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Who Is Deborah Divine? Things You Didn’t Know About Eugene Levy’s Wife

Deborah Divine is a producer, screenwriter, and production manager. However, Divine is widely recognized as the wife of Eugene Levy. Her husband Eugene is a famous actor known for the American Pie franchise and Canadian-made sitcom Schitt’s Creek, starring Tim Rozon. In the meantime, people are also curious to know did Deborah Divine also work on Schitt’s Creek?

Apart from the fame that came from her husband’s success, Deborah equally has enjoyed fame because of her children. Both of her kids are widely famous and have already established themselves as actors.

So, today’s article will cover everything about her. How long have Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine been married? Here are the complete details of her personal and professional life!

Deborah Divine’s Family: Is The Daughter Of A Great Performer

Born on June 23, 1959, Deborah Divine is a native of Canada. So as of 2022, Divine’s age is 63 yrs old. She grew up in a Canadian Protestant family.

Deborah Divine mother Patricia Tyler Divine: She Is Very Close To Her
Deborah Divine with her mom Patricia Tyler Divine
Source: RC Music

As mentioned above, Divine is the daughter of singer Patricia Tyler Divine. Although her mother may not have achieved great success, Patricia is a singer who used to perform at the Royal Conservatory. However, not much is known about Deborah’s father. All that we know is, Deborah’s dad used to study with Patricia in the same conservatory.

Is Eugene Levy’s Wife Deborah Divine an Actress? She Is Rather A Screenwriter

As for the answer to the above question, it is a no. Although Deborah is not an actress, she is still in the entertainment business. The real wife of Eugene Levy is a screenwriter mostly known for her work in the series Maniac Mansion. It is a sitcom her husband had created in 1990 which was even nominated for Gemini Awards for Best Comedy Series four times.

Apart from that, some of her notable works are Another World, Search for Tomorrow, Sunrise Bay, and Higgins Boys and Gruber. Furthermore, she has also worked behind the scenes in the movie The Edge of Night.

Did Deborah Divine work on Schitt’s Creek?

No, Deborah didn’t share the big screen in Schiit’s Creek with her family. However, she served a great purpose behind the scene i.e. she worked as the show’s creative consultant. We could say that she kept supporting her family silently.

The series released its first episode in January 2015 and the finale one released in April 2020.

Deborah Married Husband Eugene Levy After Dating For Years

Deborah started dating her future husband-to-be in 1973. At the time, Eugene was having a fling with Schitt’s Creek co-star Catherine O’Hara. However, it all changed when Deborah and Eugene met.

Deborah Divine Partner Eugene: They Are Married For Years
Deborah Divine has been married to Eugene Levy for 45 years now
Source: Instagram

After dating for around 4 years, the couple walked down the aisle in July 1977. The wedding was held in front of 300 guests. It’s been over four decades since they got married and their marital relationship has still been going so strong.

The Couple’s Faced Difficulty In Their Marriage At The Beginning

Although the couple eventually got married, only a few know that their marriage didn’t come easy. It was because Deborah was a protestant while Eugene was Jewish. At that time, no religious ministers agreed to marry off interfaith couples.

But fortunately, they found a rabbi named Abraham Feinberg to officiate their wedding. Now Deborah reminisces about her marriage with Eugene as:

The best thing that I ever did for my Protestant family was marry a Jewish man. We learned that a combined world is an enriched world.

Now, the couple is married to this date and has been together for 45 years now.

Eugene Thanked His Wife For All His Love During His Emmy Award Acceptance Speech

Deborah Divine’s husband Eugene Levy won Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2020. For the series, Schitt’s Creek, Eugene further won Outstanding Comedy Series as its creator too.

After handing over the award, Eugene thanked his wife Deborah in his acceptance speech. He said:

“I first wanna thank my Darling wife of 43 years, Deb Divine, for all the love, support, and sage counsel over the years. Wouldn’t be here without you Deb, I love you”

Well, we can feel love in the air.

Deborah Divine Is a Proud Mother of Two

Six years into the marriage, Deborah and her husband were blessed with their first child. Their firstborn son Daniel Joseph Levy aka Dan Levy was born on 9 August 1983.

Shortly after they welcomed their second child, a daughter named Sarah Levy was born on September 10, 1986. Both of them have appeared in the super hit series Schitt’s Creek alongside their father.

Both Her Children Are Successful Actors

Her son, Dan started out his career as a host on MTV Canada. He then soon joined Schitt’s Creek crew and worked alongside his father. Post the Schitt’s completion, Dan has worked in the HBO television film Coastal Elites. Furthermore, he hosted Saturday Night Live with Phoebe Bridgers as the guest.

Her daughter is also famous for her role in Schitt’s Creek as Twyla Sands. Apart from that, she has been in movies such as The Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Winner Mindset, Best Intentions, SurrealEstate, United We Fall, and many more. Besides, Deborah’s daughter is now married to Graham Outerbridge.

Also, the kids are very close to Deborah. They never forget to wish her on birthdays, mother’s day, and other occasions.


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Well, this much love is expected as Deborah has kept her career aside to support her kids as her number one priority.

Deborah Divine On Her Son Dan Levy’s Coming Out As Gay

In an interview during Watch What Happens Live, Eugene and Dan reminisced the time when Dan came out as gay at the age of 18. Dan further mentioned that it was his mother Deborah who took the initiation for her son’s coming out.

Dan recalled:

“I believe it was mom who just actually said, ‘OK, are you gay?’”

“She did. My mom asked me over for lunch one day and I said, ‘Yes,’”. “She almost knew. My mom and I have a very close relationship in that sense and it almost felt like she knew that I was ready.”

Deborah’s husband Eugene further went on to mention that they knew about Dan’s sexuality beforehand. Moreover, the two wanted to wait until Dan was ready to reveal it himself. However, Deborah couldn’t wait any longer and popped the question to Dan.

The Proud Mother Slammed The Bullies Who Commented About Her Son’s Sexuality

Like every other person who comes out as gay gets bullied at some point in life, Dan had faced the same too. Dan too was bullied for his sexuality by childhood camping bullies.

So, Deborah took the social media platform to slam her son’s bullies through her Twitter account. She did so a few hours before her son went on to host Saturday Night Live.

tweeted the proud mother of Dan Levy.

Deborah Divine Named a Seat in Koerner Hall to Honor Her Mother

As a tribute to her mother Patricia’s 80th birthday, Deborah named a seat in Koerner hall as a way to remember her mom’s inspiring talent and passion. Her mom was a pupil of one of The Conservatory’s most legendary faculty members in voice, Ernesto Vinci.

Deborah described music as her mom’s first love:

“Music is her first love and will always be her first love; thankfully she gave that gift to us. I wanted her to have a legacy in music, and this was the perfect way for me to do it. It has been an inspirational experience.”

All we can say is Patricia is lucky to have such an understanding daughter as Deborah.

Deborah Divine’s Net Worth

Although Deborah hasn’t revealed her exact net worth, some sources have acclaimed that it is worth $2 million in 2022. On the other hand, her husband, Eugene Levy’s net worth is over $30 million.

Similarly, her son Dan Levy is also a millionaire. At such a young age, the star kid has amassed a fortune of $14 million.