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Who Is Elizabeth Francis Frakes? Facts About Jonathan Frakes’ Daughter

Elizabeth Francis Frakes (aka Eliza Frakes) is a professional writer & performer. Based in Los Angeles, she writes plays, screenplays, poetry, & fiction. Apart from her works, she is also widely known as the daughter of celebrities Jonathan Scott Frakes and Genie Francis.

Her father is an American actor and director who is popular for his role as Commander William Riker in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Likewise, her mother is also an American actress, famous for the portrayal of Laura Spencer on the American soap opera General Hospital on the ABC network.

Let’s get to know the celebrity daughter more closely and find out if she is following her parent’s footprints. Has she got any of their traits? What is she currently doing?

Here is everything about Eliza Frakes surrounding her age, Instagram, and relationship status along with some interesting facts!

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ Bio, Age

Born on 30 May 1997, her age as of 2022 is 25 years old. Elizabeth Francis was born in America and is famous by the name Eliza Frakes. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and is American by nationality.

Both of her parents, father Jonathan Scott Frakes and mother Genie Francis are American natives. She was also brought up in America by her family and apparently had a decent upbringing. Currently, she resides in LA along with her family.

Frakes’ High School and College

As a child, Elizabeth Francis went to a private high school for her primary education. Later, Eliza joined Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where she studied BA in English and Theatre.

After her graduation in May 2019, she joined Secret Hideout in Santa Monica, California as a Writer’s PA in the same year.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ Career: She Is Also Into Acting

Before her work as a writer, Jonathan Frakes’ daughter Elizabeth was into plays both as an actor and writer. In fact, she wrote a number of plays while in the university.

Further, along with her work as a writer and actress, she has also worked as a director, a camera PA, and a digital utility. Moreover, for her work as a screenwriter, she was awarded by Young Arts Foundation and the short movie was accepted to Cannes short film corner. The particular short movie also won the Fort Lauderdale International film festival.

Currently, she is a part of Echo Young Playwrights 2020. Her work often includes the socio-political climate, humor, and absurdity in the mundane.

Both of Elizabeth Frakes’ Parents are Celebrity

As we said earlier, Elizabeth’s father Jonathan Frakes is an American actor and a director, who has directed more than 70 television episodes. One of his successful directions was Star Trek: The Next Generation in which he starred as a commander.

Furthermore, he also directed Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection. In addition, he is the author of the novel The Abductors: Conspiracy as well.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes Parents Jonathan Frakes & Genie Francis
Elizabeth Francis Frakes Parents Jonathan Frakes & Genie Francis

Similarly, her mother is Eugenie Ann Francis (aka Genie Francis) who is also an American actress and the winner of the Daytime Emmy Award in 2007. She has made her appearances in multiple soap operas like Days of Our Lives(1987-1989), All My Children(1990-1992), and The Young and the Restless(2011-2012). However, her role in General Hospital as Laura Spencer made her win the award.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes Parents Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis Still Married?

Her dad and mom first met in 1982, on the set of the television miniseries. The duo then worked together as co-actors in Bare Essence.

In 1984, they met each other for the second time while filming the miniseries North and South. After a year of their second meeting, the couple started dating in 1985 and exchanged their rings the next year.

Subsequently, the pair decided to exchange the vows three years later in their engagement. They were happily married on May 28, 1988.

The couple is now married for more than three decades and shares two children. They still show no sign of separation and reside in Calabasas, California with their family.

Eliza Has a Sibling

Frakes is the second child of the family and has an elder brother. His name is Jameson Ivor Frakes, and he was born on 20 August 1994. Jameson is a musician and an aspiring American Director.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes' Brother James Frakes Fisherman
Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ Brother James Frakes Fisherman

In contrast, her brother is impassioned about fishing and is a specialist in fly and spin fishing techniques. He frequently posts fishing pictures on his social media alongside his partner. Jameson calls himself a fisherman and has an Instagram account by the name “jamesfrakesfishing.”

At present, he is a Registered Maine Guide and owns an office in Camden, Maine, USA.

Is The Star-kid Elizabeth Francis Frakes in a Relationship?

Talking about her love life, Eliza hasn’t opened anything related to her relationship status. She is not much active on any social media sites and seems too busy to be sparing her time on anything other than her work. Maybe, Jonathan’s little bundle of joy is still waiting for her Mr. Perfect.

To conclude, she is not dating a boyfriend. Further, she is also not married and does not seem to have any plans to tie the knot.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ Instagram

Though the celebrity child isn’t fond of social sites, she has a social account on Instagram and Facebook. On her Instagram, she goes by the name Eliza Frakes & her Facebook account goes by the name Eliza Marie (Elizabeth Frakes).

How Rich is Her Dad Jonathan Frakes?

Her dad has earned quite a worth in his career span. Jonathan Frakes is a millionaire with a net worth of $25 million. Likewise, her mother’s fortune is also similar to her dad’s. They have earned the money together through their acting and directing skills for over three decades.

Elizabeth Francis Frakes’ Net Worth

As of 2022, her estimated net worth is $500,000. Being at the initial phase of her career, she is making quite a decent amount.

Meanwhile, both her parents being multi-millionaire, Eliza must be living a luxurious life.