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Jodie Woods-The Untold Details of Jordyn Woods’ Sister

Jodie Woods is hugely recognized as the younger sister of Jordyn Woods. She also has an identity of her own. Like her elder sibling, Jodie is a successful social media star and fashion influencer with over a million followers on Instagram.

Well, with decent success in professional life, Jodie has amassed a decent net worth as well. Further, talking about her relationship with her famous sister Jordyn is also pretty special. In the meantime, many of their fans have questioned are Jodie Woods and Jordyn Woods twins. The answer is given below.

Moreover, we will talk about her love life in the following article and will find out if Jodie does have a boyfriend. Here is a detailed account of her career, parents, romantic relationships, and a lot more. Let’s begin!

Jodie Woods is the Younger Sister Jordyn Woods: Details on Parents and Age

As we mentioned, Jodie is the younger sibling of the successful Instagram star and model Jordyn Woods. Extremely vocal about body positivity and self-acceptance, Jordyn has over 12.6 million followers on Instagram as of 2021.


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Talking about her parents, Jodie was born on January 7, 2007, to father John Woods and mother Elizabeth Woods. As of 2022, her age is 15, while her older sister Jordyn is aged 25 and is 9 years older than her. Jordyn rose to fame following her affair with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Jodie Woods’ Mother Elizabeth Woods is Equally Famous on Instagram

Like daughters like a mother. Jodie’s mother Elizabeth is as famous as her daughters. She has over 360k followers on her officially verified Instagram account.

The beautiful mother of two apparently enjoys going out on vacation. Her Instagram is mostly filled with photos from vacations in different locations.

Jodie’s Mother Acts As a Talent Manager for Both Daughters

At present, her mother acts as the talent for both her daughter. She even manages their company Woods Management Group.

Jodie Woods mom & Sister
Jodie Woods With Her Mother & Sister

Her mother also has past experience working as a talent manager at Mixed Image Media. Not only this, but the proud mom was also the public relations officer for years.

Her Father Died When Jodie Was 12 Years Old

Jodie’s father John Woods died in January 2017. He passed away just two weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. At the time, Jodie was just 12 years of age.

Her dad John reportedly was a TV sound engineer and has even worked on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Moreover, the late old man was also close friends with Will Smith, an actor and rapper.

Besides, Jodie was really close to his father and even visited him at the hospital before his death. Check out this post from her mother.

Does Jodie Have Brothers?

Woods have two brothers including John Woods III, an artist. He is also a manager of Woods Management Group. Besides, sources suggest that John was involved in a car accident in 2019.

Are Jodie Woods and Jordyn Woods Twins?

Being biological sisters, there are many common things between you. But that being said, the Woods sisters who look like they are nearly twins are actually not. They share a strong bond with each other and often appear on each other’s social media handles.

Jodie Woods is Active on TikTok

Like a lot of other influencers, Jodie is pretty keen on TikTok. In fact, the emerging social media star is quite active on the platform with decent followers already.

On her official TikTok account, Woods goes by the name “jodiewoodss.” Well, her TikTok mostly features her crazy dance moves and a few tutorials.

Loves To Collect Shoes

15-years-old Jodie has a special attraction to shoes. She not only loves wearing new shoes but also loves collecting some.

In a YouTube Q & A video, Jodie’s sister Jordyn candidly talked about their mutual love for shoes. And their love is pretty obvious considering they are the leading fashion icon.

Well, Jodie didn’t exactly tell what kind of shoes she prefers.

Her Love for Cooking

Jodie Woods is no different from many of us who love cooking their own food. It looks like Woods enjoys cooking as much as she enjoys getting ready for a fashion project.

Anybody who follows her on Instagram must be aware of all those stories where she is in the kitchen cooking. She enjoys chopping veggies, doing dishes, and all the kitchen stuff.

Did Jodie Ever Loss Weight?

There are some queries about Jodie Woods’ weight loss. But in fact, Woods never did it in the past. Probably, the rumors about her weight loss began surfacing after her big sister Jordyn shared how she lost a considerable amount of weight in a video for Teen Vogue. She said,

“One time I posted a photo working out, and then if you post that you’re working out, they’re going to say ‘Oh, don’t get too skinny’ or ‘Why are you working out if you love your body?”

She added,

When I first started losing weight, I wasn’t doing it to lose weight, and I think that’s why it worked out so well. For me, working out became my therapy. It’s all for your mind, really. When I realized I focused on my mind more than the goals in my body, I lost more weight.”

Social Media Involvement: Jodie’s Decent Followers on Instagram

As a social media star, Jodie is active on a lot of platforms but she is most active on Instagram. As of 2022, Woods has over 1.4 million followers on her official Instagram account.

Most of her Instagram posts are her photos on different occasions. Besides, she is also on Snapchat (justjodiewoods), and TikTok as we mentioned earlier.

Is Jodie Woods Best Friend to Alabama Barker?

Yes, the celebrity sister Jodie and Travis Baker’s daughter Alabama are close friends. They often appear with each other on their social media handles. Back in March 2022, Woods posted a photo of themselves on her Instagram and wrote,

Young Shiner’s” 

jodie woods and alabama barker
Jodie with her best friend.

At the same time, the best friends were also spotted together spending a night out in West Hollywood, CA. In addition to their strong friendship, Barker is also equally popular on social media as Woods. She has 1.5 million followers on her Insta as of 2022.

What is Jodie Woods’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is $500,000 as of 2022. She has earned the majority of her fortune from her burgeoning social media career. On the other hand, her Instagrammer sister Jordyn has an estimated fortune of $6 million.

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