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Who Is Ivy Ray Hatch Mother-Things to Know About Boosie Badazz’s Son

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Ivy Ray Hatch is the son of Boosie Badazz. When you are born to a celebrity, fame comes your way right after your birth. The same is the case with Ivy who gained popularity as he is the son of the rapper and songwriter, Boosie Badazz. His father, started his career in the 1990s as a member of Concentration Camp, however, he achieved greater success after he started pursuing a solo career in 2000.

Well, Boosie keeps his presence in the media with his music and some controversies. But, his son Ivy doesn’t make his appearance in the media frequently. So, many of Boosie’s fans are curious to know about Ivy’s childhood, mother, relationship with his siblings, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Boosie Badazz’s son Ivy Ray Hatch.

When is Ivy Ray Hatch Birthday? Who is His Mother?

Ivy Ray was born on August 15, 2011, in Louisiana, USA. Well, several different online media have reported different days as Ivy’s birthday. However, a site named reported it to be the 15th of August citing a since-deleted Instagram post by his dad Boosie.

Boosie Badazz's son Ivy Ray Hatch
Boosie Badazz’s son Ivy Ray Hatch

Well, Ivy’s father has been linked with a number of women over the years, so there is confusion about who Ivy’s mother is. So, today we are confirming that she is Boosie’s ex-girlfriend, Walnita Decuir-Hatch.

Again, the rapper hasn’t confirmed the fact himself, however, we came to know that he was dating Nita at the time he welcomed Ivy. There is no report of when they started dating and how long they were together as a couple.

Ivy Has Seven Siblings

As we already mentioned, Ivy Ray’s father, Boosie has had a number of relationships. He has eight children from six different women. There’s pretty little info about his children and their biological mother.

Ivy’s siblings are Michael Jordan Hatch, Toriana Hatch, Torrence Hatch Jr., Lyric Beyonce Hatch, Iviona Hatch, Tarlaysia Hatch. In addition to his, Ivy also has a half-sister who was born in 2016, though her name is not known as of yet.

Many of you might not know this but two of his eight children are adopted. According to his interview, his two kids are the children of his friends who were killed in a car accident.

Here is the part of the interview, have a look.

Ivy Ray Hatch’ Father’s Health Issues

Ivy’s father and rapper, Boosie has battled with various health issues over the years. Previously, Boosie had revealed that he had type 1 diabetes. He said he was diagnosed with the disease in his childhood. Similarly, in 2015 November, he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He later underwent successful surgery to remove the cancerous tissue.

Besides, in November 2020, Boosie suffered a severe leg injury after an unknown assailant shot him while he was attending a candlelight vigil for rapper MO3 in Dallas. After the incident, he nearly had to amputate his leg, however, he luckily didn’t have to undergo the procedure, and his leg healed naturally.

Why hasn’t Boosie Badazz Tie The Knot yet?

The Louisiana-born rapper and music artist, Boosie is reaching his forties in a couple of years, however, he ain’t married yet. As a matter of fact, Boosie doesn’t like the concept of marriage in the first place.

During his interview with Vlad TV in 2017, Boosie told that he didn’t believe in marriage. He said marriage was not a good choice for him as he didn’t want to lose half of his fortune while committing adultery.

Further, he went on to praise the women who remained in a relationship with him knowing he was going to be unfaithful.

Ivy’s Mother’s Arrest Over Drug Smuggling

His mother Walnita Decuir was arrested in 2010, around a year before his birth, for drug possession. As per the reports, Nita’s ex-boyfriend Boosie was serving his time in prison and she apparently tried to smuggle illicit substances like marijuana, MDMA, to him in the prison.

Ivy Ray's mother Walnita Decuir
Ivy Ray’s mother Walnita Decuir

Back then, authorities charged her with possession of drugs and intent to distribute narcotics such as codeine, ecstasy, and marijuana. Further, Decuir was also booked on three counts of conspiracy to commit possession, and two counts of conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution. After she pleaded guilty to her charges, she was given five years of probation.

How did Ivy’s father Boosie became famous?

From his young days, Torence Ivy Hatch aka Boosie wanted to become a rapper. One of his cousins, Young Dee introduced him to a guy named C-Loc who mentored him in his early rap career.

In the year 1998, Badazz joined the hip-hop group, Concentration Camp alongside Young Bleed, C-Loc, Happy Perez, Max Minelli, J-Von, Lee Tyme, and Lucky Knuckles. Boosie debuted in the album, ‘It’s A Gamble.’

He became the face of the group after Young Bleed left the group. At a mere age of 17, he released his first album, Youngest of da Camp. Although he tasted success while he was in the group, his career shot-off after he went solo in early 2000. He joined Trill Entertainment and released his second album, For My Thugz (2002).

What is Ivy Ray Hatch’s Net Worth?

Ivy is just 11 years old as of 2022. It is years before he starts anything professional and as of now, he hasn’t shown any interest in pursuing the footsteps of his father yet. So, as of now, Ivy doesn’t have any net worth of his own.

But on the other side, Ivy’s father, Boosie Badazz has a pretty decent net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Boosie has a net worth of $800,000 in 2022.