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Jessica Elway

Who Is John Elway’s Daughter Jessica Elway? Insight Into Her Personal & Professional Life

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Jessica Elway, nicknamed Jessie, is the daughter of former NFL player John Elway and his ex-wife, Janet Elway. Jessie’s father, John, is a legend in NFL history. He was a shining quarterback for Denver Broncos. Her mother, Janet, was also a superb swimmer during her college days.

Jessica’s parents surely did not leave any stones unturned while raising their daughter. As the saying goes, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Jessica is also an athlete. She plays basketball and started early in her high school days. Now, she plays in bigger leagues where the stakes are high.

John Elway is very proud of his eldest daughter Jessica. She was whirled into the spotlight the moment she was born. However, we know very little about her because of her mother’s decision to keep the children out of the media gaze. Now, without any further adieu, let’s dive right into the life of Jessica Elway.

Who is Jessica Elway? How old is she?

We know Jessica Elway as the daughter of legendary NFL player John Elway and Janet Elway. She was born in October 1985 in Englewood, Colorado.

She is the eldest daughter of the family. Jessica has one brother named Jack Elway (born in August 1989). The name of her sisters is Jordan Elway (born in June 1987) and Juliana Elway (born in March 1991). She is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Jessica Elway, daughter of John Elway.

Jessica stands at a height of 5ft 10 inches and her hair color is blond.

Her mother, Janet, was a very devoted parent. She wanted her children to lead normal lives. However, it was very hard given the legendary status of their father. Still, Janet left no stones unturned.  According to the reports, she dropped them off at school, picked them up after school, and attended all their school games as well. All the children, along with Jessica, were raised in a loving and nurturing environment.

Jessica Elway is a basketball player

Jessica is a perfect example of a chip off the old block. Like her parents, she is also an athlete. She plays basketball and started her journey in high school. Jessica played for the basketball team of Cherry Creek High school (Colorado). She was also interested in soccer in her younger years but later she chose basketball as her favorite.

Jessica was very good at basketball. She led her team to the finals of the 5A Colorado Tournament in 2004. It was a huge milestone for young Jessie. She was captain of the Women’s Basketball team at Cherry Creek High School for three consecutive years. She is also a four-year letter winner.

Elway attended the Adidas All-American Camp and played in the All-Colorado All-Star Game. She scored a personal best 31 points in the finals of the Deep South Classic Tournament and won the title of MVP. Further, she completed her senior year with an average of 10.1 points and 5.1 rebounds per game.

Jessie attended the Stanford University

Following in the footsteps of her parents, she joined Stanford University. As she was quite interested in basketball, she joined the basketball team at Stanford University. They termed her as a very competitive, solid fundamental player with a very bright future ahead, in her bio sheet.

According to the reports, the coach was very proud of her. But she quit the basketball team in her sophomore year. We do not know the reasons behind her quitting the team.

But it is safe to assume that she wanted to focus on her academic career as she was contemplating a career in teaching and coaching for the future.

Who is Jessica Elway married to? She had a traditional Mexican marriage

Jessica married a man named Jimmy in 2016. Jimmy is finishing his medical residency and lives in New York. They chose not to disclose how they met or any other details about their relationship. However, from the dazzling wedding photos we saw, we can safely say that they are very much in love with each other.

Jessica and Jimmy in their marriage.

They exchanged their vows in the beautiful location, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The couple opted for a traditional Mexican wedding. Meanwhile, they invited only their closest family members and relatives to the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony, as you can see in the pictures.

Jessica Elway and her father John Elway in her marriage ceremony.

We wish the couple well!

Jessica Elway Net worth

Jessica Elway has not disclosed her net worth. However, as she is just starting out in her career, she will earn soon. We are one hundred percent sure it is going to be an ample sum. She lives a lavish lifestyle with her family members though, she is not too extravagant, as is often the case with most star kids. She leads a pretty low-key life and is rarely seen in public.

Her father, John Elway, is very rich. He has a fortune of $145 million. Meanwhile, her mother, Janet Elway, is a noted philanthropist and donates an immense sum to children-related causes.

Jessica Elway presented her father with a Hall of fame award

Jessica is the first daughter to present a Hall of fame award to a father in NFL history. She introduced her father, John Elway, as a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee in Canton, Ohio.

Jessica Elway presenting the trophy to John Elway.

John must be very proud of his daughter and receiving the award from his own daughter must have made the event even more meaningful for the legendary quarterback.

Is Jessica active on any social media?

No, Jessica is not active on any social media. She does not use any popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She leads a very low-key life.

However, her father John Elway is very active on Twitter and Instagram. He often shares pictures of his kids and family on Instagram.