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Who Is Emily’s Ears? Is She Dating A Boyfriend? Some Untold Facts

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Emily Ears, 20, is an American YouTuber and social media influencer who rose to the spotlight with her prank videos and skincare routines on her self-titled YouTube channel. She began her  YouTube journey in September 2017 and has 1M views on her first video.

The young YouTuber has over 718k subscribers on her YouTube channel, over 36.7K on her TikTok, over 1.8M on her main IG, and over 72.1k on her secondary IG handle. Apart from her rising fame, she also earns a decent amount from her growing career.

As per sources, she has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand as of now. Likewise, Emily is also popular for her relationship with fellow influencer Kaidin.

Not to forget, a few weeks back Ears did an ‘I’m Pregnant’ prank on her family. The video was uploaded on her YouTube channel and gained a lot of buzzes. So, do you think Emily is pregnant? Let’s find out here.

Emily Ears Recently Graduated From High School

Born Emily Moore on 3rd December 2002, she is 20 years old in 2022. She was born to her father Gregory and mother Elizabeth Moore. Likewise, she currently resides in New Orleans alongside her family.

Moore has an older sister named Steph and a younger brother named Troy. Her siblings are also influencers and have a successful careers of their own. Troy goes by his nickname Richboy Troy on IG, YouTube and Tiktok. He has over 602k subscribers on YouTube, over 877k followers on IG, and over 35k on TikTok.

Emily Ears Is A Social Media Star
Social media star Emily Ears graduated from high school in May 2021

Similarly, Steph has over 208k subscribers on YouTube, over 694k followers on IG, and over 393.9k on Tiktok. Moreover, Steph welcomed her son named Amir in August 2021 with her boyfriend who is also an influencer.

Moving on, Emily graduated from high school back in May 2021. Sadly the details of her school/college were never revealed to the public.

Emily Ears Had Hearing Problems When She Was Just Nine Months Old

20 years old Emily was diagnosed with hearing loss at just nine months old. Yes, you read it right. After Emily did not respond to her name, her parents took her to the hospital and had an audiologist examine her only to find out she had no hearing in one ear.

The YouTuber had openly addressed her hearing-impaired problem in her YouTube videos and IG posts. Back in January 2021, she finally agreed to get her hearing aids as she will be driving more often now that she is going to college. Since then, she uses hearing aids devices to help her hear clearer and better from her left ear.

Although Ears had hearing problems since she was a child, she never wore hearing aids before due to extreme bullying. On 30th July 2019, Loudegange posted a video on their channel titled “Emily’s Fear Of Wearing Her Hearing Aids” where Emily can be seen talking about her struggles with wearing the aids. Also, in the video, Emily’s mother is heard comforting her.

Ears’ Successful Career In Social Media- How Much Is Her Net Worth?

With all the tech and the internet, it is quite easy to earn fame and fortune via social media platforms. As per sources, Ears’ has an estimated net worth of $500 thousand which she earns as an influencer and a YouTuber.

Emily has amassed a huge net worth from her career
Emily carrying a Christian Dior bag wearing a matching Dior slides

The 20 years old rising star began her career on YouTube on 11th September 2017. So far, she has 312 total videos with over 57.9M total views. According to Social Blade, her YouTube channel earns around $102 – $1.6k monthly to $1.2k – $19.5k yearly. On average, videos garner 30-40k total views in a whole week.

Looking through her YouTube profile, she started with health tips, weight loss/gain tips, and a skincare routine. Now, most of her videos are prank videos or day-to-day vlogs.

Likewise, she also earns a decent amount from her sponsored post on social media. She has over 1.8M followers on her main IG and over  72.1k followers on her secondary IG handle. As per a reliable source, Ears earns around $3,719.25 – $6,198.75 per sponsored post from @emilys_ears where she has an engagement rate of 1.66%.

Similarly, Emily has over 36.7k followers on her TikTok account with over 106.2k total likes. As per reports, she can earn around $59 – $88 per sponsored video from TikTok.

