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Who Is Jermaine Jakes? Everything About T. D. Jakes’ Son, Career, Relationships

Jermaine Jakes is the son of American Bishop, T.D. Jakes. He works as a data entry analyst for a living. A member of the Jakes family, he is the son of T.D. Jakes, an American bishop and filmmaker, and his wife Serita Jamison.

Despite coming from a family of writers and filmmakers, Jermaine has chosen to pursue a career in a completely different field. In fact, he has done reasonably well in his career over the years. Now the big question that arises is what about his love life, though? Is he married or in a relationship?

We’ll go over every aspect of his career, relationship, parents, and much more in this article.

Jermaine Jakes is famous as T.D. Jakes’ son

Jermaine Jakes is one of T.D. Jakes’ five sons, along with his mother Serita Jamison. He was born in the United States on January 4, 1980. He is 41 years old as of 2021, and his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

In total Jermaine has four siblings, two sisters, Sarah Jakes and Cora Jakes and Thomas Jakes and Jamar Jakes. Aside from his siblings, the man is an uncle of Malachi Jakes, Makenzie Henson, Isaiah Roberts, and Jason Coleman. He had a wonderful relationship with his grandparents, Odith and Ernest Jakes, Sr., when he was younger.

He went to Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center High School from 1996 to 1999 for his education. He majored in Education and Social Service at the university.

Jermaine Jakes’ Parents are very successful

Jermaine Jakes’ parents are both successful business people. His mother is an author and actress, just like his father, who is an author and filmmaker.

When it comes to his father’s professional achievements, he has written a number of books, including Woman, Thou Art Loosed T. D. Jakes, and Soar! He-Motions, Build Your Vision from the Ground Up, and a slew of others.

Jermaine Jakes Is Close To His Siblings And Parents
Jermaine Jakes Is Close To His Siblings And Parents.

Apart from books, he has acted in and produced in a number of films, including Not Easily Broken, Jumping the Broom, Winnie Mandela, and A Dog’s Way Home.

Jermaine’s mother, like his father, is an actor who starred in the 2009 film Not Easily Broken. She’s also written books such as The Princess Within: Restoring a Woman’s Soul and Beside Every Good Man: Loving Myself While Standing By Him, to name a few.

He was once arrested by Dallas Police

Jermaine Jakes made headlines in 2009 after allegedly misbehaving with undercover Dallas cops at Kiest Park. On the 3rd of January 2009, he allegedly approached the officers at West Kiest Boulevard and South Hampton Road and jerked off in front of them, according to the police.

Jermaine Was Arrested For Misbehaviour With Police In 2009
Jermaine Was Arrested For Misbehaviour With Police In 2009.

Jake’s lawyer stated after the incident,

“We are aware of potential allegations involving Jermaine Jakes and are undertaking our own investigation of these allegations at this time. Given an apparent government investigation, we have no further comment at this time.”

Jakes’ bond was set at $1000, and his charge was a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $2000 fine. His father also made a remark about how unfortunate the act was”, he explained.

“As parents, we occasionally feel that our children do not live up to our highest and best ideals. When they do not, we don’t diminish our love for them as recompense for our disapproval. Like our children, we also are not infallible nor do we profess to be. It is in moments like these that I am so grateful that we do not preach that we are the solution.”

What does Jermaine Jakes do for a Living?

Jermaine currently works as a Data Entry Specialist for T.D. Jakes Ministries. He has been in the position since January of this year. He also holds the position of Lead Stage Manager, which he has held since April 2015.

Similarly, he is a member of The Potters House of Texas, where he has worked in various capacities for many years. He held the positions of Production Director, Production Manager of Staging, and Volunteer Coordinator there.

He previously worked at Dexterity Sounds Inc. as an Artist and Recruiter Development. Jakes later worked as an Audio Visual Technician at The Potter’s House of Dallas from January 2007 to February 2009.

Does Jermaine Jakes have a wife or a Girlfriend?

Despite being the son of well-known celebrities, Jermaine has kept a low profile. So far, there has been no information about his marriage or romantic relationships.

He is almost certainly married at 41 years old, but there are no authentic claims to prove his marriage. He also hasn’t made any public declarations about his marital status. As a result, it’s safer to assume he’s not married right now.

Aside from that, there is no information about his romantic relationships or girlfriends. He doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

Jakes’ salary is undoubtedly substantial as a successful professional. However, he has yet to reveal his net worth to the general public. His father, T. D. Jakes, on the other hand, is a wealthy man. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of around $20 million as of 2021.

He Is Active On Social Media

Jermaine Jakes, like any other celebrity kid, is active on social media. Jermaine D. Jakes is his Instagram handle, and he has over 5,000 followers. However, he has unfortunately kept his Instagram account private.

Similarly, as of May 2021, he has 5.5k Twitter followers.