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Kaila Chambers

Who Is Justin Chambers’ Daughter, Kaila Chambers?

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Kaila Chambers is the daughter of Justin Chambers who is known for the role of Dr. Alex Karev in ABC’s medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy. She is among the five children of Justin and his wife, Keisha Chambers.

Kaila is now in her early 20s and fans have become ever so curious to know about the young adult. Far from the spotlight of her father, she has grown into a celebrity of her own; making a career in films much like her father whilst also enjoying interesting personal life in the meantime.

So, here’s a piece telling all about Kaila Chambers’ life, career, and even her personal affairs.

Kaila Chambers’ Early Life

Kaila was born on June 4, 1997. As of 2021, she is 24 years old. She is believed to be of English descent from her father’s side. Maternal wise, she belongs to African-American heritage.

Kaila Is Into Films

She is a Film Technician and Programmer at Film Makers Corporation in New York. Her Jobs include inspecting films, managing print traffic, help overall administrative things, and training newcomers.

Jackson Chambers' sister, Kaila Chambers
Justin Chambers’ daughter, Kaila Chambers. Source: Instagram

Kaila programmed two shows in 2017; the first one was an animated program of women filmmakers and the second was a Halloween show – also an animated.

She recently directed a music video, “By the C” from Blair’s EP entitled Tears to Grow (2021).

Kaila Chambers’ Parents 

Her parents developed their relationship in the early ’90s whilst both of them sharing a common workplace. Her father, Justin was working as a model for Calvin Klein while her mother, Keisha was an agency booker. The couple married in 1993 and has been together for over two decades.

Kaila Chambers' parents, Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers
Kaila Chambers’ parents, Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers. Source: Getty

Kaila’s father says because of the time he’s spent with Keisha, he doesn’t know any other way he could’ve lived his life.

Justin and Keisha were together when their grandparents were still alive and now they are watching their parents growing old. Kaila’s father says he’s lucky enough to have Keisha as his life partner this long.

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While Justin has been fodders for tabloids ever since his introduction in Grey’s Anatomy, his wife and kids have kept their personal lives significantly private. The pair along with their children reside in Los Angeles, California. However, Kaila presumably splits her time between California and New York.

She Has Four Siblings Including A Twin Sister

As mentioned, Kaila is among the five children of Justin and Keisha. In addition, she has a twin sister, Maya.

Kaila's twin sisiter, Maya Chambers
Kaila’s twin sister, Maya Chambers. Source: Instagram

Her older sister, Isabella is now in her mid-20s. She once performed a theatre alongside her father’s co-actor, TR Knight. Kaila has a younger brother, Jackson Chambers, 19.

Her younger sister, Eva is a musician in an up-and-coming band, Pinky Pinky The Band. Eva along with two of her band members, released their debut album, Turkey Dinner, in June 2019.

With Good House Keeping, Kaila’s father said he and his wife didn’t plan on having such a big family, but after their first daughter, they had twins, and that “sort of jumped from one to three right away.”

Kaila And Her Family Loves Dogs 

Kaila and her family are huge dog fanatics.

Back in 2007, Just Jared spotted the family of seven adopting a dog from a pet adoption stand. The brood is so obsessed with the pooch that they sometimes get into an argument over who would walk the pup home.

Kaila Xhambers with her dog
Kaila Chambers with her dog. Source: Instagram
Kaila has featured the image of her canine several times on her Instagram handle.
Additionally, her father supports the idea of rescuing dogs. The Chambers family adopted three more stray dogs in 2016.

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Kaila is currently dating Sean Pablo. He is a regular-footed American skateboarder, designer, model, musician, and photographer.  The boyfriend is the native of Silver Lake, California, and the son of Brendan Murphy, of Irish descent, and Carolina Argueta, a mother of Salvadoran descent.

Kaila Chambers with her boyfriend, Sean Pablo
Kaila Chambers with her boyfriend, Sean Pablo. Source: Instagram

It is not known since when the couple started dating but they started appearing at each other’s socials in 2014. The pair were also each other’s prom dates.

Pablo first introduced Kaila to his Insta followers on May 9, 2014. Thereafter, Justin’s daughter continuously started to get featured on several of his posts.

Sean Pablo sharing his girlfriend, Kaila Chambers picture on Valentine day
Sean Pablo sharing his girlfriend, Kaila Chambers picture on Valentine’s day. Source: Instagram

However, it wasn’t until Valentine’s day, 2015 that Pablo sort of confirmed his relationship with Kaila – subtitling her image with the classic red heart emoji.