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Kelly Paniagua

Who Is Julian McMohan’s Wife, Kelly Paniagua? Her Marriage, Career, Net Worth

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Australian actor, Julian McMahon rose to American fame through hits like Nip/Tuck and the Fantastic Four franchise. He is still getting that Hollywood recognition through his latter days project, FBI: Most Wanted, a spin-off of CBS hit crime drama, FBI.

But here’s a different perspective to look at McMohan’s life; through his current wife, Kelly Paniagua. The man who portrayed villainous Doctor Doom turned heads when he appeared in public with a gorgeously tanned model in 2014. And little did people know, that she was none other than his legit better half. So how did the romance sparked? When did they actually wed? Are they still together?

Get the answers to all these along with some untold facts from the personal life of Julian McMahon down in the details below.

Kelly Paniagua Wed Julian McMohan In 2014

Kelly Paniagua married Julian McMahon in Lake Tahoe, a marital venue on the edge of California and Nevada. The wedding took place in June 2014 in a small ceremony that included a fortuitous group of friends. New Idea states the now 52-year-old thespian had asked for the help of his daughter Madison for proposing to Paniagua, while they were on a plane to Paris.

McMohan later revealed he did it while the plane was still in the air. This was versus his original idea of popping up the question after they’d landed on the French capital.

Julian McMohan during the premiere of How To Train Your Dragon 2 Premiere
Julian McMohan and his wife Kelly Paniagua during the premiere of How To Train Your Dragon 2 Premiere, Source: Frederick Taylor/Broad Image

Among the wedding attendees was Lady McMahon’s friend, Professor Ross Steele. However, as per the guestlist, the bride’s sisters-in-law, Deborah and Melinda were not present.

The celebration happened during a family holiday in Melbourne when the Fantastic Four star was traveling with his daughter, Madison, now 21 years old. The Aussie actor had welcomed her during his marriage with his second wife, Brooke Burns.

When Did They Meet? Are Julian McMahon And Kelly Paniagua Still Married?

Before their big day, the couple had been together for 11 years. It’s been a toughie for the fans who are ever so curious to know where the things stand between the two as of present. Yet there’s little to no information to that end. Add to that, Paniagua, since the last few years, has been an unsung celebrity, especially over social media.

Kelly Panaguia
Kelly Paniagua last publicly appeared with her husband, Julian McMohan at the G’Day LA event in January 2017. Source: Latour/Variety

This has led many to question if the son of the former politician is still the husband of the brunette. Likewise, there isn’t that single headline that could have otherwise implied Julian’s third marriage is a wreck too. McMahon, himself was married to an Australian singer.

Before His Fling With Kelly Paniagua, Julian Was Married Twice

McMohan was previously in a matrimonial bond with two women first to Dannii Minogue, the sister of Australian pop star, Kylie Minogue and then to Brooke Burns, an actress from the fame of crime drama series, Baywatch.

Julian McMohan
Julian McMohan shares a 21-year-old daughter with his second wife, Brooke Burns (left), an American actress. He was previously the husband of Danii Minogue. Source: Dave Lewis

The first marriage lasted only a year while Julian split up with Burns in 2001 having exchanged the vows with the American beauty in 1999.

Kelly Paniagua’s Father In Law Was The Prime Minister Of Australia

Paniagua’s father through her existing husband, Sir William McMahon was an Australian politician who served as the 20th Prime Minister of Australia, in office from 1971 to 1972 as the leader of the Liberal┬áParty. In addition, he was a World War II veteran, reaching the rank of major.

Kelly Paniagua’s Net Worth And Earnings Analysis

Mrs. Australian absurd life under the radar has made it virtually impossible for media outlets to know about her present whereabouts much less her financial details.

She last made her public appearance with her hubby in January 2017 at the G’Day LA event. Her professional sphere is also another enigma, yet to be fathomed. Accordingly, her net worth, for now, remains nothing but an abstract essence.