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Clarisse Mouratoglou

Who Is Clarisse Mouratoglou? Facts Surrounding Her Marriage, Husband, & More

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Clarisse Mouratoglou made headlines when she inadvertently entangled herself in a love triangle that featured her husband and an A-lister from tennis stardom. People from on and off the court tried their best to spin out the narrative from Clarisse’s tumbling relationship with her then-husband, Patrick Mouratoglou.

Clarisse’s husband, the 51-year-old French tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou was allegedly in a romantic affair with the 23 times Grand Slam winner, Serena Williams during the year, 2013. Though the triad’s love fiasco is now a story of yore,  the whereabouts of Clarisse are still a matter of some interest, especially for Patrick’s followers.

So what is she up to these days? Has she really moved on from her ex’s supposed infidelity? Is she married? Grasp all these in addition to some hidden truths regarding Williams’ relationship with Patrick Mouratoglou in the ensuing writings.

What Led To Clarisse Mouratoglou And Patrick’s Break Up?

In 2013 several sources reported  Patrick was developing an off-the-court romance with his student, Serena Williams. After learning this attachment, Clarisse who was then still the wife of the French coach filed a divorce. Mouratoglu started coaching Williams after she tanked out of the French Open in May 2012.

The rumors regarding their relationship began circling after people spotted them holding each other’s hands in September of the same year. Clarisse at the time was still working at her husband’s office in Monfort-I’Amaury, France as an interior designer.

Patrick's affair with Serena Williams led to his divorce with Clarisse
Patrick’s affair with Serena Williams led to his divorce from Clarisse. Source: Pinterest

Another tennis icon, Maria Sharapova was also vocal about Williams’ relationship with her mentor. The Russian multiple Grand Slam champion said Williams should have rather talked about her affair with “her boyfriend” who was getting a divorce and who had kids. She also stressed Williams ought not to draw attention to other things. These harsh words from Sharapova came after Serena had called her “boring” in one of her interviews.

Clarisse had been running her husband’s day-to-day tasks since it started in 2003. She used to travel around the world with Mouratoglou for tennis tournaments. One can say, she was a pivotal part of many of her husband’s company, but due to his cheating, she had no option but to leave the company.

She was his second wife and the mother of his two daughters, Charlotte, born, in 2003, and Juliette, born, in 2001. Clarisse also owned several large properties with her then-partner.

Clarisse’s Daughters With Patrick Have Gained Some Followings Of Their Own

Clarisse’s girls have all grown up into teenage stars. They entertain a good chunk of followers through their Instas and Facebook. The sisters have sort of developed themselves as young influencers.

Clarisse and Patrick shares two daughters, Juliette and Charlotte
Clarisse and Patrick share two daughters, Juliette (right) and Charlotte (left)

The lassies like to keep their fans updated with their travel affairs and all the other teen lifestyles. Charlotte is seemingly enjoying her relationship with her partner, Ines Qtin whereas Juliette is yet to address her love details.

What Is Clarisse Mouratoglou Doing Now?

She was born Clarisse Baux to Jacques Baux and Michelle Junique on 14 March 1973 in Gennevilliers, France. She married Patrick on 22 July 2000 at Orgeval, 78630 in Yvelines, Île-de-France, France.

She is of French ethnicity and has French nationality.

Clarisse Mouratoglou
Clarisse Mouratoglou. Source: Facebook

Ever since her separation from Patrick, Clarisse has, sort of, become a forgotten name. Hardly any tabloids have followed up on her business after the Williams-Patrick debacle.

Nevertheless, we do know she currently works at Loft By LM as a Senior Interior Designer. She is based in Île-de-France, France. She is also a general manager at Rock n Rool, a company created in 2021. In addition, she is also active on Instagram, however, she has kept her profile on private.

Is Clarisse’s husband married?

While the former celebrity spouse has remained secluded from the media, seems like her husband is enjoying his life. Her former partner, on the other hand, enjoys an outwardly joyous life with his new wife, Ada Obilu Mouratoglou.

Patrick Mouratoglou is married to Ada with whom he shares two daughters
Patrick Mouratoglou is married to Ada (far right) with whom he shares two daughters. Source: Instagram

Together, the pair shares two daughters. They also occasionally act as the guardian of Charlotte and Juliette. Patrick allegedly started dating Ada around the fall of 2016.

The couple first made their public appearance at the opening ceremony of Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

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Talking about his second wife’s profession, well, she is in the real estate business. She has a lot of investments and currently resides in Côte D’azur. She originally hails from Nigeria.

Clarisse Mouratoglou Net Worth

Well, as someone who was married to one of the most famous Tennis coaches in the world, Clarisse surely enjoyed her life while she was Patrick’s wife. On the same token, her ex-spouse is currently worth around $5 million.

Clarisse, on the other hand, is also making big strides in her career. As an interior designer, she is earning quite a lot of money. It is fair to say, her total fortune is around $200,000.