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Tad Starsiak

Who Is Good Bones Star, Tad Starsiak? Insight Into His Career, Girlfriend

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Tad Starsiak is a reality TV star from HGTV’s Good Bones, a show that portrays the procedure by which specialists revitalize rundown homes into stunning residences. Among such doers is Tad. There is something that makes Tad stand out on Good Bones despite the show focusing mainly on mother-daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak‘s actions.

Tad’s demolition expertise and his home renovation apt have garnered him a following of his own. The unorthodox kooky method user is a character to watch out and it’s no wonder the long-time Good Bones fans have grown to love him just as much as the show’s lead protagonists.

While not the main star of the show, Mina’s half-brother still has a fascinating life and career; one that deserves a standalone story. So read on to learn everything that there is to know about Tad Starsiak.

Tad Starsiak Early Life And Education 

He was born Thadeus Starsiak on the 18th September 1992. He is the son of Casey Starsiak and his late ex-wife Cheryl Starsiak. He lost his biological mother when he was 12.

The 30-year-old has been active in giving back to the community since his childhood starting as a volunteer at the Indianapolis zoo while he was still in middle school.

Tad Starsiak
Tad Starsiak is the cast on HGTV’s reality show, Good Bones. Source: Instagram

During his time at Cardinal Ritter, he worked on service learning projects. The chores include neighborhood clean-ups to visiting nursing homes. After graduating high school, he became a student at Indiana University lifting spirits as a member of the co-ed cheer squad.

How many siblings does he have?

From Tad’s biological parents’ relationship, he has one biological sibling, Jessica Starsiak. In addition to that, he has a handful of half-siblings. Before marrying his father, Tad’s late mum was married to Leonard Murrell from which she became a mother of one daughter, Kaliegh Nichole Murrell.

Aside from all this, who can forget Tad’s famous half-sister, Mina Starsiak.

Tad Starsiak Leads A Successful Career

He later became a cheer instructor for Universal Cheerleader Association. The following year he traveled throughout the midwest teaching cheerleading to thousands of children.

Tad ended his rookie year as a head instructor at his last camp and went on to become the lead cheerleader coach of his alma mater, Cardinal Ritter for two and a half years. He then focused on his work with Two Chicks and a Hammer, a company where he would become the project manager.

Tad Starsiak
Tad Starsiak is the project manager at Two Chicks and Hammer, a company that oversees Good Bones. Source: Instagram

The firm also happens to be featured in the series, Good Bones rehabbing homes. Starsiak now lives in the Bates Hendricks society. He started working on demolition projects from an early age.

In addition to his work, Tad also earns a clothing company, Love Heals, which focused “on introspection and growth.” The business sells T-shirts and tank tops with slogans such as “Demo the Hate.”

Tad has a Great Relationship with Karen and Mina

The tall and muscular renovator grew up with Karen who is something of a godmother to him. He occasionally speaks highly of her. In one of the interviews, he described her as, “When I was going through that rough time, every day I woke up and she was there for me. It’s great having her as a teacher and as another mom.”

Mina (right) and Karen (left) are the main stars of the show, Good Bones
Mina (right) and Karen (left) are the main stars of the show, Good Bones, Source: HGTV

He is also equally close with his half-sister Mina Starsiak. She is the biological daughter of Karen and Casey (same father). Tad has two other half-siblings, William and CR. He was also by Mina’s side when she struggled with infertility.

Between all the marriages, there are six of Starsiak’s children all related in one way or the other; though their lineage is a complex study to delve into.

Tad Starsiak Girlfriend: Is he married?

Although the renovation-based HGTV program hardly delves into the personal realm of Tad, his fans know that he is in a loving relationship. His Insta feeds pretty much sum up all about his love life.

The @demogod is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger. She is a realtor at AC Real Estate Team. Eslinger also provides her services through

Tad Starsiak
Tad Starsiak has confessed his love for his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger on multiple occasions. Source: Instagram

Sources in 2020, stated Tad had made his first appearance on the property agent’s Insta on August 26, 2019. They made their relationship Insta official a month later. Christina took it to her Instagram handle to thank her boyfriend for making her laugh every day.

She finished the toast adding, “You give all the feels.” Mina’s quirky brother has also poured out his own set of words for his girlfriend through his Instagram. Though, his feelings were considerably longer than that of Eslinger’s.

In fact, there were a couple of more instances where Tad had flaunted his affection for Christina; with rather extensive writings and warmth, mostly through his socials.

Why Did They Deleted Each Other’s Pictures; Have They Broken Up? 

The thing that some may find dubious in the pair’s love is the fact that the aforesaid pictures, once celebrated by the couple themselves, no longer exist in their media profiles. And these led some to believe their relationship had run its course. But that was until Tad’s March 3, 2021, Insta post.

Tad Starsiak sharing his girlfreind picture on March 3 2021
Tad Starsiak shared his girlfriend’s picture on March 3, 2021. Source: Instagram

Sharing yet another picture of Chrissy, he wrote, “Feeling immensely grateful and appreciative to receive the love of this woman. With her standing by my side I’ve reached new levels of growth and understanding. I appreciate your love and your wisdom. And everything that makes you baby. You’re the best.”

Tad Starsiak’s Net Worth 

For anyone who’s been working since his adolescence could have hardly gone through desperate financial circumstances in his life. While he may or may not have faced his share of destitution, he in the present appears to be well nigh comfortable in terms of wealth.

Tad Starsiak
Tad Starsiak. Source: Instagram

He’s been told of doing well for himself from the Good Bones. However, the details anent Tad Starsiak’s salary or his to-date earnings are yet to be assessed in any manner. Nonetheless, given the show’s popularity and picking up a mutual number from countless conjectures, Tad’s net worth should plausibly be in the domain of half a million dollars or so. And considering his clothing enterprise, that should certainly be the case.