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Who is Diane Plese? Interesting Facts About Robert Herjavec Ex-Wife

Diane Plese is an American optometrist. She rose to stardom as the ex-wife of a well-known Canadian entrepreneur and TV personality Robert Herjavec. Diane’s former husband came to the limelight after his appearance in the ABC show Shark Tank in 2009.

Coming to their marital life, it, unfortunately, ended in 2014. But what was the reason that led to their relationship with divorce? Do they even share a child?

Without any ado, let’s get the answer to your questions. Additionally, here in this article know more about Diane Plese including her age, date of birth, Instagram, marriage, and what is she doing nowadays.

A Short Wiki On Diane Plese, What Is Her Age?

Diane should be in her early 60s regarding her age. Robert Herjavec’s ex-wife was born in Toronto, Canada to Croatian parents. Her parents reportedly welcomed her the same year they relocated from Croatia to a North American country, in 1959.

Besides, she holds dual nationality in Croatia and Canada. Apart from this, there isn’t much information on Diane’s early life.

When Did Diane Plese Meet Her Ex-Husband Robert?

Unlike many celebrities, their love story is kind of unique. Diane and her then-husband met in the late 1980s and gradually started dating. Their first meeting was at Plese’s workplace. The businessman went there as one of Diane’s patients.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Robert wasn’t that popular and had an eye appointment with her. According to National Post, it was love at first sight for Robert Herjavec. Likewise, Diane also shared some information regarding her then-hubby stating,

“He’s so excited about life. How can you not want to be with someone who is so happy and motivated?”

The Pair Were In A Marital Relationship For Over 20 years

After dating for some years, Diane and her ex-husband Robert exchanged their vows in 1990 at a Croatian church in Ontario. Their wedding was held in a low-key ceremony with only a limited number of guests. Robert and his ex-wife shared a great bond and led a blissful marital relationship.

Diane Plese and her husband stayed together for over a couple of decade
Diane with her ex-husband Robert Herjavec

Diane was always by her ex-husband Robert’s side be it the rough time or the good time. Their relationship lasted for more than two decades. Sadly, it came to an end in 2016.

Diane Plese Shares Three Children With Her Former Partner Robert Herjavec

During their 25 years of togetherness, the former pair were blessed with three children. Daine gave birth to two daughters Caprice Herjavec and Skye Herjavec. Similarly, their third child is a son named Brendan Herjavec.

Much like their mother, all of the children prefer living their life away from the limelight. However, after some research, we have gathered some information regarding Robert Herjavec’s kids.

All of his children are doing well in their respective fields. Plese’s son has walked in the footsteps of his father and is a well-established businessman who is an expert in the field of economics.

Likewise, their eldest daughter is reported to be a swimmer and an actress. Meanwhile, their daughter Skye is a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority at the University of South California.

Why Did Their Long-Time Marriage End With Divorce?

Sadly, Diane and her husband’s relationship ended in 2014. It has been nearly a decade but neither side has disclosed the reason behind their divorce.

Diane Plese and her ex-hubby parted ways after more than 2 decade
The pair were together for 25 years before separation.

Nevertheless, there was a rumor that Robert’s affair with the actress Danielle Vasinova in 2013 was the cause of their divorce. Diane filed for divorce in March 2015 and was finalized in 2016. Even after their split, Diane never bad-mouthed her ex-husband Robert. Though she disclosed their separation saying,

“Robert is a caring husband and a responsible person towards his family, but I cannot live with him anymore and the reasons behind our separation will not be disclosed among the public,”

Like Diane, her ex-hubby Robert Herjavec said to the People,

“It’s been a terribly difficult year.  [We] were great parents and a great team… but over time we drifted apart.”

Is Diane Plese Dating Anyone?

After the separation, Robert’s ex-wife has completely gone secretive. Similarly, her current relationship status is under the radar. On the other hand, Diane’s ex-husband is in a blissful marital relationship with the professional ballroom dancer and Dancing With The Stars actress Kym Johnson.

Diane Plese's husand is now in a blissful marital relationship with the women named Kym
Robert Herjavec with his current wife Kym

On the same note, Robert and his current wife Kym walked down the aisle on July 31, 2016. The beautiful couple even shares twin kids a daughter & a son named Haven and Hudson born in 2018.

Net Worth: Diane Plese Received Multi-Million Dollars from her Divorce Settlement

She received around $25 million as divorce alimony which made her a millionaire overnight. According to some media outlets the Ontario Superior court judge ordered Diane’s husband Robert to pay the sum as a part of spousal support of $125k per month.

Before their divorce was finalized, she had already received $20 million in property. However, in 2019, Justice Ruth Mesbur ordered Robert to give an additional sum of $2.6 million as an equalization payment.

In addition, the ex-celebrity spouse Diane received $2.4 million after their Florida property was sold.

Is Diane Active On Social Media?

Diane isn’t active on any social media platform. Previously, Diane had been only seen with her husband Robert during some events. But, after their separation, she has remained behind closed doors.