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Hunter Lee Holloway

Who Is Josh Holloway’s Son Hunter Lee Holloway? A Full Length Bio

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Hunter Lee Holloway is the youngest child of an American celebrity. He is famous as the only son of actor Josh Holloway. Josh is famous for playing the role of James “Sawyer” Ford in the TV series Lost.┬áJosh is also a producer and he occasionally models for brands like Dolce & Gabanna, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan.

Besides, Hunter has an elder sister. They were both born with a silver spoon. The relationship of their parents is one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood. So, the talks about their children is a very hot topic. Fans are always curious about the youngest son of handsome Josh Holloway, Hunter.

In this piece, we will dig deeper into the lives of young Hunter Lee Holloway. We will explore his family, siblings, childhood, and more. As well, we will also look into the relationship of his parents.

Who Is Hunter Lee Holloway?

Hunter rose to fame as the youngest son of American actor and model Josh Holloway and his wife, Yessica Kumala. He was born in February 2014. Hunter is an American national by birth. His mother is of Indonesian and Chinese descent. He certainly won a lottery with genes, as well as in life. The rugged, handsome look of his father and the oriental grace of his mother is clearly visible on the face of Hunter.

We are sure he will turn some heads on the street when he gets older. But, the young Hunter is already a darling of newspapers and gossips. And everyone is absolutely in love with his antics and naïve cuteness. Fans of his father are always on the lookout for the news of Hunter.

Hunter Lee Holloway with his father Josh Holloway
Hunter Lee Holloway with his father Josh Holloway.

Hunter Lee is 7 years old. His Zodiac sign is Aquarius. As stated above, he has an older sister named Java Kumala Holloway. Java was born in 2009. They share a similar-looking face. If not for the age and height difference, people would surely confuse them as twins.

Siblings, Java and Hunter Lee Holloway.
Siblings, Java and Hunter Lee Holloway.

Hunter is still a child. He is busy getting pampered by his parents in his home in California. His parents and sister both love him very much. We often see him playing with his sister in photos posted by their father. Josh is never shy about showing off his love for his children. He is a very caring and considerate parent. His Instagram is full of pictures of his son and daughter.

However, the information regarding his education is not disclosed. He must be somewhere in the upper primary level of the education ladder.

According to an interview with the People, Josh was thrilled when his son was born. As almost all parents do, Josh thinks Hunter is the most beautiful kid in the world.

Hunter loves fishing with his father Josh

Yes, you heard it right, our young Hunter already hunts. He is very fond of fishing with his father. Josh encourages his child to pursue any sort of hobby. He posted an image of Hunter on his Instagram. We can see Hunter fishing in the photo. The caption was,

“Gone Fishing. Get them outside!! #teachthemyoung #MyLittleFisherman #WildWednesday #SliceOfHeaven”

Hunter can also play the piano. Josh posted a video on his Instagram. We can see Josh, Java, and Hunter playing the piano in the video.

Hunter’s Parents Are Together For Decades

Heartbreaks and divorces are constant in Hollywood. But as mentioned above, the relationship between Josh Holloway and his wife Yessica Kumala is one of the most prosperous. Despite various odds, the couple has already passed a decade with each other.

It was the sweetest ride possible for the pair. The couple is very much in love with each other. And it is only getting stronger with years. Plus, such beautiful children have certainly reinforced the love even more.

Yessica Kumala with her husband Josh Holloway.
Yessica Kumala with her husband Josh Holloway.

Initially, Josh Holloway proposed to Yessica in Oahu, Hawaii. Yessica used to work in a bar in Los Angeles. The couple had been in relation for five years prior to the proposal. Yessica accepted the proposal with no second thoughts and the couple tied the knot in 2004. The wedding was an intimate ceremony with only close members of family and friends present.

Yessica assumed the role of homemaker after her marriage. We rarely see her. Also, she is not active on any social media platform. Josh is the one who loves showing off his children on social media platforms. And we definitely love it. Yessica is busy parenting her beautiful children, raising them, and loving them. She is also very supportive of her partner, Josh Holloway.

In the interview with the People, Josh said, “My wife is a rockstar. And we are sure Yessica feels the same. Josh is a rockstar husband and father.

Net Worth of Hunter Lee Holloway

Hunter is busy living his life in the loving embrace of his family members. He lives a lavish life thanks to his father’s net worth of around $22 million. And of course, Josh Holloway will use it to provide for his family. From what we know of Josh, he will certainly help Hunter move ahead in his life.

We do not know which path Hunter will choose in his life. But they (his parents) have already set him for life.

Hunter Lee Holloway Is Not On Social Media

No, Hunter is not active on any social media. As mentioned before, he is just a small kid. We do not even think he knows what the internet is. But thank god his father knows and uses social media. Because how else will we get the chance to behold our cute Hunter Lee Holloway?

And we hope Josh continues to do so until Hunter is old enough to have his own social media account. For we would love to see more of him.