Kelly Norris is the daughter of veteran Hollywood star Chuck Norris. She is currently enrolled at Blinn College, Brenham, Texas. While still a college student, Dani has appeared in a few Hollywood projects alongside her father.

Her dad Chuck is revered as a Hollywood icon who has famously represented America in terms of martial arts. He is arguably the first action star of the American film industry who has been an inspiration to countless one-man-army movies and such.

Despite not being totally in her father’s footsteps, Danilee Norris is creating stories of her own. Dani’s all grown up and is already enjoying a doting kinship with her boyfriend. Know the fullest details regarding her personal life, the surreal bond with her father, and some pivotal moments of her parents down, in the content below.

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Chuck Norris’ Daughter, Danilee Norris’ Early Life And Education 

Danilee Norris was born on August 30, 2001. She studies at Blinn College. Along with her twin brother, she graduated from Anderson Shiro Jr/Sr High School. She lives in Navasota, Texas.

Dakota Norris and Danilee Norris
Dakota Norris and Danilee Norris (left) received their second-degree black belt in June 2015. Source: Facebook

She started training in martial arts alongside her twin brother, Dakota Norris in around 2008. In June 2015, the sibling received their second-degree black belt which the father announced through his Facebook handle.

Danilee Starred Alongside Her Father In A Movie

Dani has also appeared in a few Hollywood projects. She first stepped into showbiz in 2005 appearing in a made-for-the television action film, Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire.

The movie has her father Chuck Norris as its lead character. She was cast in the role of Angela Walker. Her last appearance in any of the entertainment projects was in CBS’ sitcom, Yes Dear. Dani appeared as herself for one episode in 2003.

Chuck Norris’ Daughter, Danilee Has A Boyfriend

While there are celebrities who prefer to keep their dating life to themselves, the youngest girl of the Norris couple, on the other hand, has said all that there’s to say about her love narrative. Danilee is dating her boyfriend named Garret Barnfield in 2022.

Danilee Norris
Danilee Norris is dating her boyfriend, Garret. Source: Facebook

On Valentine’s day, the 21-year-old spilled all the beans about her boyfriend, Garret. Sharing a montage of pictures of herself with her beloved, Norris’ daughter revealed the two met through her nephew, Dustin Tagudin.

“He was trying to set us up but I may have come off a bit too strong when I and Garrett first met,”

The Texan recalled the time she had first met her future boyfriend. Their first date included going to Freddy’s and watching Spiderman Homecoming.

The pair have been together for 5 years. She also mentioned they have an age difference of a year and eight months. In addition, Chuck Norris’ daughter confessed it was she who had been crushing on him since the beginning. Though, it was Garret, who first said, “I love you.”

Dani maintained, of the two, she is the most impatient and sensitive as well as the loudest. She pointed, her bae trumps her in stubbornness, falling asleep, better cooking, better morning person, and better driver.

How Did Her Parents Meet?

Gena O’Kelley met Chuck in 1997 at a restaurant in Dallas. The Hitman star who was at the time on a date with another woman spotted the then model, O’ Kelley. After that, he asked his manager to get her number.

Apparently, the now long-time partner of Norris was then working at a local theater. The couple who has 23 years of age gap exchanged their vows on November 28, 1998.

Dani’s mother has also appeared in Yes, Dear and hosted a Christian-oriented talk program, Praise The Lord. In 2009, she cameoed on Fox’s Hannity as herself. Her other works in the media include TV2 Nyhetene (2019), and the Factor (2012).

Danilee’ Mother Was Poisoned During Her Treatment

Danilee’s biological mother and Chuck’s second wife, Gena O’Kelley is a former model. Her ma and the pa, back in 2017, filed a lawsuit against an Italian healthcare company, Bracco Imaging after O’Kelley suspected they had wrongfully poisoned her.

She believed her burning nerve pain and kidney problems emerged due to an injection she was given before an MRI to check for rheumatoid arthritis.

Danilee Norris' Mother, Gena O' Kelley
Danilee Norris’ Mother, Gena O’ Kelley was poisoned by an Italian Healthcare Company. Source: Getty

Dani’s parents consequently sued the organization seeking $10 million in reparations. The conflict was eventually resolved at Norris’ own request in January 2020 with no settlement and each side agreeing to cover their own legal expenses. The time ultimately turned out to be the point where the Delta Force star took retirement from his acting career.

Danilee Norris Has five Half Siblings 

Chuck’s daughter, Danilee has a total of five half-siblings. Her father’s marriage with his first wife, Dianne Holchek, who he had wed in 1958, gave him two sons, Mike Norris and Eric Norris.

Holchek was her dad’s high school sweetheart and she was married to Norris for 30 years. The Blinn’s student has one other half-sister, Dina Norris through her father’s extramarital affair. Dani’s mother, O’Kelley also has two children (Kelley and Tim) from her previous relationship with Gordon Hinschberger.

Danilee Norris’ Father Chuck Norris Had An Extra Marital Affair

The Golden Boot award winner apparently cheated on his first love, Holchek during his military career in Korea. The conjugal gave birth to a daughter. In his biography, the father of the twin revealed he found out about Dina only in 1991, when she was 26.

Danilee Norris' has five half siblings
Danilee Norris has five half-siblings. Source: Facebook

Dani’s pop admits the feeling of shame for lying to her long-lost love and Dina’s mother, Johanna, has never abated.