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Who Is Janet Condra? Find Out More About Larry Bird’s First Wife!!

Janet Condra is a celebrity spouse and media personality who is best known as the ex-wife of Larry Bird. He is a former professional basketball player and coach who served as an executive in the NBA.

Condra’s ex-husband Bird is also regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time with the nickname ‘Larry Legend’ and ‘the Hick from French Lick’. While everything about Larry is known to the public, not much is known about his first wife Janet Condra. They got married in 1975 and parted ways a year later.

Here we will focus more on Janet’s life after her divorce, her kids, and more. Is she married to someone new? Find out here.

Who Is Janet Condra?

The former celebrity Janet was born in July 1956 in the United States of America. As of now, she is 66 years old. She is an American and has white Caucasian ethnic background.

She went to Springs Valley High School where she met her then-future-husband Larry Bird. During this time, Janet was the cheerleader for the Springs Valley’s cheerleading squad.

Janet Condra and her ex-husband Larry Bird
Janet Condra and Larry Bird met while attending high school
Source: Youtube

Apart from this, not much is known regarding her family, siblings, and childhood at the moment.

Short Bio Of Janet Condra’s Husband Larry Bird

While her former husband Larry Joe Bird was born on 7th December 1956 in French Lick, Indiana, the USA to Georgia Kerns and Claude Joseph ‘Joe’ Bird. He is 66 years old as of 2022.

He holds an American nationality and has Irish, Scottish, and some Native American ancestry. His father Joe committed suicide after a year of divorce from his mother. Larry was in high school at that time.

Bird grew up alongside his five siblings in nearby French Lick. He went to Springs Valley High School and later enrolled at Indiana University, Northwood University, and Indiana State University.

Janet Condra And Her Ex-Husband Larry Bird Were High School Sweethearts

As mentioned above, Janet and Larry first met while attending Springs Valley High School together. The former pair began dating around 1973 and were together until Larry went away to college.

The ex-lovers crossed paths again and got married on 8th November 1975 amidst family and friends. However, their marital life lasted only for a year and they officially got divorced on 31st October 1976.

Larry Bird
Larry Bird began playing basketball since high school
Source: Instagram

Although then-couple did not reveal the main reason behind their divorce, many speculated it to be their indifferences due to Bird’s then-rising career.

Even though Larry and Janet tried to reconcile after the divorce, things didn’t work out well the second time as well. They were also not on good terms after their divorce.

Janet Welcomed Her & Larry’s Baby After Their Divorce

A year after their divorce, Janet Condra welcomed baby girl Corrie Bird on 14th August 1977. Although Corrie is Larry Bird’s sole biological child, she hardly had her father around during her childhood days.

Corrie was raised by her mother and her stepfather Mike. She spent most of her time in Indiana with her mother while her father was traveling and playing.

The only contributions Larry made to Corrie’s childhood were the monthly child support and a few gifts during Christmas and her birthday.

Larry Bird & Corrie Had A Troubled Father-Daughter Relationship For A While

As mentioned above, Janet’s husband Larry and their daughter Corrie didn’t have a very good relationship. Even when Corrie was trying very hard to be in touch with her father as much as possible, Bird did not care much about her.

As per sources, Corrie started playing basketball in order to catch her father’s attention. Likewise, she even updated him regarding her day-to-day lifestyle by writing letters and sending him postcards.

Larry Bird and his daughter Corrie Bird
Larry didn’t accept Corrie as his daughter for a very long time
Source: Youtube

During Larry’s retirement ceremony, Corrie was not invited to the event though she personally emailed her father asking for an invitation.

Years later in 1989, Larry opened up about his relationship with his daughter Corrie in his autobiography. He wrote,

“I can’t honestly say I’ve had that much to do with her life because of my differences with Janet. While I think about Corrie all the time, but what can I really do now? I can’t go back and relive the first five or six years of her life. Corrie is a fine and beautiful young lady.”

He continued,

“Her mother has done a great job bringing her up in the best way possible. Corrie is also very athletic. She’s good at everything she does and I’m really proud of her. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really known how to handle the situation, but I love her and anytime Corrie needs anything, I will be there for her.”

As of now, the father-daughter are somewhat close and spend quality time together when possible.

Janet Condra Has A Daughter With Her Second Husband

Though details of Condra’s second marriage never hit the media, she is reportedly married to Mike Deakins. Likewise, as per reports, Janet has a daughter named Mandy.

Mandy is a singer by profession & has performed at places like the Lincoln Centre. Similarly, as per sources, she even performed during Corrie’s wedding back in 2008.

What Is Janet’s Net Worth?

66 years old media personality Janet has been living a private lifestyle following her divorce from her former husband Larry Bird. While she was still married to her then-husband Larry, she appeared in the documentary ESPN SportsCentury.

Thus, as the ex-spouse of such a successful celebrity, her net worth is estimated to be in the million, but the exact figure is unrevealed. On the other hand, Larry is worth around $75 million as of 2022. He earned his multi-million dollar fortune from his successful career in basketball.