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Who Is Deacon Johnson? Untold Facts About The Youngest Child Of Don Johnson

Deacon Johnson is the youngest son of Miami Vice actor, Don Johnson and his wife, Kelley Phleger. He is also the stepbrother of Fifty Shades actress, Dakota Johnson.

Deacon’s father is known for his role of James Sonny Crockett in the 1980s television series, Miami Vice for which he won the Golden Globe. He is also prominent for portraying the titular role in the 1990s hit cop series, Nash Bridges.

Down in the details, we will get into the personal life of Deacon Johnson. The writings will also unravel the relationship between Donnie and his son along with some other quirky aspects of the Johnson family.

Deacon Johnson Birth Details

He was born on April 29, 2006, in Los Angeles, California. Interestingly, his birth date also coincided with the seventh anniversary of his parents.

At the time of his birth, he was 21½ inches long and 7 lb. His father, Don described the then moment as “over the moon times six.” Don also considered Deacon as his and Kelley‘s anniversary gift.

Hailing from the Johnson clan, Deacon likely is of English and Scottish ancestry and a bit of Irish from his maternal side.

Deacon Johnson’s Siblings

Deacon Johnson has two older biological siblings, a sister, Atherton Grace, born December 28th, 1999, and a brother, Jasper Breckinridge Johnson (born June 6, 2002).

Deacon’s sister Grace is the eldest from the Phleger-Johnson clan. She was born on December 28, 1999, was named after his late maternal grandfather, Atherton Macondray Phleger. Grace is currently working under IMG Models.

Jasper, the second youngest is a collegiate basketball player for Santa Barbara Athletic.

Deacon Johnson’s Education

Academic-wise, the youngest child of the Johnson couple marked a new achievement for himself in June 2020 as he graduated middle school.

Deacon’s mother, Kelley revealed the news of her son’s graduation, through her Insta handle. Sharing a series of pictures of herself, her teenage son, and her husband, Kelley wrote,

No shoes Zoom Graduation for Deacon! Congratulations to all his Classmates and wishing them all much success! #class2020🎓.”

Don Johnson's son, Deacon Johnson celebrating his graduation
Don Johnson’s son, Deacon Johnson celebrating his graduation. Source: Instagram

However, it’s unclear as to what stage of school Deacon and his parents were celebrating. The Starkid had the ceremony at home; barefoot due to the infamous pandemic. 

A Brief About Deacon Johnson’ Parents

Deacon’s father, Don Johnson is often synonymous with the ’80s ladies man of Hollywood. He rose to prominence after portraying James Sonny Crockett in NBC hit crime series, Miami Vice.

Deacon Johnson with his father Don Johnson
Deacon Johnson with his father Don Johnson. Source: Instagram

Don is also famous for his other iconic role of Nash Bridges from the CBS series of the same name. For his work on Miami Vice, Deacon’s pop received a Golden Globe award.

Deacon’s mother, Mary Kelley Phleger is a 1986 Cotillion debutante. Earlier reports suggested Phleger was once a socialite and a Montessori teacher. She is the daughter of Jean Phleger and her husband, Atherton Macondray Phleger. Deacon’s grandfather, Atherton was a lawyer and Wells Fargo board member

Deacon Johnson’s Parents Relationship

Phleger met the ladies’ man, Don in the late ‘90s. Johnson was then playing the title role of San Francisco cop on Nash Bridges.

They first met each other through “Beach Blanket Babylon” producer Jo Schuman Silver. It was at a birthday party that Stanlee Gatti gave for Mayor Willie Brown in 1996.

The couple officially started their romance sharing a holiday in Mexico.

Deacon Johnson's parents, Kelley Phleger and Don Johnson Phleger
Deacon Johnson’s parents, Kelley Phleger and Don Johnson. Source: Getty

Right after seeing Deacon’s mother, Johnson developed an urge to go and talk to her.

Remembering the incident, Donnie revealed he had made it his business to meet Kelley after seeing her statuesque brunette persona. He described the incident as one of those moments where she was “clearly a woman of substance.”

Johnson proposed to her a year before their marriage in 1998, during a vacation trip to Aspen, Colorado with a 5-1/4-carat, square-cut sparkler. The engagement ring was a square-cut center stone with two emerald-cut diamonds on the side, set in platinum.

At The Time Of Deacon’s Birth, Don Was Struggling Financially 

Around the time when Kelley was pregnant with Deacon, her husband, Don was going through some financial trouble. Don was on the brink of losing fourteen acres of his estate.

Apparently, the actor was struggling to clear off the debt he had taken from D.A. Shaw Laminar Lending Inc. He had also just emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Johnson’s two companies were failing to make timely payments on a $10.6million loan, which he took in August 2004. He eventually managed to pay $14.5million to save his 17 acres Woody Creek ranch in Aspen, Colorado.

Deacon Jonson's father Don Johnson went through some financian crisis
Deacon Jonson’s father Don Johnson went through a financial crisis in 2006. Source: Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP

The father of five had to pay an additional $544,584 in interest and $7,175 in attorneys’ fees, among other charges.

Deacon Has Two Famous Half Siblings 

In addition to Grace and Jasper, Deacon has two half-siblings from his father’s previous marriages. His half-sister, Dakota Johnson was born through his dad, Don’s marriage to his ex-wife, Melanie Griffith. Don and Griffith were married for more than seven years.

Dakota Johnson is the half sisiter of Deacon JohnsonDakota Johnson is the half-sister of Deacon Johnson. Source: NBC

Dakota (born October 4, 1989) is famous for her role as Anastasia Steele in the erotic romantic drama film series, Fifty Shades. The People’s Choice actress has acted in over 30 films since 1999. Her first screen appearance was in the American comedy-drama, Crazy In Alabama.

By the same token, Deacon’s other half-sibling, Jesse (b. December 7, 1982) was born through Don’s marriage to Patti D’Arbanville. He is famous for portraying John Wilkes Booth in the National Geographic television film, Killing Lincoln.

Deacon Johnson's step brother, Jesse Johnson played Cliff Boothe
Deacon Johnson’s half-brother, Jesse Johnson played John Wilkes Booth in Nat Geo’s Killing Lincoln. Source: Instagram

Additionally, he has appeared in some hit series like Nash Bridges, Law and Order: LA, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, and Hawaii Five-O, among others.