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Who Is Eija Skarsgard? Her Married Life, Parents, Modeling Career and More

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Eija Skarsgard is the daughter of actors Stellan Skarsgard and My Skarsgard. Stellan is a popular Hollywood actor known for his roles in Good Will Hunting, Chernobyl, Mama Mia among others. Meanwhile her mom, My has appeared in a number of Swedish films.

Besides being the daughter of renowned parents, Eija made her own recognition as a model. Even though she loved being in front of the cameras as a model, she quit her modeling career pretty soon. So why did she quit the industry?

Eija currently lives a happily married life as of now, who is her husband. Here’s everything you need to know about the former Swedish model.

Eija Skarsgard Early Life and Childhood

Eija was born on February 27, 1992, in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. She is one of the six children born to actors Stellan and My Skarsgard. Her parents were married from 1985 to 2007.

Sources say she and her five siblings grew up in such an environment where they could express their creativity.

Eija’s siblings are brothers Alexander, Gustaf, Sam Skarsgard, Bill Skarsgard, and Valter Skarsgard. She spent most of her childhood days with her brothers as her parents were mostly absent due to their work schedule.

Eija Skarsgard with her mother My Skarsgard
Eija with her mother My.

In one of her interviews, Eija said that the siblings often took care of each other as their father used to travel for his work and their mother would mostly be absent or ill. Growing up with her older brothers, Eija used to watch action and horror movies and play video games a lot.

Besides, Eija also has two half-siblings from her father’s second marriage to Megan Everett whom he married in January 2009. Her two half-brothers are Ossian and Kolbjorn Skarsgard.

Four of Her Brothers are Actors

Even though Eija has not shown any interest in acting, four of her five brothers have pursued a career in acting. Her oldest brother, Alexander Skarsgard is a famous Swedish actor. He is most well-known for his portrayal of Brad “Iceman” Colbert in the miniseries Generation Kill.

Eija’s second oldest brother, Gustaf is best known as Floki the boatbuilder in Vikings. Besides, he is also famous for his role in films Evil, The Way Back, and Kon-Tiki among others. Another of her older brother, Bill Skarsgard gained fame as an actor after he played Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the 2017 horror movie It and its sequel It Chapter Two.

Eija and her siblings
Eija and her siblings.

Eija’s younger brother, Valter has also shown his interest in acting. He does live stream video games on Twitch. Unlike his older brothers, Valter has yet to find success in his acting career.

Eija Lives a Happily Married Life with Husband

As of now, Eija Skarsgard is happily married to Zeke Tastas. She hasn’t talked much about her relationship with the man in the media. However, she frequently shares her photos with him on her socials.

Eija and Zeke got married on August 24, 2019. Marking her first wedding anniversary, Eija shared a romantic black-and-white photo of the couple on her social media. “Celebrating a year of getting married today,” she wrote in the caption in Swedish with a red heart emoji.


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Going through her Instagram post, we came to know that Eija and Zeke started dating in February 2015. On that day in 2019, she marked her four years dating anniversary with Zeke with a sweet black and white photo. Apparently, the couple started dating more than three years after they met for the first time.

Meanwhile, exactly six years after their first meeting, Zeke proposed to his then-girlfriend Eija to be his wife on December 17, 2018.

Even though Eija and Zeke have been together for a long time and are married for nearly two years, the couple doesn’t have a child. Moreover, they haven’t shared their plan to have a baby in a near future. So, as of now, we can safely say it’s still pretty soon for the couple to be parents.

Eija’s Career in Modeling

She was just 14 years old when a modeling agency discovered her. It was from the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean in which her father played Bootstrap Bill Turner, that a manager of a modeling agency noticed her. The agency promptly offered her a modeling assignment which Eija accepted gleefully. This was how Eija’s journey began in modeling.

After her modeling debut, Skarsgard became quite busy for the next couple of years. She appeared in a number of projects that included her appearances on magazine covers and advertisements. But unfortunately, she quit modeling at the age of 18 saying she didn’t find it fun anymore.

Eija Skarsgard did modeling for a couple of years
Eija Skarsgard did modeling for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, in more recent interviews, the former model went on to say that the real reason behind her decision to quit her modeling career was different. She said she was frequently pestered to lose weight which demotivated her to continue as a model.

We hope she reconsiders getting back into her modeling career soon.

What Eija Skarsgard Does Currently?

According to The Famous People, the former model is currently employed as a manager of a nightclub named Vardagsrummet in Stureplan, Stockholm. There is pretty little or no further information about her current work endeavors.

Besides, Eija once talked about her disinterest in acting. She said she didn’t want to venture into acting because there were already too many people from her family in showbiz.

What is Her Net Worth?

Even though we know she has been working as a nightclub manager for some years now, there is no info about her income from the job. Besides, we don’t know how much money she made from her short career in modeling either. So, as of now, we can only say she has earned enough to maintain a lifestyle of a celebrity.

But to talk about her father, Stellan Skarsgard has a staggering net worth of $50 million as of 2022.