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Who is Gina Carano Husband? Her Married Life, Boyfriend, Children

Former MMA star Gina Carano made a lot of head turn while she was in the UFC ring. To this day, she has a lot of admirers. If you check out her Instagram account, you will know what we’re talking about here!

Off all the things fan finds curious about Gina, her relationship status comes out on top. Questions regarding her personal life have been asked every now and then.

Well, today let’s find out if this gorgeous fighter turned actress is dating someone or better yet married to anyone? Who is Gina Carano’s husband or boyfriend? Find out all here today!

There is no Gina Carano husband as of now

Well, for all the good news for Gina admirers out there, she does not have a husband, as of yet. Besides, judging by the 38-year-old’s state of mind, she is no rush to tie the knot.


She is quite busy in her flourishing acting career. For the last couple of years, she has definitely made a huge mark in the entertainment scene as well. From Deadpool to starring in the hit series, The Mandalorian, she is really hyping up the showbiz.

She really deserves all the success in her life after all the blood, sweat, and tears she put up, either on the octagon or in front of the camera.

Surely Gina Carano is dating, right? Looks like she is back with a former flame

Its been often said, love finds its way, sooner or later. Well, the same is the case for Gina. She and her ex-boyfriend, Muay Thai boxer, Kevin Ross got back together after several years of hiatus.

Kevin announced the great news of them getting back together. In his Instagram account, he shared a picture of the two sharing a kiss as he talked about their long-time love in the caption. At first, he directly discussed the elephant in the room. While stating how both of them kept things under wrap, he said,

“We’ve kept things under wraps as to not want to invite the entire world into our relationship, although I think it’s been pretty evident that we are back together. So happy 6th month anniversary to my beautiful angel @ginajcarano.”

Apart from the big announcement, Kevin vividly discussed their past. He divulged that the duo had previously dated for 4-years before separating, which lasted a decade. However, after a few short-term flings with different people here and there, the couple got their way back to each other on the 14th anniversary of their first meeting.

In addition, Ross maintained how Gina has stood by him through thick and thin. He added, “Gina is not only the reason I’m even doing what I am but literally the reason that I’m even alive and walking around still.”

Their relationship goes deeper than we could imagine. Many of you might not this but it was Kevin who introduced Gina to the whole fighting scene. She was 21-years-old at the time. This simply means the fierce fighter wouldn’t be even in the UFC world if it wasn’t for Kevin.

Well, cheers to the happy couple. May their relationship, this time, move further and they walk down the aisle and welcome children soon.

Gina Carano, The Superwoman once dated Henry Cavill, The Superman

In between the decades where Gina and Kevin were not together, Gina dated another handsome bloke. She started dating British actor Henry Cavill back in September 2012.

Gina Carano Dated Boyfriend Henry Cavill In The Past
Gina Carano Dated Boyfriend Henry Cavill In The Past

After a few months of an affair, the duo decided to go their separate ways in late 2012. Right after Henry broke up with Gina, he was in a relationship with the Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco. This relationship too, ended rather quickly for Cavill as they split in a matter of a few days.

Subsequently, a few months later, while Cavill was shooting for the movie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E in Rome, he and Gina were spotted once again. Paparazzi found the duo dining at a restaurant.

Nevertheless, the relationship couldn’t hold out and they broke up again in December of 2014, E! News confirmed.

Gina reportedly went out with fellow Muay Thai fighter

Several years ago, Gina was linked with a guy named Kristopher Lee. He also goes by the alias, Kit Cope. Her rumored boyfriend Kit is a renowned Muay Thai fighter.

Kit has even won the Light Heavyweight Muay Thai World Championship. It is apparent the two met while Gina had begun her career as a fighter.