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Eva Chambers

Who Is Justin Chambers’ Daughter Eva Chambers? Some Interesting Details

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Eva Chambers is the daughter of Justin Chambers who is known for the role of Dr. Alex Karev in ABC’s medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. She is also a bassist in a girl rock band, Pinky Pinky. She recently released her debut album along with two of her high school friends.

See how her journey has been up until now and know what inspired her to choose the path of a musician. En-route to that, also know about her relationship with family, if she has a boyfriend and many more.

Let’s get started.

Eva Chambers’ Early Life

Eva was born on March 31st, 1999 in New York. As of 2021, she is 22 years old. She is of English and African American heritage.

How She Got Into Pinky Pinky

When asked how she got into music by ID Vice Uk in January 2018, Eva answered it was the time when she had just moved to L.A, she and her sisters started a band. Chambers added she would play the keyboard after which she decided to teach herself every other instrument.  She would also play the keys. Eva picked up a bass at the age of 13.

Eva Chambers with her band members
Eva Chambers (middle) with her band members. Source: ID VICE

The youngest daughter of the Chambers couple was 18 years old when she started Pinky Pinky with then 20-year-old Anastasia Sanchez and 18-year-olds Isabella Fields. The girls were still in high school.

Sanchez met Chambers in the girls’ locker room in High School. After that, they knew that they’d be in a band together. Eva and Fields had already met in Middle School.  

The group began mastering their garage rock-meets-girl group trademark sound before they even finished 12th grade.

With Office Magazine, Eva said it was more of just a creative outlet for them, and then soon enough they started to take it more seriously.

The Band’s Releases

Pinky Pinky’s first gig was at the MOCA museum in Downtown, LA.

Since then, the trio has released a self-titled debut EP. Pinky Pinky launched its first EP in 2019 that included three songs; My Friend Sean, All The Birds, and Lady Dancer.

On June 14, 2019, the band released its debut album Turkey Dinner. It came with eleven songs, including fours songs from the EP they released shortly before.

What Inspired Eva And The Girls’ Band Name

With Vice, Eva revealed the name, Pinky Pinky came from a South African legend about a monster that hurts little girls when they’re on the toilet; but their group name is the PG version.
Eva and her band members actually looked into the legend but it was after they’d adopted the band name. She and the girls, however, didn’t realize it was a real, feared thing in South Africa. They just thought it was a myth school girl made up to scare each other.

Eva Chambers’ Parents Have Been Married For Nearly Three Decades

Defying the curse of Hollywood, Eva’s parents, Justin and Keisha Chambers have been committed to each other since the 90s. They used to share a common workplace and that is how they got to spark a romance in between.

Eva Chambers' parents, Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers
Eva Chambers’ parents, Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers. Source: Getty

Eva’s folks had their wedding in 1993. Speaking about his marital life with his wife, Justin in 2007, said,

“We’ve been together for so long that I really don’t know any other way to be.”

Justin also revealed he and Keisha were together when their grandparents were still alive and now their parents are also getting older. To that, Eva’s father said he is lucky to have Keisha as his partner this long. 

Eva’s Siblings

Eva is the youngest daughter of Justin and Keisha. She has three elder sisters, Isabella, 27, twins, Maya and Kaila, 24, and a younger brother, Jackson, 19.

Isabella who is now in her mid-20s once performed a theatre alongside her father’s Grey’s Anatomy co-actor, TR Knight.

Eva’s other sister, Kaila is a Film Technician and Programmer at Film Makers Corporation in New York. She looks for films, manages print traffic, helps with administrative things, as well as train the newcomers. Kaila recently helmed a music video, “By the C” from Blair’s EP entitled Tears to Grow (2021).

She Loves Dogs

In 2007, Eva and her family including Justin publicly adopted stray dogs. Justin then urged people to take in homeless pooches. The family of seven loves their canine so much so that they have often quarreled over who would walk the dogs home.

Eva Chambers
Eva Chambers. Source: Instagram

In 2016, the Chambers adopted three more dogs. Eva and her sisters have often shared pictures of their dogs on their respective social media accounts.

Does Eva Chambers Have A Boyfriend?

Unlike her older sisters, Maya and Kaila, Eva doesn’t flaunt that much of her personal life over social media. That apparently is the cause why there are too few things to tell about her dating or romantic aspect.

In fact, father Justin has barely appeared alongside Eva in recent years; something of a chance where people could’ve known a thing or two about her personal affair. To that end, it should be safe to say, Eva is single and rather choosing to spend the rest of her day with her band members – presumably even off the stage.