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Who is Jordy Burrows? Unknown Facts About Him

Jordy Burrows aka Jordan Burrows is a famous celebrity spouse. He rose to prominence after getting married to Nathalie Kelley famous for her roles in movies like ‘Fast And Furious’ and ‘Tokyo Drift.’ By profession, Jordy works as a DJ and is also involved in the hospitality industry.

Jordy and Kelley sparked dating around the year 2018 and they got married after a few months of courtship. However, their married life couldn’t last for a long time. But what was the reason behind their split? Are they still in contact?

Well, let’s find out all the details about Jordy’s relationship with actress Kelley. Besides, we’ll discuss Jordy’s early life, career, and other interesting facts about him. Keep scrolling.

Who is Jordy Burrows? Early Life, and Family

Jordy was born in 1983 in Berowra, Sydney, Australia. The celebrity spouse likes to keep his life lowkey so there is not much information regarding his early life. Also, he has not revealed anything about his family yet.

Talking about his education, Jordy completed high school at Asquith Boys High School in 2003. After that, he started focusing on his career and was involved in job placements.

What Does Jordy Burrows Do For a Living?

The 39-year-old Jordy has been working in the hospitality line since 2004. As per his LinkedIn profile, he started working as a General Manager at Ryan’s Hotels where he worked for 9 years and 8 months.

After that, he worked in The Bucket List Bondi for more than 4 years. Subsequently, Jordy started working as General manager and Licensee in Bondi Beach Public Bar. Nonetheless, he works in the hospitality sector for a living. Moreover, he also works as a DJ.

His Relationship With Nathalie Kelley: How Did They First Meet? 

The former couple first met each other back in 2018. They met each other through their mutual friend. At that time, Kelley had taken a break from her shooting of Dynasty’s first season. She also revealed that Jordy left a very good impression on her in their first meeting. Their few meeting soon turned into a romantic relationship.

Former couple Nathalie Kelly and Jordy.
It was Nathalie who proposed to her then-boyfriend Jordy Burrows

Nathalie was one of the few girls, who broke the stereotype of society ie. a guy proposing to a girl. She bend down on her knees and proposed to Jordy for their wedding. The Peruvian-born actress and her former spouse Jordy had only been together for three months when the former proposed to Jordy during their vacation in Mexico.

Talking of her proposal, Nathalie said,

“It was actually our ordeal driving to Mérida that led me to propose. I knew if he could put up with me tired and slightly hungover on a road trip, not to mention arguing with police about the toll, then he could be my husband.”

Meanwhile, Nathalie said she realized that Jordy was “The one” for her after spending some time with him.

Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Had Their Wedding at a Floating Beach Club

The former husband and the wife tied the knot on April 29, 2018, in the presence of their friends and family. The couple wanted their wedding in their home country near the harbor. So, they exchanged vows in The Island (floating beach club), Potts Point, Sydney.

Nathalie Kelly and Jordy Burrows wedding
Nathalie Kelley and her spouse Jordy Burrows during their nuptials

At their nuptials, they also had a Samba dance performance. Likewise, the guests received maracas during the dance performance which was gifted by Kelley’s mother.

After her marriage, Nathalie said with Harper’s Bazar Australia, “He was everything I’d ever wanted in a partner.”

Burrows and Kelley Separated After Two Years of Marriage: The Reason Behind Their Separation

Firstly, the rumors about Burrows and Kelley’s separation started in early 2020 as they were absent from each other’s Instagram accounts. However, Jordy denied it at that time.

After some time, Kelley confirmed her split from her husband Jordy via Instagram. In August 2021, Kelley made a post about her new boyfriend Andres Alonso while they were together for a vacation in Italy.

Nathalie Kelly and her new boyfriend Andres Alonso
Nathalie started dating Nathalie Kelley her new boyfriend Andres Alonso from 2021

Sadly, both of them have not disclosed the reason for their separation. Nonetheless, the former couple is happy without each other after their split.

Know More about Jordy’s Former Wife, Nathalie

Nathalie Kelley is an Australian actress. She was born on October 5, 1984. Kelley is famous for her roles in movies and series like The Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift, The Vampire Diaries, and many more.

The renowned actress has been working in the film industry since 2005. Although she is originally from Australia, she has been residing in America for the last 13 years.

Who is Jordy Burrows Currently Dating?

Since his separation from his Ex-wife Kelley, he has not been dating anyone. He has been taking a break after his split and has not disclosed anything about his current relationship.

Jordy Burrows’ Social Media

Jordy is quite inactive on social media platforms. Although he uses Instagram, he has kept his account private as he likes to stay away from media attention.

Meanwhile, his former wifey, Nathalie seems to be active on social media. As of now, she has  1.5 million followers and has maintained good engagement on her Instagram.

What is Jordy Burrow’s Net Worth

As per online tabloids, Jordy’s net worth is $500 thousand. He was able to amass this amount of fortune by working in the hospitality sector. Further, he earns well by working as a DJ as well.

On the other hand, his former wife, Nathalie Kelley is expected to have a fortune of  $600 to $800 thousand. She makes good money by working in different movies and series.