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Who is Darby Galen Dempsey? All About Patrick Dempsey’s Twin Son

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Darby Galen Dempsey is the twin son of one of the most powerful couples, Patrick Demsey and his wife of two decades, Jillian Fink. His Lewiston-born father Patrick is an actor with numerous acting credits; most notable among them are Grey’s Anatomy, Can’t By Me Love, Loverboy, and more. On the other hand, Darby’s mother Jillian is a makeup artist and hairstylist.

Talking about Darby’s parents’ love life, Patrick and Jillian are married since 1999. He also has two siblings; including a twin brother from his parents’ marriage.

Let’s delve more into the life of Patrick Demsey’s twin son Darby!

When Darby Galen Dempsey Was Born? Details on His Twin Brother

The twin son of Grey’s Anatomy star was born on 1st Feb 2007, in Los Angeles, California along with his twin brother Sullivan. The twin boys were born two weeks earlier via c-section. At the time of their birth, Darby had blond colored hair, whereas, his fraternal brother Sullivan had black, punk-rock hair. Their dad Patrick said of their hairs,

“They already have my hair – and that’s a good thing!”

Dempsey, 55, announced that he and his wife were expecting twins in September 2006 on Live with Regis and Kelly. He said that he became, “a little overwhelmed” after he found his wife was going to give birth to their twins.

Patrick Dempsey Darby Galen Dempsey
Darby and his twin bro with their dad.
Source: Instagram

Talking about fatherhood, Patrick once told the magazine,

“Now, making money is about providing for my children. And being a father makes you look at yourself. You look at your marriage and go, ‘How do I improve this? How do I keep growing and create a stable environment for my children?’ ”

As soon as Patrick and his wife welcomed two new additions to the family, the duo hired a nanny to take care of them at times.

But, shortly after the birth of their twin boys, Patrick said that he and his won’t add any more children to the house, meaning, that Darby and Sullivan would also not get a chance to see any younger siblings at the home.

Darby Galen Dempsey Sister Helped to Determine the Name of Her Twin Siblings

In addition to his twin brother, Darby also has an older sister named Tallulah Fyfe Dempsey, born on 20th Feb 2002. His sista helped to pick the moniker of his fraternal brothers.

Tallulah graduated from high school in mid of 2020. Both of her parents congratulated their daughter in the honor of her graduation. Her mom wrote on her Insta,

“My “fav” baby girl graduated high school virtually today. Proud mom, congratulations.”

The 19-year-old daughter of Patrick now studies Psychology in Clinical Psychology at George Washington University and will accomplish her degree in 2024.

Father Dempsey Said the Homeschooling amid Pandemic Became Challenging For His Twin Boys

Back in late 2020, Patrick said in a virtual talk on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that the then-ongoing coronavirus pandemic turned a little bit challenging for his kids. He said of his twins,

“It’s really hard because at this point, certainly at their age, the socialization’s so important.”

The actor added,

“And then being in a Zoom school all the time is very challenging. I think the mathematics and certainly the sciences are very hard to do.”

But, Dempsey highly praised the effort of the school at the time,

“the school’s been doing a great job of trying to keep everybody focused and organized and they’re making it through. But it’s hard for all kids, I think, right now.”

His Grandparents

Darby Galen Dempsey’s paternal grandfather was William, an insurance salesman, whereas, his grandmother was a school secretary.

On the other hand, his maternal grandmother is an education administrator while his grandfather is a musician.

Ethnic Background

Patrick Dempsey’s twin son belongs to a mixed ethnical background as his father is of German, English, and Scottish descent. And for his nationality, the star kid is American.

Darby Galen Dempsey’ Parents’ Marriage

His parents Dempsey and Jillian first came across in 1994 when the actor came into his future wife’s salon for a haircut. But, the two wouldn’t start dating instantly. It took three years for Dempsey to ask her for a date.

The two were in a relationship for a few years before they got married on 31st July 1999. As for their wedding venue, it was organized at the Dempsey family farmhouse in Maine.

For their commitment, it’s been over two decades that the two are married and their matrimonial relationship is still going pretty well. They also reflect their very much love for each other via their social media handles. Back in 2021, Patrick celebrated their 22nd marriage anniversary, posting a couple of photos of themselves on Insta. He wrote,

“7/31/99 Can’t believe it’s been 22 years, feels like yesterday. I love you and don’t know what I would do without you.”

Darby mom and dad are together since the 1990s.
Darby’s mom and dad at their wedding.
Source: Instagram

So, it is safe to say that their bonding is still as strong as it was initially.

Darby’s Mother Once Filed for Divorce From His Father

While everything seemed to be going well between the two, Darby’s mom Fink filed for divorce from her hubby of over 15-year in January 2015. She cited irreconcilable differences as the reason behind their separation. In her divorce petition, the famed makeup artist also requested joint custody of her kids.

Despite their initial drama about their brief split, the duo rekindled their marital relationship within a year Fink filed for divorce. The rumors of their reconciliation first emerged when the media outlet caught them hanging out with each other on multiple occasions in early 2016.

In May of the year, the actor confirmed that the two officially came back together. And in late 2016, Jillian requested to dismiss her divorce papers.

Before Jillian, Darby’s father Patrick was also married to Rochelle “Rocky” Parker. The former flames tied the knot back on 24th August 1987 and divorced in April 1994. Sadly, Patrick’s ex Rochelle died in 2014.

Darby Galen Dempsey Father is a Millionaire

His father Patrick who has spent over three decades in the entertainment industry has earned quite a decent amount of net worth from his extensive acting career. As per sources, the legendary actor has an $80 million fortune as of 2022. On the other hand, Darby’s mother Jillian is also doing great in her respective way.

Patrick's twin boys with him
Darby, his fraternal sibling Sullivan, and his actor father.
Source: Instagram

So, being the son of two successful parents, Darby is definitely enjoying quite a lavish life. He currently lives in his father’s multi-million Malibu, California house which the actor purchased back in 2016.