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Who Is Jack Oscar Statham? Interesting Facts About Jason Statham’s Son

Jack Oscar Statham is a celebrity kid famous as the son of British actor Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Both his parents are successful individuals. While his mother is a model, his father is an actor known for movies like The Italian Job, The Bank Job, Killer Elite, and many others.

Though Jack is still a 5 years old kid, the celebrity kid has gathered enough recognition, all thanks to his famous father. In fact, there are many Jason fans who want to know about his son.

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss some interesting facts about Jack Oscar Statham.

Jack Oscar Statham Is The Son Of Famous Actor Jason Statham: His Date of Birth

Well, Jack was born on June 24, 2017, as the son of father Jason Statham and mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. At the time of his birth, he weighed 8.8lbs. Soon after his birth, his mother shared a beautiful photo of holding the hand of her newborn on her Instagram. In the caption, she wrote,

Our Little Man Arrived!

Earlier, Rosie had announced her pregnancy with Jack on February 9, 2017, where she shared a photo of her showing off the baby bump. In the caption, she wrote,

Very happy to share that Jason and I are expecting!! Lots of love Rosie x ❤👼🏼 Photo by @jasonstatham

Jack Oscar Statham's Mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Showing off Her Baby Bump During Her Pregnancy With Him
Jack Oscar Statham’s Mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Showing off Her Baby Bump During Her Pregnancy With Him

As of 2022, Jack Oscar is already five years old and is enjoying his life as a star kid.

Oscar Statham’s Has a Younger Sister

The handsome Jack Oscar is not the only kid to his parents. He rather has a younger sister Isabella James Statham. His younger sibling was born on 2 February 2022.

Well, it’s not just Jason and Whiteley who love their daughter but Jack too has already started showing love for his sister. The duo had earlier announced the pregnancy back in August 2021.

Jack Has a Proper English Accent

Jack’s mom Rosie Huntington-Whiteley while participating in her very first Instagram Story Q&A session revealed that her son is quite perfect in her British accent. When one of her fans asked her whether her son Jack inherited her vocal tendencies or her partner, Jason, she replied,

“I’m really proud to say he has a proper English accent and he does have the same booming loud voice as Jason, the pair of them are sooo noisy!!”

His Father Is a Successful Actor

As we said, Jack’s dad Jason is an established actor. Starting a career as a background dancer in the 1993 music video Comin’ On, Jason has come a long way. In fact, he also worked as a competitive diver earlier and was in the British National diving Squad for 12 years.

Later, he also modeled for a fashion company named French Connection. He finally made his debut as an actor back in 1998 in the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Following his debut, Jason Statham was part of several heist movies like The Transporter, The Italian Job, Collateral, which in a way catapulted him to fame.

Later, in 2008, Statham appeared in Death Race, which is one of his biggest hits. Some of his most successful works include Crank: High Voltage, The Expendables 2, Fast & Furious 6, Wild Card, & others.

Jack Oscar Statham’s Mother Is Also In The Entertainment Industry

Like his father, Jack Oscar’s mother Rosie is also a very successful professional. She is a professional model and actress. She began modeling when she was just around 15 years of age and has been doing pretty well even at present.

As a model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been a part of several magazines, fashion shows, and advertisement campaigns as well. Besides modeling, she has also appeared in a couple of movies. In 2011, she appeared in a supporting role named Carly Spencer in the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon. 

Jack Oscar Statham With His Mother Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Oscars Mother Is An Actress & Model

Similarly, in 2015, she appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road, where she portrayed The Splendid Angharad. Further, Rosie has also appeared in short movies and mini-series like Love Me Tender… Or Else, DT Spain Photoshoot, About Face, & Marks and Spencer: Believe in Magic and Sparkle.

Jack Oscar Statham’s Parents Are Not Married Yet

Oscar’s parents Jason and Rosie are together for years but have not married yet. The couple met for the first time back in 2010 at a music festival and fell in love during the filming of Transformers.

After dating for around six years, the duo got engaged in January 2016. Jason reportedly proposed to Rosie with a 5-carat diamond ring worth around $350,000. However, despite being engaged for such a long time, they have not tied the knot. In fact, they don’t seem to have any plans to get married any time soon.

Jack Oscar's Father Jason And Mother Rosie Are Yet To Get Married
Oscar With His Parents

As of 2022, the couple are together for over 12 years. They along with their kids reside in Beverly Hills, California.

Jack Oscar Statham’s Net Worth: His Parents Are Extremely Rich

As the son of a famous actor, Jack is definitely enjoying a lavish life. But since he is just 5 years of age, he does not have wealth of his own. However, both his parents are super-rich.

As of 2022, his dad Jason has a net worth of over $90 million. On the other hand, his mother Rosie has a net worth of over $30 million at present. In fact, back in 2016 and 2017, she made it at #5 on Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid Models List with an estimated $9 million and $9.5 million in earnings.

Jack Lives In A House Worth In Millions

As a rich kid, Oscar gets to live in houses worth millions which his parents own. As of 2022, he along with his parents live in a house in Beverly Hills, California, which is worth $13 million. The property is extravagant with all the modern luxuries.

Oscar Statham Strolls With His Father Jason Statham
Oscar Statham Strolls With His Father Jason Statham

Likewise, Jack’s father along with his fiance has a duplex apartment in Greenwich Village, New York, worth $860,000. Previously, they owned a house in Malibu which they sold for $18.5 million in January 2020.

Further, the successful actor also has a collection of expensive cars like Lamborghini Murcielago, Audi S8, Porsche 911 GTs, and Audi S5 Cabriolet, among others.

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Is He On Social Media?

Well, Jason Statham’s son Jack is not on social media, but there is a fanmade Instagram profile @jackoscarstatham_. Though many sources claim it to be his genuine IG account, that’s not the truth. He is still a kid, and his parents are not up for intervening in his privacy.

Both Jack Oscar’s dad and mom are very protective of him and have constantly tried to keep him away from the media.