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Who Is Domino Kirke’s Son Cassius Riley? His Parents, Career, & Untold Facts

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Cassius Riley is the son of English-American singer Domino Kirke and her ex-husband Morgan O’Kane. Unfortunately, his parents have separated and he is now famous as the step-son of Netflix’s hit series “You” actor Penn Badgley, who her mother married in 2017.

Eversince Cassius’ mother tied the knot with the You actor, his life has also become a center of attention. So, how is his life at present? Why did his parents separate? Here, find out everything you always wanted to know about Morgan O’Kane’s first child.

Let’s begin.

Cassius Riley Is The Son Of Domino Kirke

As we said, Cassius is the son of singer Domino Kirke and Morgan O’Kane. He was born in 2009, in the United States. As of 2021, he is 12 years of age. At the time of his birth his mother Kirke was in her mid 20s.

For the few initial years of his life, Cassius lived along with her father and mother, but was raised by his single mother after their divorce.

Domino Kirke & Morgan O'Kane's Son Cassius Riley
Cassius Riley As A Kid

Talking about his family background, they have strong background in music. Not only his mother is into music but his grandfather Simon Kirke was also an English drummer. However, his grandmother Lorraine Kirke was a housewife. Besides, his great-grandparents, Vivian Percy Kirke and Olive May were also pretty famous in the media.

Further, Cassius is also recognized as the causine of Rafaella Israel Mosberg and Memphis Kirke Mosberg.

Cassius Riley’s Mother Married Penn Badgley After Divorcing

Riley’s mother Domino is married twice. She was first married to her now ex-husband Morgan O’Kane. They first met in 2007 and eventually tied the knot after a few years of dating.

However, things between them didn’t last for a very long time. Shortly after the birth of their first child Cassius, they filed for a divorce, which was reportedly finalized in early 2010. The ex-husband and wife never revealed the reason behind their split.

Cassius Riley's Mother Married Penn Badgley After Divorce
Cassius Riley’s Mother & Step Dad Penn Badgley

Well, Kirke raised him as a single mother for the most part of his childhood. However, almost after seven years of separation from her former husband, she tied the knot for the second time to Penn Badgley. The two began dating in 2014 and walked down the aisle on February 27, 2017.

Well, Penn has since adopted Cassius and has already bonded well. Similarly, Riley also shares a great relationship with his step-dad.

Cassius Riley Has A Younger Brother

He also has a younger brother, who was born in 2020. His mother welcomed the second child with her second husband Penn Badgley. Well, Domino only revealed the birth of her second child weeks later via a beautiful Instagram post. Check out the post here.

Besides, the couple had earlier announced that they were expecting their child together back in February 2020. At the time, she also shared a beautiful photo flaunting her baby bump via an Instagram post.

Prior to giving birth to the kid, she reportedly suffered two miscarriages in a row.

Cassius’ Aunt Lola and Jemina Kirke Are Famous Actors

Just in case you didn’t know, Riley is the nephew of famous actress Lola and Jemina. They are not only actress but also director & singer. Jemina has appeared in many movies and TV series like Untogether, Tiny Furniture, and The Little Hours. She is most famous for her appearance in HBO series Girls.

Similarly, his another aunt Lola is an actress and singer. She has been the part of films like Gemini, Viper Club, Another Happy Day, American Woman, among others. Further, she has also worked with Amazon Studios TV series Mozart in the Jungle.

Cassius’ Mother Quit Singing To Become a Doula

Like we said earlier, Cassius mother Domino was a successful singer in the past. However, she changes her profession to become a daula in 2009. Talking to Hey Mama, Domino revealed that she always wanted to become a midwife. She stated that she had planned to take up Daula as a career if singing didn’t work for her.

Well, though singing had proved to be pretty much of a success for her, she took Doula as her career after she gave birth to her first kid. As per the reports, she initially practiced Doula solo but after meeting a lady named Samantha Huggins, they together founded Carriage House Doulas.

How Much Is Cassius Riley’s Net Worth?

Well, Cassius is just around 12 years of age & does not have her own job. He is still in school and has not picked up a career yet. Thus, he does not make his own money.

But born in a successful & rich family, he lives a beautiful and luxurious life. His mother reportedly has around $1 million in total wealth. Similarly, his step-father Penn Badgley has a net worth of $8 million as per Celebrity Net Worth.