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Who Is Gloria Darlene Fox? Untold Truth About Megan Fox’s Mother

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Gloria Darlene Fox is a successful realtor, who is most famous as the mother of Megan Fox. She currently works in the real estate sector as a sales associate and has worked as a property manager prior to this.

Her daughter Fox got lots of appreciation for her role in the sci-fi film series Transformers where the actress played the love interest of Shia LaBeouf’s character. Likewise, Megan is a four-time recipient of the Teen Choice Awards and has got plenty of nominations too.

So, today we have come up with several untold facts about Megan Fox’s mom Gloria Darlene Fox. Read along to find out about her age, marriage, divorce, children, and more.

Megan Fox’s Mom Gloria Darlene Fox Age and Bio

Gloria Darlene Cisson was born on 14th July 1952 in Tennessee, USA, Gloria. Growing up in Tennessee, Megan Fox’s sister is 69-year-old in 2022. As for her ethnic details, Gloria is of English-Irish descent & is an American by her nationality. Likewise, Darlene follows Christianity.

Her College

Talking about her academics, Gloria graduated from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Megan’s Mother Gloria Darlene Fox Is Into Real Estate

Moving forward to her profession, Megan Fox’s mother Gloria has been a sales associate in exp Realty since 2019 as per her Linkedin bio.

She also served as a manager and general manager at 3 different companies. While Fox worked as a manager in Marco Shores Estate and Imperial Bonita Estate, the celebrity mother was a general manager in Riverside Club Condominium Association.

Additionally, Gloria who is an expert in her field with 24 years of experience is mostly active in the Palm Coast area and around St. Augustine. Besides, the realtor charges $128k- $343k for the past 24 months to her clients.

Gloria Darlene Fox’s Marriage With Megan’s Dad

Megan’s mother Gloria married her then-husband, Franklin Thomas Fox, a former parole officer in the year 1971. While it was love at first sight for Frank, Gloria too had a crush on him. So, eventually, the duo started going out and felt nice being around each other. They dated for a few months before commencing their marital relationship.


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Talking about their children, the former flames share 2 children between them. While Kristi Branim Fox is their eldest daughter, Transformers actress Megan Fox is their youngest child.

Gloria Darlene’s Divorce from Husband Franklin

The married life of Gloria and her then-spouse Franklin was sailing smoothly until 1989. Things weren’t working out well between the two and they finally decided to end their marriage and parted their own ways. However, the reason behind their split is still buried underground and both the parties have been tight-lipped about it.

But what about the kids? Whom did they stay with? The custody of their 2 daughters Kristi and Megan was handed over to Gloria. At that time, Megan was just 3 years old and while her sister Kristi was 15.

Gloria’s 2nd Hubby and Megan Fox’s Stepfather Was a Misogynist

Following her divorce, Gloria Fox began dating a new man Tony. She remarried after 7 years of her divorce from her first husband and converted from Gloria Darlene Fox to Gloria Darlene Tonachio. She walked down the aisle for the second time and exchanged vows with her second husband Tony Tonachio in 1996.

However, her new marital bliss turned out to be a burden for her daughters. In her interviews, Megan often says that her stepdad was a bit oppressive and sort of conservative in nature. He was extremely religious to the extent that she and her sister were raised under the strict Pentecostal rules. Also, they weren’t even allowed to hang out with boys nor invite any friends to their place.

Nonetheless, Gloria’s 2nd husband, Tony passed away at the age of 77. He expired on 30th May 2011. And she is single since then.

Gloria Darlene Fox’s Daughter Megan Fox is a Rebel

While she lived in fear and under pressure at home, her years in school were also not that great. Megan recalls that she was bullied at school and had to eat her lunch in the bathroom. As a result,  Megan is a rebel today and prefers to be a free spirit.

Gloria Darlene Fox's younger daughter Megan Fox
Gloria Darlen Fox’s Daughter Megan Fox on the set of Till Death

She is quite outspoken and isn’t afraid to name names. In fact, she has had an argument with the Transformers director Michael Bay and went on comparing him with Hitler. In addition, she even alleged the veteran filmmaker Steven Spielberg for getting fired from the 3rd movie, Dark of The Moon.

Gloria Darlene Indirectly Showed Her Daughter A Way

The mother-daughter duo loved to watch The Wizard of Oz and it was one of their conversation regarding the movie that cropped an idea in her. Fox explained that she decided to become an actress from the very moment her mom Gloria Darlene Fox revealed that Dorothy wasn’t real and was played by an actress instead.

She started acting at the age of 15. 2001’s rom-com movie Holiday In The Sun was her first film, that opened her pool of opportunities. However, Megan Fox got more recognition for her role in the Transformers as Mikaela Banes which landed her a Scream Award for the best sci-fi actress. While she played some iconic roles in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michael and Megan’s 1st collab after their feud), Jennifer’s Body, and Jonah Hex, she was also in Two and a Half Men, and Bad Boys 2.

What Does Her Eldest Daughter Kristi Branim Fox Do?

While her younger daughter is an actress and a model, her eldest daughter Kristi is said to be a counselor at Fort Pierce Central High School as per some sources. However, it is yet to be confirmed. Besides, she is known as the sister of Megan Fox.

How Many Grandchildren Does Gloria Have?

The 69 yr old is a grandmother of 5 grandsons. She has 2, Kyler Branim and Caleb Branim from her daughter Kristi Branim Fox’s marriage with her ex-husband Douglas Branim.

Gloria Darlene Fox With Her Daughter And Granddaughter
Gloria Darlene Fox With Her Daughter And Granddaughter

Meanwhile, she has 3 little munchkins from her younger daughter’s side. Yes, her daughter Megan Fox has 3 sons namely Noah Shannon Green, Bodhi Ransom Green, and Journey River Green from her former husband Brian Austin Green.

Gloria Darlene Fox’s Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Gloria is a real estate agent and has racked up a handsome amount of wealth. As of 2022, her total wealth is $1 million. Besides, her celebrity daughter Megan Fox has $8 million worth of fortune.