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Who is Graham Scott? The Hidden Facts About Adam Scott’s Son

Graham Scott is the son of the American actor, Adam Scott. His father Adam is a renowned name in the entertainment industry and most notably, the actor appeared in movies and TV shows like Parks and Recreations, The Overnight, The Good Place, Big Little Lies, Party Down, and many more.

Besides, Graham’s mother Naomi Sablan is also a renowned producer and writer. The couple who married in 2005 is still going strong. Graham also has a sister named Frankie Scott from his parents’ marriage.

Well, in this article we will try to find out some more interesting facts about Graham Scott. Let’s take a closer look!

When Graham Was Born? Her Birth Details and Early Life

Graham Scott was born in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California. His parents Adam and Naomi welcomed him just two years after their marriage. And his age is 15 years as of 2022.

Adam Scott's son Graham Scott
Adam Scott with his eldest son Graham Scott

As mentioned before, Graham also has a younger sister named Frankie Scott, born in 2009, in Santa Cruz.

Besides, talking about his ethnicity, the star kid has a mixed ethnical background as his father is of Scottish descent and her mother comes from Indian and British ancestry.

Graham Scott’s Parents are Together Since Their Marriage in 2005

As mentioned earlier, Graham Scott is the first child of Adam Scott (father) and Naomi Scott (mother). The couple tied their knot in 2005 after 7 years of dating and are still together. The couple also has worked together in many movies and TV shows.  

In an interview, Adam talked about how the actor maintained a long-lasting relationship with his wife and said,

Not looking into an iPhone, while talking to her [Naomi] has worked for me a lot in past years. I just put it in a drawer and spend some time together.

Scott has a Younger Sibling

Scott also has a cute little sister, Frankie Scott. She is just 13 years old by now. The relationship between the two is quite fascinating. Their father Adam often posts about his children playing together and enjoying each other’s company on his social media handles.

They also love to watch TV shows together, especially their father’s show Parks and Recreations.

Graham Scott’s Father Adam is a Family Man

Adam Scott was born on April 3rd, 1973, in the USA. He is widely known for his act in Park and Recreation, Step Brother, Party down, The Aviator, Big Mouth, Big Little Lies, and more. He also got a nomination for the Critic’s Choice for Best Actor twice for his role in Park and Recreation.

Apart from movies and TV series, the actor is the co-host of the Earwolf podcast U Talkin’ U2 To Me.


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Besides his professional life, Adam spends most of his time with his two children. He often drops and picks up his children from school, plays games, and watches movies with them. Adam is basically a family-loving guy.

His Mother Is a Producer

Unlike his dad, Graham’s mother Naomi Scott relatively works behind the camera. Actually, Naomi is a successful producer and writer. Born on 8th October 1972, in California, the USA, the 49 years old began her career in the early 2000s as a production assistant. She served in the production unit of 2009’s show Jimmy Kimmel Live ! and Alligator Boots.

Her major off-scene works include Ghosted, The Overnight, Other People, and many more.

Adam Scott’s Son Graham Once Stole Mint Pack From Jimmy Kimmel’s House

Adam Scott and Jimmy Kimmel are good friends of each other. Once, Kimmel invited Adam and his family for a dinner. As it may sound a little funny that the 9 years old Graham couldn’t resist himself after seeing the tin of mint in the bathroom and kept it in his pocket. Scott said,

He pulls out a tin of Altoids that he put into his jacket pocket. And I was just kinda like, aw man. Now I have to do the parent thing where you have to pretend this is a big deal and say ‘I hope Jimmy doesn’t call the cops.’ You have to make it seem like it’s a huge deal.”

Later, Adam decided to have his son write an apology letter and this innocent child returned it with a sorry letter. Kimmel in his show once said he still has the letter given by Graham in his home.

Graham Scott's Sorry letter
Adam Scott’s Son Graham’s Sorry note to Jimmy Kimmel

The letter included,

“Dear Jimmy, Molly + Jane. I loved your party a lot, but I need to tell you that I stole a mint pack. but I have sent it back with this note. With a plentiful amount of sorry-ness, Graham Scott.”

The incident was indeed the best lesson for Graham. Adam and Naomi have been providing their best parenting to their children and making them aware of everything possible.

Graham Attended The Premier of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Adam occasionally brings his son Graham Scott to Hollywood parties and programs. On 14th December 2015, Graham Scott with his father Adam attended the world Premier Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the Dolby and TCL Theatres in California. The father-son duo was welcomed on a red carpet.

Graham Scott’s Lavish Lifestyle: Net Worth

As born into the star family, Graham is living his life in the lap of luxury in America. Talking about Graham’s dad Adam Scott’s net worth, the figure is about $60 million as of 2022. His dad mostly made his fortune from his works in both movies and TV shows.