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Who is Jackie Ibanez’s Ex Husband Eddie Ibanez-His Dating Life After His Divorce

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Eddie Ibanez describes himself as a father, traveler, and scientist on his Instagram bio. Well, he could be the person he describes, however, most of us know him as the ex-husband of Fox News anchor Jackie Ibanez. Eddie and Jackie were married for a long time before they divorced in 2017. Besides, the former husband and wife have three children together.

Besides being a celebrity spouse, Ibanez is a cybersecurity hacker in himself. Furthermore, he currently serves as the CEO of the travel booking website PriceCoin.

In today’s episode, let’s explore the life of Jackie Ibanez’s former husband Eddie in detail. Let’s start.

Eddie Ibanez Early Life, Parents and Children

Eddie rose to the spotlight after he started his relationship with journalist Jackie Ibanez. That’s why there aren’t many details about Eddie’s early life and childhood. He was born in the United States, however, details about his parents are not made public as of yet. Moreover, info about his siblings also remains behind the curtains.

As far as his nationality is concerned, Eddie is American. There are several sources that have claimed Eddie belongs to Asian ethnicity, however, considering his last name i.e., Ibanez, he appears to hail from a Spanish-speaking nation. In fact, Ibanez is fluent in both English and Spanish.

His Education and Career Highlights

Eddie Ibanez is a well-educated person. He completed his graduation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology also famously known as MIT. He is a data scientist and following his graduation, Ibanez went on to work for the US government. In his initial days, he helped to develop software that reverse-engineered the locations of the terrorists.

After that, Eddie formed his first company named Zenabi. It is an AI and advanced data analytics company. Not long after the formation of the company, Zenabi got an RFP from Priceline to replace their marketing automation platform with a stronger AI platform. After a week-long competition against Oracle, Palantir, and IBM, Zenabi earned the Priceline project.

Jackie Ibanez's ex husband Eddie Ibanez
Eddie Ibanez

Following that, he worked on his own innovations and formed a travel website named PriceCoin. He currently serves as the CEO of the site which allows clients to turn their bookings into dollars through an innovative earning structure.

Besides, Eddie currently helps the renowned football team Miami Dolphins to derive the patterns of each player and each combination of players.

He Was Married to Jackie Ibanez for Years and Has Three Children with Her

Eddie was married to Jackie Ibanez for more than five years in the past. The couple has been separated for some years now, however, they lived happily for years and also parented three kids. However, they didn’t talk about their relationship in the media much.

Eddie Ibanez and Jackie Ibanez
Eddie Ibanez and Jackie Ibanez were married

They tied the knot in the early 2010s in a privately organized wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, some online sources have reported the ex-pair first met at a church and they hit it off soon. They dated for some time before they walked down the aisle.

Eddie and his then-wife Jackie gave birth to their first child, a daughter, Dakota Ibanez on April 4, 2012. Their second child, daughter J.J. Ibanez was born on September 24, 2015. The couple welcomed their third child, a son, Vinco Bo Ibanez was born on December 19, 2017. Vince weighed 8.12 lbs and measured 22 inches at the time of his birth.

Eddie and Jackie lived a happily married life for more than five years when they also welcomed three children. However, their relationship was not meant to last forever. Shortly after they gave birth to their third child, their relationship hit a rock. They eventually arrived at a decision to end their marriage and divorce. It’s not clear when they finalized their divorce.

Is He Back On Dating Game after Divorce? What About His Ex-Wife?

Eddie, who is primarily known for his relationship with Jackie Ibanez, has been living a low-key life after his divorce. The father of three is not known to be dating anyone at present. However, he seems quite happy with his relationship status.

Meanwhile, Eddie’s Instagram posts show his bonding with three of his children. The three kids and their father have traveled to several places for refreshment over the past few years. For now, it appears Eddie is giving all his free time to his children.

Eddie Ibanez and his three children
Eddie Ibanez and his three children

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Jackie is in a relationship with her boyfriend Jason. We can see Jackie’s growing romance with Jason in her Instagram posts. As per her Insta post, the pair started dating on September 4, 2019.

On the day in 2020, she marked their one-year anniversary with some of their couple photos. “This year would not have been possible without this guy, his big smile and an even bigger heart. Happy one-year anniversary, JWT. ❤️,” wrote Jackie alongside the post.

Eddie Ibanez Net Worth in 2021

With years of experience as a data science analyst, we are sure that Eddie Ibanez has earned a handsome sum of money. Though the exact amount is not known, we can estimate it to be around $500k. Meanwhile, Eddie’s former wife, Jackie Ibanez has a net worth of $1 million.