Is Emily Ears Really Pregnant?

On 2nd April, Ears posted a photo on her IG with the caption “3 months #cantwaittomeetyou” dropping serious pregnancy hints. Five days later, she dropped a video on her YouTube entitled ‘I Might Really Be Pregnant’ which stirred the air more.

Emily pregnant news
Ears pranked her family, friends, and fans with her pregnancy news

After seeing baby bumps-like pictures and video titles, all of her fans and followers were fully convinced that Ears was pregnant with her first child. However, in the video, we can see Emily confirming that it was just a prank on her family, friends, and her followers. During the first two minutes of her YouTube video, she tells her views,

“I’m gonna prank everyone saying, I’m pregnant and I want a baby right now. It’s about to be crazy. My mom’s been speculating that I’m pregnant but I’m not,”

However, this is not the first time Ears did the pregnancy prank. Back in March, she posted a photo holding a positive pregnancy test on her secondary IG handle @emilyears_19 with the caption “LINK IN BIO (found out if I’m pregnant or not)”.

Is Emily Moore Dating Anyone At The Moment?

The social media star is currently dating Kadin Oneekgg. According to Ears’ Instagram post, they began dating on 18th July 2019 after Kadin asked her out in one of her YouTube videos.

The couple has been best friends for a while before they started dating. Likewise, they officially announced their relationship via Emily’s Insta where she posted a video of Oneekgg bringing her a giant teddy bear, flowers, and gifts. In the video, she seems to be head over heels for him.

Similarly, a month later, Kadin also posted a video of him with Emily, Troy, and his then-girlfriend Khamyra confirming their relationship. Ever since then, the couple post one another on their socials frequently. Also, Kadin can be seen in most of Emily’s YouTube videos.

Emily Ears and Her boyfriend Kadin Oneekgg
Emily and Kadin announced their engagement in Dec 2021

In April 2020, the lovebirds went to their first-ever prom together. Also a year later, they went to Emily’s senior prom in New Orleans wearing matching outfits. Their senior prom video has over 245k views on her YouTube channel.

Moreover, on 6th December 2021, she posted three photos and a video post with a shocking caption saying “We’re engaged @oneekgg” along with a teary and ring emoji. Two days later, she posted a video titled ‘I Got Engaged and It’s My Birthday’ where we can see Kadin holding a huge diamond ring in one hand, getting on one knee, and seems like he is popping the question.

Although normally an engagement ring goes on the left ring finger, he put the ring on her right ring finger. So it may not be an engagement proposal but more like a promise.

Emily’s Ears Relationship With Fellow Social Media Sensation Adrian Aka Big Nu

Back in 2018, Emily made it to the internet after she and fellow YouTuber Adrian, now known as Big Nu went public with their relationship. The former couple began dating in mid-2018 and even made an Instagram account @adrian._and_emily where they posted their pictures and videos.

As of now, the account has 13 posts with 326 followers. Since the former lovers parted ways in 2019 there are no updates regarding them. Besides their similar career path, Big Nu also has hearing problems and this made their bond even stronger.

Emily and her ex-partner Adrian
Emily and Adrian aka Big Nu began dating in 2018 and part ways in 2019

Also, Adrian changed their name to Big Nu and currently identifies themselves as non-binary. They have over 486k followers on their IG @thebignu and over 92.2K subscribers on their self-titled YouTube channel.

According to their Q&A YouTube video, they are currently dating someone whose identity was not revealed. In the same video, he answered ‘Do you miss being with Emily?’ with a rather unexpected answer. They replied to the question,

“NO, I don’t. The fact that we started as best friends, later she started lying on my name and that I did this, I did that, that was never the case,”

They also added,

“For y’ll to have friends like that in a real-world, stop being friends with them literally, it’s not worth it, specially when you have a platform too, it’s not worth,”

This statement proves that they and Emily did not go separate ways in good terms.

After that, Emily dated a guy named Jay for a short while in 2019.