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Danielle Colby's sister, Carbomb Betty

Who Is Danielle Colby’s Sister, Carbomb Betty? Her Marriage, Husband, Career

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Carbomb Betty is better known as a younger sister of Danielle Colby, a reality TV star who became popular after her performance on the hit History television show American Pickers.

Individually, Betty is a former member of Burlesque Le’ Moustache at the Capitol Theatre. She used to perform fan dancing and aerial acrobatics.

What Betty is up to these days? Is she as famous as her sister? How is her personal life? Know all these along with some intricate details regarding her early life, career, as well as her personal life down in the writings.

Carbomb Betty Isn’t Her Real Name

Danielle’s sister is popular with the moniker, Carbomb Betty. But what many might not know is that it isn’t her real name. Ann Colby’s the title her parents gave to her when she came to earth. Ann started using the name, Carbomb Betty after her first performance at Capitol Theatre.

Carbomb Betty's real name is Ann Colby
Carbomb Betty’s real name is Ann Colby. Source: Facebook

Betty was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa. While she’s revealed her mother’s name to be Sue Colby, she is yet to disclose the identity of her father. Her parents married in May 1973. Tributing to their long-lasting marital relationship, Carbomb often shares her parents’ pictures on her social media handles, especially on their marriage anniversary.

Carbomb Betty's mother
Carbomb Betty’s mother. Source: Facebook

On May 7, 2021, Betty through her Facebook revealed her father had been battling cancer for years and had been doing rather successfully. Through the post, she also mentioned her dad, who was a photographer, has been always there when she needed him; no matter the time and the day.

Carbomb Betty Is The Younger Siblings Of Danielle Colby

As mentioned, Carbomb is Danielle Colby’s younger sister. In addition, she has an older sister named Tara Colby Bebber. She is the eldest of all.

Carbomb betty with her sisters
Carbomb betty with her sisters, Danielle Colby and Tara Colby Bebber. Source: Facebook

Her Education

Carbomb Betty studied at Pleasant Valley High School in Riverdale, Iowa. She later enrolled at St. Ambrose University to pursue a degree in psychology. Betty studied at Palmer College of Chiropractic from 2013-16. At 35, Betty had acquired three college degrees.

What is Carbomb Betty Doing at Present?

Betty formerly performed at the Capitol Theatre for Burlesque Le’ Moustache. She then worked as a choreographer for Burlesque.

But, as of the present, and looking at her social media posts, it looks like Danielle Colby’s sister is a stay-at-home mother and honing her skills as a farmer.

Her Sister Is A Famous Reality Star

Betty’s sister, Danielle Colby is a former member of the Big Mouth Mickies, a female roller derby team. The sister later formed Burlesque Le Moustache, the professional burlesque troupe.

Carbomb Betty's sisters, Danielle Colby
Carbomb Betty’s sisters, Danielle Colby

Colby gained considerable popularity following her work on the reality TV series Ameican Pickers along with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. It premiered on the History Channel on 18th January 2010.

Also, the reality TV star was the owner of a retro clothing-based company called 4 Miles 2 Memphis. Her ex-husband, Alexandre De Meyer designed the company’s logo.

Who is Carbomb Betty’s Husband?

Betty is married to John Nichols, the CEO of Nichols Roofing from Clinton, Iowa. Nichols previously worked as a hunting guide. The two have been married since 2020.

Carbomb Betty with her husband,
Carbomb Betty with her husband, John Nichols. Source: Facebook

Betty, however, is yet to share the story of their early romances and first meeting.

The couple resides in Rock Island, Illinois along with their children.

Carbomb’s Has Five Children With Her Spouse

As of 2021, Carbomb and her husband John are parents to five children. It, however, is unclear if all of them are biologically related to Betty and Nichols. Betty has, on numerous occasions, shared pictures of her kids on her socials.

In addition, Ann has a child from her previous relationship with her ex-partner Debra Colby Felske.

Betty Struggled/es With Body Image

In March 2021, Danielle’s young sister yet again took to her Facebook to share a moment about her life. This time, it was about her struggle with her own body image. In the post, she recalled moments when she used to focus too much on her looks. She also mentioned how her father being into photography, her mother, and her sister being a natural gorgeous fueled her own desire to always look beautiful.  Betty wrote all of those used to put pressure on her.

She eventually broke those mindsets and the bad habits that came with them. Betty confessed, although, she still struggles with how she looks, she hinted the gravity of the thought has lessened over time. She also encouraged her followers to teach the kids about their own feelings towards their self; to try and accept their own beauty.