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Who Is Jahan Yousaf? Her Bio, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

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Jahan Yousaf is widely recognized as an Electronic Dance Music Producer (EDM) and a DJ for the music band Krewella. Born on Aug 27th, 1989, she is with the band for years and has released numerous music albums and songs like, Get Wet, Play Harder, & Live for the Night, among others.

Krewella was formed on 2007, in Chicago,  Illinois, the United States with three members Yousaf sisters, Jahan and Yasmine, and producer Kristopher Trindl. Trindl left the band in 2014.

Undoubtedly, Jahan has achieved decent success as a professional but what about her love life? Is she dating anyone or dated someone in the past? What about her marriage plans? Want to find answers to all your questions? Stay tuned!

Jahan Yousef’s Early Days, Parents, Siblings

Jahan was born on 27th August 1989 in Northbrook, Illinois, to her father Sohail Yousaf, and mother Neda Yousaf. Her father is a Pakistani who moved to the US and is a real estate agent by profession, whereas her mother was born to half Lithuanian and half german parents.

The Music Artist Jahan Yousaf, Father Sohail Yousaf
Jahan Yousaf’s father Sohail Yousaf

Jahan has two siblings, Yasmine and Aisha Yousaf. As per the reports, Jahan and her family spent their early life in Chicago, Illinois. Well, she is very close to both her siblings and shares a great relationship.

Jahan Yousaf With Her Sisters Named Yasmine & Aisha Yousaf
Jahan Yousaf with her sisters Yasmine and Aisha Yousaf

Talking about her academics, Jahan attended Glenbrook North High School. If reports are to be believed, she didn’t pursue higher education.

Jahan Yousef Achieved Huge Professional Success With The Band “Krewella”

As mentioned earlier, the Krewella music band was made in the presence of Jahan Yousaf and two others. It is a band based on dance rock, EDM, and dance-pop genres.

Yousaf’s sister and the producer Kris released lots of music before gaining popularity. Back in late 2011, the band, Krewella signed a contract with Monstercat music label, which promoted them through social media handles. At the same time, Krewella even partnered with an EDM youtube channel to gain large platforms.

‘Killin it’ was their first original song to be released under Monstercat. After a year, in 2012, the Krewella band went live around the globe at EDM festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic, Ultra Music Festival, Sunburn Festival, and more. During that time, they earned the “Best Breakthrough Artist” award from the 2012 International Dance Music award.

Jahan Yousaf who is also a DJ of Krewella band
Jahan Yousaf, performing as a DJ

Krewella debuted the album Get Wet and was listed in the Top 10 out of 200 US Billboards within the first week of release. The Billboards then announced Krewella is going to be huge.

The Band also partnered with producer group, Cash Cash to release their second single Live For The Night. Jahan has been making her contribution to the band since it was formed, with her team members. They have released many other singles and albums till now.

Why Did Krewella’s Got Tattoo 6-8-10?

Back on 8th June 2010, the trio, Jahan, Yasmine, and kris (aka Rain Man) decided to drop out of school and be a part of the music industry for their whole life. So, to make this day a memorable day, they decided to get a tattoo ‘6-8-10’ which indicates the date they dropped out of school. Following that, the Yousaf sisters got inked in their neck and Kris decided to get in his arm.

Jahan explains why she made a tattoo on her neck,

“I love neck tattoos, I’ve always loved it. For some reason everytime I get a tattoo, I like putting tattoos in dangerous places, because I love the idea of not regretting anything. And in twenty years I might have a really gross wrinkly neck, but whatever, you live with your mistakes.

With her 6-8-10 tattoo, she has a tattoo of a rose on her neck. There is a further story behind her rose tattoo also. She said,

On the roses: “I love the idea of every rose has a thorn, everything that’s beautiful has something ugly with it, too. It also represents how I feel about success, you have to suffer in order to succeed. You have to try and fail, and try to win, and you have to sink to swim, that whole idea. I have a tattered rose where the petals of the rose kind of have holes in them. I love the idea of things that are beautiful in nature that have flaws in them too.

Yasmine sister is also a founder of Krewella music band
Jahan Yousaf has a rose just down of her 6.8.10 tattoo

Apart from Jahan’s tattoo, her sister Yasmine has a tattoo of Kurt Kobain on her right forearm. She said that she was a huge fan of Nirvana and the Nirvana band was an inspiration for her to step into the music industry.

The Producer of Jahan Yousef’s Band Kris Trindi left The Krewella

As we said, the producer of Krewella Kris left the band, but what was the reason? Whether he left the group by his own choice or the Yousef sister duo took him out without his own will.

Well, as per Kris, the Yousef sisters forcibly took him out of the band. He wrote in his petition the trio was pretty into partying since the band started getting massive success. Later on, Kris realized that he had a habit of drinking and took a break from the band in order to involve in a recovery program. He then spent about a month in a rehab facility and also went to a detox program.

Following his recovery, Trindi, as a sober went on to re-join the band. As per himself, he completely quit his drinking habit at the time. But the fact Yousaf sisters didn’t like his severity. Instead, following his comeback, they reportedly thought that he was struggling with depression and forced him to take a break from the band.

It was how he described his split from the band. He later also filed a $5 million case against them. But, in the meantime, the Yousef sisters claimed that it was his own will to leave the band.

Is Jahan Yousaf Dating A Boyfriend?

Jahan once dated an American actor, Casey Deidrick, and they started dating in late 2013. Well, as a couple Jahan even uploaded the picture of them on her Instagram, on September 27, 2013. In the caption, she wrote,

“the tree and the troll. 🌲👹 @caseydeidrick

Jahan Yousaf ex-boyfriend Casey Deidrick is an American actor
Jahan Yousaf’s first picture with her then-boyfriend Casey Deidrick

The duo was together for years but as of 2022, it seems that they are no longer dating each other. Unfortunately, they have also not revealed the exact reason for their split and have completed avoided talking about their love life. Besides, it looks like Jahan’s ex-boyfriend has moved on to dating a new partner.

Apart from her past affair with Casey, she was also romantically linked with her former band member, Kris Trindi. It came to know while the members of the Krewella band were in a legal mess.

But, they never revealed when they began dating and how their relationship ended?

Know About Jahan Yousaf’s Sister Yasmine Yousaf

Yasmine was born on February 18, 1992, in Houston, Texas. She is the lead vocalist of their band Krewella.

Yasmine another member of Krewella band
Jahan’s younger sister, Yasmine Yousaf

Like Jahan, Yasmine is also very popular in the media. As a matter of fact, Yasmine was the one who met Kris Trindi before her sister at the frat party, when she was sixteen years old.

Jahan Yousaf’s Estimated Net Worth

She has a net income of around $1.5 million as of 2022. She mainly earns from her live shows and from her Band music. With all her earnings, she has been living a luxurious life.

She Is Active On Social Media

We can find Jahan Yousaf on every social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She mostly makes her appearance on Instagram, where she has more than 140k followers. Through her Instagram, she pretty much gives insight into her personal & professional life.